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Hey there, everyone! I'm Damien, known online by my nickname Lexicon, also formerly MajinSM (ignore the last two letters, they stopped meaning anything a long time ago), and I've been a fanfiction writer in various fandoms for the last nine years, slowly improving my craft as I've used my dreams, inspirations, and life experiences to help inform my writing. I hope you all enjoy my various properties!

For those of you who follow me currently, be aware FanFiction can sometimes take up to 15 minutes to update profile information when an author has made a change, so if my entries look the same but a change has been reported, come back a little later and refresh.

For those who wish to actively follow the progress of story writing on this website, I highly recommend you add me to your Author Follow list so you get notified whenever I update my profile with new information regarding story progress. It's also a safe bet to make sure your Email Opt-In is turned on, as the feature now automatically turns off after 180 days and is no longer on by default as of December 2022.

IMPORTANT: I now have a personal Discord server where I host all the content I create. Use code vHqbNJ599K to join the server, where you can get pinged for updates to my stories and my other content and chat with me!

Below, you'll find my update status, what stories I'm working on and a brief catalog of my successes and failures as a writer in my time on the platform. Lastly, for those who are interested in my anime and manga preferences and interests, I've deleted my old anime list on my profile and instead made a far more useful AniList profile! You can find me over there @ LexiconIsekai and @ LexiconNonIsekai! You can also give me suggestions in PMs if you think there might be an anime or manga I'd like based on what I've listed! You can also talk to me on Discord at melodyofthelexicon if you want to give me story ideas and suggestions!


Week of 12 May 2024: To celebrate my 10-year writing anniversary, I've uploaded the first chapter of a brand new story that I've had in the pipeline for the past couple months! Go check out Wise Whiskers in a Chaotic World now!

Next Update: Symphony of the Heart, release date unknown.


-- Current Stories --

1. Doki Doki Eternity - A Doki Doki Literature Club time-loop horror story where our favorite five must learn how to handle a world that has become much darker than they had ever imagined and fight against seemingly everything in order to have just one chance at a happy life. STATUS: Working on this story at the moment, currently in the Prologue. The Prologue will be six chapters long.

2. Symphony of the Heart - A Your lie in April and Rent-a-Girlfriend friendship/romance crossover that focuses on Kōsei and his attempts to grow into an upstanding young man in the wake of Kaori's death. Working on this story at the moment. The Prologue is complete.

3. The Music and the Memories - A Love Live! self-insert story set in a drastically modified timeline with elements taken from both the various anime and various manga properties, focusing on the character's journey to support his favorite school idols while discovering who he is. IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to School idol festival 2: MIRACLE LIVE! already being scheduled for end-of-service, Superstar!! will not feature in the story. Link! Like! Love Live!! will not feature in the story due to being its own standalone property. STATUS: Working on this story at the moment. The Prologue is complete and is three chapters long.

4. Wise Whiskers in a Chaotic WorldA Naruto and KonoSuba: God's Blessing on This Wonderful World! adventure/parody crossover that follows a much more mature and tired Naruto as he is sent to the world of KonoSuba to personally exterminate the Demons' threat. STATUS: Working on this story at the moment. The Prologue is complete.

-- Story Projects --

1. Love Live! Breakthrough!! - A Love Live! dystopian story set in a post-apocalyptic Fallout-style world where a new group of idols discovers the history of idol culture and learns to give their passion to their dying community as they wait for the day they can finally leave their shelter and pick up the pieces of their civilization. STATUS: Currently in pre-planning. This story will be almost entirely original content aside from inspiration taken from general concepts, so extensive planning will need to be done first.

-- Completed Stories --

1. The True Homefront - Still look back on this story and find myself surprised sometimes that I managed to complete a story, but still proud of it regardless, and I think I rewrote the events of the movie in a way I'm happy with - slight AU at first, but the deeper you read the bigger the changes get until the story is barely recognizable from its source material. Because of the fact its sequel has been cancelled, I'll need to rewrite the final chapters when I can get around to it to make the final product more cohesive as a standalone story.

2. The Turning Point - A rather simple oneshot I wanted to write for Mob Psycho 100 after the series concluded, where I also took the opportunity to address one of the few unresolved threads I noticed from the series, that being Tsubomi's role in how Mob became the person we saw throughout the series. This is also the first work I wrote that focuses entirely on character development, and drops everything else.

3. The Pursuit of Passion - This is the first ever challenge fic I've done, and was written for Idol Fanfic Heaven's Secret Santa 2023 event. It's also apparently the first Million Live fic on AO3 so I suppose that's pretty cool.

-- Deleted/Removed Stories -- (side note: only two of these stories broke double-digit chapters, and none of them passed 100K words)

1. Shadow of Fortune and Peace - Discontinued between late 2014 and early 2015, removed shortly afterward. I don't think I have double-digit number of my current readers who even remember what this story is, but this was my first attempt at fanfiction and writing as a whole, and those not in the know will also be very surprised to learn this was an Inheritance Cycle (Eragon) fanfic. The writing and pacing were abysmal, the characters were completely OOC compared to source, and I didn't understand the lore nearly as well as I thought I had, which led to me shooting myself in the foot numerous times while writing it. I also didn't understand the Golden Rule when writing this story, so it was literally wall after wall of basically indecipherable text.

2. Revenge(?) - Discontinued and removed in late 2015. This was the site's first crossover between John Wick and the Madness Flash game series, but was absolutely horrible in terms of overall plot development. This story and the next one on this list also suffered from my total lack of understanding of 'show, don't tell', and the dialogue and exposition in them was outright painful to have to reread. Better than the previous, but I still wouldn't even show this to my family, let alone you guys.

3. The Gates of Hell - Discontinued and removed sometime in 2016. As a consequence of me not knowing what 'show, don't tell' was, I made a horrid mistake in the very first chapter that ruined the background plot development of the entire story, which my brother wasn't too thrilled with me about because he had actually asked me to write this story for him. Definitely not my proudest moment as a writer. Side note: I don't know where the hell the name for this story even came from - I'm gonna guess it's because I was very bad at naming my stories until ToD.

4. My Second Life: The Adventures of Coal Buck - Those of you among my readers who have read even a moderate amount of MLP fan content know what MSL is and how prolific it was as a story for the G4 fandom before Coal himself went dark and stopped writing (Fimfiction's online tracker says he hasn't even checked the website in over five YEARS as of the time I'm writing this). At some point in 2017, I had messaged the story's manager, Extantdread, asking for permission to pick the story back up and try to write more content for it. This never went anywhere, as the project was simply far too large for a fledgling writer like I was at the time to even attempt, let alone meet with any semblance of success, and after rewriting the first 20-some chapters, I abandoned the project, deleting the reformatted stories off of FFN. This was the first time I suffered burnout as a result of my reach far exceeding my grasp, and it was a lesson I would continue to struggle with up until very recently.

5. Forgotten NSFW Oneshot - This was actually a completed NSFW oneshot I made in late 2017, but I immediately purged it off of the Internet entirely once information and evidence were brought to my attention that highlighted the fact that the person who had commissioned this from me was underage. A fun fact: until I published Symphony of the Heart on January 18, 2023, this was the single largest piece of written content I had ever made, holding the record for more than five years with a total of 17,345 words.

6. Universal Adventures - Started in 2016, discontinued and removed in late 2018. This was my second attempt at a crossover story, and my first Star Wars fanfic, and it failed to do pretty much everything I set out for it. I went into this without a clear idea what I wanted to accomplish with the story, and it suffered from HORRID pacing as a result.

7. A New World, A New Chance - Discontinued and rebranded to The Trials of Destiny in late 2018, this was the original iteration of my former flagship Naruto-MLP crossover, and it was terrible. Rereading this literally gave me a headache, it was that bad. Enough said.

8. Of Mares and Men - Started, discontinued and removed between late 2018 and early 2019. This story essentially suffered from a far worse version of reach and grasp, especially because I thought I had enough experience to try and write using other authors' characters. This probably remains my biggest writing-related blunder, and it's not something I ever want to see the light of day again.

9. The Legend of the White Fang - Started and abandoned in late 2019 and removed in February 2023, this was supposed to be the continuation of The True Homefront. As a byproduct of my decision to put ToD on hiatus - and later delete it - I outright cancelled this story, because it (and other stories I had planned out way too far in advance) would have tied into the events of that story for a big finale.

10. The Power of Us - This was a Pokémon story started in late 2018 and last updated in late 2021 before being removed in February 2023. I made the decision to stop writing this story in light of the end of Ash's time in the anime. Any Pokémon I write in the future depends on how the next generation of the anime starts off and where it goes.

11. The Trials of Destiny - Rewritten from ANWANC in late 2018 and continued until late 2020 before being discontinued and later deleted in March 2023. For the majority of my time on the site this was far and away my breakout story (even getting as high as 50K views which is insane for me to even comprehend), but in light of the content I create now and the greatly expanded pool of resources I've lately found at my disposal to improve my writing skills, I now view even this rewritten work as a piece of garbage. It's ten times better than ANWANC ever was, but unlike most other problems I have faced as a writer this story is unique for having been ruined due to power-creep, and is an excellent spotlight on the fact that I probably shouldn't be writing shōnen content. As if the four other stories I've failed to write in that category hadn't already proven that before this.

-- Scrapped Story Ideas --

1. Creator's Revival - An Elder Scrolls fanfiction set several millennia in the future that unfortunately never got off the ground, mostly due to the fact that my knowledgebase of the Elder Scrolls lore isn't NEARLY at the level it would require to write a story so far disconnected from the canon timeline. Plus what I did know at the time ended up being incongruent headcanon that doesn't align with the actual timeline at all, so even if I had gotten around to starting this story, it'd have crashed and burned.

2 and 3. Blades, Battles, and Bonds and Kenichi: The Mightiest Sidekick - For the same reason I cancelled ToD, I've decided I won't be writing these stories. However, the IP is up for grabs - contact me if you want the details I have for what I would've tried with these stories if you want to try them out yourself.

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