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All right folks, i figured it was time to update this profile about me. So there. :) Im 6' an a quarter, i have black hair, hazel eyes, (though they do change color sometimes) im a bit on the heavy side, (mainly just my gut-blah, damn yuse people that actually have a metabolism..grr) :) I enjoy writing, reading, video games, music, wishes that i could play the piano an the violin, i also enjoy learning how to read certain computer codes an programs. Have written one program in my life, hoping to learn even better writing tricks so as to create the best program that i can. I love a good quiet time an cigars every once in a great while. I prefer the cold to heat, unless its body heat, (insert old man style lecherous grin) Yep, s'bout it for me.


Fav Animes: Hellsing, Bleach, Naruto, Dbz, Rosario to Vampire, Sekirei, Digimon (seaons 2-Davis, season 3-takato, season 4-Agunimon), Guyver, Inuyasha, Scryed, Lupin the III, Full metal alchemist, Big O, choas head, elfen lied, beserk, one piece, highschool of the dead, Zombie-loan, love hina, abridges of animes

Fav Authurs: Sir Arthur Conan Doile, J.K. Rowlings(except for the very end of the 7 book, not the death scene, who he ended up with...excessively anti-ginny...insert generic puking noises), and Franklin W. Dixon, dean koontz, john grisham, Mckinley

Fav Movies: Blades 1&2(disliked the 3rd cause it was pointless), Spiderman 1, 2, and 3, Interview with a Vampire, the last samurai, all dogs go to heaven 1 an 2, final fantasy advent children, and kung pow-enter the fist, naruto the abridged parody parody movie

Fav Pairings:

Harry: Bellatrix, (fem)blaise, Tonks, Fleur, Narcissa, Daphne Greengrass, Hanah Abbot, Susan Bones, Tracy davis, pansy parkinson, Luna Lovegood, crossover girls

Inuyasha: Sango, Kagura, crossover girls, Ayame, yura of the hair

Yugi: Mai, Mana

Ichigo: Matsumoto R., Yoruichi, Soi fon, Halibel, Nel tu, sun-sun, apache, milla-rose, loly, menoly

Naruto: Ino, Anko, Tenten, Koyukie, any of the filler girls, Tayuya, Kin, Tsunami, Kurenai, Konan, crossver girls, Hana, (fem) Haku, Temari, Shion, amaru

Xander: Jenny Calender, Dru, Darla, Glory, Harmony, crossover girls

Danny Phantom: Ember, Desiree, Kitty, Spectra, Dora, Star, crossover girls, pandora

Luffy: Robin, Nami, Boa, alvida, Kalifa, Kaya, Miss Goldenweek, Nojiko, Perona, sadi-chan, Vivi, miss doublefinger

Gambit: Rogue, psylocke, jacqueline (Courier/jake after sinister), belladona

Pairings i dislike immensly:

Harry/Ginny (Dont care if you like it...its disturbing. Shes a character that has no true deveolpement, shes a bargain base rip off of his mother...wtf people...would you hook up with some one that looked like your mother? If so, seek help. for the love of all things holy, un, an between, seek some professional friggen help.)

Harry/any guy(i have no qualms in actuallity but harry and another guy in the series...inserts death shiver)(Picture it was voldemort...now needs mind soap...)

Inuyasha/Kagome (really...would you love someone who always abuses there power over you? if so, seek counciling...there are shelters that will help you)


Yugi/tea (NAG!)

Yugi/Bakura, ryou, malik, marrik,or shadi...

Naruto: Hinata, Sakura, any guy (cept a submissive haku...dont quite under stand that one me self) \_(-_-)_/

Pairings i dont mind but will only read when bored


Inuyasha/Sesshomaru (not the incest version but the ones were they come together like bros should)

Yugi/Yami(dont ask...very weird)

As you can telll...im not all up stairs(lights on, but the brain is rarely home):)

Favorite Story plots i enjoy:

Harry Potter:

Harry becoming a dad in anyway, severus as his dad-biological or otherwise, stories where dumbles is a manipulator but really actually working to help harry, stories where harry an draco are friends, brothers, become brothers, crossovers, and those of the Mr. Black variety


Naruto training himself-avoids jiraiya, gets strong on his own, works for what he has, maybe has to take care of a child, him getting mock dbz like powers, stories where him an lee are best friends an help each other, stories where he helps lee get chakra, or helps make him stronger through other energies, naruto stiking out an creating a village, naruto bein good friends with Shikamaru-Gaara-Choji, stories where he gets with or does 'help' shion, crossovers

Buffy the Vampire slayer:

Any kind of well written Xander themed halloween (The terran jedi), Xander actually being recognised by the group, striking out on his own, overcoming the problems, where he an Angel become friends, where he goes to work for angel

Things i found amusing: (quotes an such-story excerts)

“I would hit that like the fist of an angry kami.”

"Ce, one of these days, the bastards of the world are going to get together and build a statue of you."

"Are you going to do anything that I would disapprove of?" "Tons! If I spend the day telling dirty jokes to batgirl, you'll disapprove of me distracting her. If I spend the day watching TV and vegging, you'll disapprove of me being lazy. If I spend the day doing anything fun, you'll disapprove of it as frivolous and if I spend the day doing anything serious, you'll disapprove because you'll wonder what I'm up to. You are so anal retentive about things that if we stuck a lump of coal up your ass we'd get a diamond," Xander finished, exasperatedly. "True..err I mean..." Fate cleared his throat and tried to pretend he hadn't said anything.

Chibi Sun Ce: (looking around in annoyance) “Y’know, it’s gonna be real hard for she and I to play Zipper Ninja this afternoon if she’s been kidnapped.”

“Hermione, never use the word ‘little’ when talking about that,” whined Harry. She obviously didn’t know the first law of masculinity: ‘Never use the world small, little, or tiny in the same sentence where referring to your bits.’ “Okay, how about ‘General Happy-Time’? ‘Mr. Happy Staff’? ‘Beef Bayonet’? ‘Love Wand’? ‘Slong’? ‘John Thomas’? ‘Wily; the One Eyed-Wizard’? ‘Todger’?” Hermione charged on, “‘Tonsil Tickler’? ‘Mushroom Stamp’? ‘Skin Flute’? ‘Hooded Wizard’?” “‘Harry, Jr and his nutty friends.’” Harry admitted shamefully.

Hagrid gave him a belt made from an empath chameleon. It was, essentially, a mood ring, and upon putting it on, Harry discovered that he was feeling turquoise.

"So tell me how you knew it was me."-orochimaru "Simple. Like any good pimp I always know where my bitches are."-naruto

“Anti-Depressants? What for?”-cuddy “Apparently I’m supposed to take two every time you walk into the room.”-house

Sure crazy people have the best sex, but when you have to worry about dying during it, it takes all the fun out.

He swore he heard Aeris laughing then and adamantly ignored it. Stupid her and Zack, Cloud could have been home having an avarage life with Tifa and pretending he was happy with someone he didn't love just like every other man in existance. But no, they had to go and try to make him happy. Damn them. Now he'd met a girl of petite build, with differently colored eyes who was about to embark on a journey she would more than likely die on or at the end of.

If you were expecting or hoping Dragonfantasy 7 ever made a comeback, stop. It wont, the idea died. Its anyones for the takin, just ask. Im almost ready to begin posting! Yosh! an away we go!

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I read that BTiLC was originally set in the old west and it made me realize that any sequel should've kept the Burton character but switched settings. So I bring you: Jack Burton in the Land of the Dead. It's kind of sad that I had to get BTiLC added to the site, so I don't know if there's any interest. I wrote this for fun, if you want more then review it and I'll keep it rolling.
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Naruto - Rated: M - English - Romance/Spiritual - Chapters: 3 - Words: 8,700 - Reviews: 335 - Favs: 843 - Follows: 883 - Updated: 4/16/2009 - Published: 11/10/2008 - Naruto U., Anko M.
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Well I guess when I said deader i was lying perhaps
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