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First of all, Hi to everyone! Welcome to a summary of my incredibly non-interesting hobbies (and if you are reading this bio you really must be bored)

I would first like to say that I amsixteen years old and within six months of my GCSE exams, so you're damned lucky that I have enough time to write at all. Actually though, I will always find time for Harry Potter.

As you might have guessed due to my reference to GCSEs, I am English. I was born in England and I continue to live in England, the damp hellhole that it is. I would like to add that I prefer to be called English and not British. It is a picky little thing that I have and I'm sure that many others agree with me. If the Scots can be Scottish and the Welsh can be Welsh, why can't the English be English?

My idols and people who I aspire to be like are:

JK Rowling, Multi-millionaire, author of Harry Potter, you might have heard of her

James Galway, Possibly the best flute player alive at the moment (I am a flautist, Grade 6 which isn't have bad if I do say so myself. There are only 8 grades, 8 being the highest)

John Seach, A volcanologist who has just about the best job in the world. Volcanoes are my great love, as well as Harry Potter of course, and I want nothing more than to become a volcanologist and spend my life travelling from one volcano to another, witnessing eruption, after eruption, after eruption.

I exclusively write Harry Potter fanfictions although my latest fiction crosses a number of different creations (Delusions of the Committed). I've never considered straying to another world, for the time being anyway. Although I have co-written a crazy story which although falls into the Harry Potter bracket, chapter 4 in particular, which was my handywork, could be catalouged under a number of different universes. id=1750010 if you like randomness, I suggest you check it out.

When it comes to normal fanfictions, I write romance stories, although I do love the tragedies too. I have several ships although there are many which I boycott.

Other less important ships: *NEVILLE LONGBOTTOM/LUNA LOVEGOOD
Most hated ships: *HARRY POTTER/HERMIONE GRANGER (please people, even JKR has said it won't happen)
*HARRY POTTER/DRACO MALFOY (it's disgusting, that's all I have to say)
*HARRY POTTER/RON WEASLEY (how dare you?!)
*DRACO MALFOY/HERMIONE GRANGER (Ron and Hermione are made for each other. How can you think otherwise?)
*DRACO MALFOY/GINNY WEASLEY (Don't make me sick! Harry and Ginny forever)
*SEVERUS SNAPE/HARRY POTTER (This doesn't even deserve a comment, but I'll give it one anyway. EWW! EWW! EWW! EWW!)

Pet Hates: *MOM instead of MUM (if you're going to write, please make an effort to make the stories sound as though they are set in England)
*AMERICANISMS in general, for example, GIVES ME THE CREEPS, GRADUATION, GRADE instead of YEAR, CLASS PRESIDENT, getting this wrong: HARRY turns SEVENTEEN before HIS SEVENTH YEAR not AFTER, Hermione being younger than Harry and Ron when in fact she is older
*UNSPACED WRITING (no carriage returns between different people speaking, no paragraphs)
*STORIES THAT MOVE TOO FAST (loads of things happen in about 500 words which makes the story difficult to follow)
*SHORT CHAPTERS (a decent chapter excluding prolouges and epilouges should have at least 1000 words
*BAD SPELLING AND GRAMMAR (is it too much to ask to run a spell check?)
*BAD KNOWLEDGE OF HARRY POTTER (Post-OoTP stories that fail to follow canon in many ways. If you don't want to follow canon then make it Alternate Universe!)
*INCORRECT SPELLING OF NAMES, PLACES, MISCELLANEOUS THINGS FROM THE BOOKS (Why can't people look up words like WEASLEY commonly spelt WEASLY and McGONAGALL commonly spelt McGONAGLE. You have the books there, use them!)

Anyway, now that my little rant is over take a look at the stories I've written. I don't pretend that they're brilliant, but they are my better stories. I'm most proud of 2000 Miles, so please check it out. They're all HG, either fluff or tragedy, or both as the case may be. They're my favourite genres.


PS: Just a small note to Ronhermione13, it's not that I hate Americans, per se, it's just that the americanisms that creep into the stories annoy me. I also hate it when Americans claim to know facts about Britain, which I might add, usually end up being wrong, or incomplete.

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