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Hey peeps!


I have reposted my story! to all my loyal reviewers.. START REVIEWING! ( and to tamiaeternity... no no no its not another story! its just i redid the summary_ thank you for asking!)

I LOVE anime! OMG! I am a HUGE fan of Inuyasha! But some other anime's are:

Boogiepop Phantom
D.N. Angel
Paranoia Agent
Samurai Champloo
Yu Yu Hakasho
Gundam Seed
Fruits Basket
Wolf's Rain
Cowboy Bebop
The Legend of the Twilight Bracelet
Gundam Wing
Sailor Moon/Super Sailor Moon
Rurouni Kenshin
Witch Hunter Robin
Full Metal Alchemist

Favorite pairings! I'll start with crossovers:

Link/Kagome -O..M..G i love this pairing! so much i started a fanfic with them!
Kurama/Kagome OR Youko/Kagome - either one! They are both hotties!
Yusuke/Kagome - he's alright... I guess, but I think he's a little TOO extreme.. .)
Hiei/Kagome - er... it could work out_

Now for the anime pairings...

Kyou/Tohru- OMG! I love them so much!
Yuki/Tohru... -hmmm...not the greatest couple, but i can deal... _
Haru/Tohru -yay! cows are hot!
Shigure/Tohru -er...O.o
Hiro/Kisa -aww!
Momiji/Kisa -rabbits and tigers...predator and prey!
Ayame/Tohru - omg... that's weird... 0.o
Shigure/Uo-chan - highschool girls highschool girls!
Kiba/Cheza -hearts to Kiba!
Darien/Serena -duh.. 0.o
Kaoru/Kenshin -kewt!
Meryl/Knives ?0.o? wtf_
Sesshomaru/Kagome !#1!
Hiten/Kagome - my friend Kougasgirl05 has a really good story on them!
Rin/Sesshomaru - when shes older!

I'm really enjoying fanfiction.net a whole lot and I promise to make future fanfics if prompted! Like Kouga/Kagome or a Kagome/Sesshomaru.. or ooooo, a Kyou/Tohru! always wanted to do one of them!

Current Stories:

Journey Through One Thousand Ages: Link/Kagome crossover: Currently on chapter 12

Syo Ed Pa: Tikku: On chapter 1, will not go any further until I get more reviews.

Upcoming Stories:

When It's Dark: You'll see... lol

So for anybody who reviews for my stories... I thank you! You will always have a special place in my heart! and btw, if you flame like Suicidal Angel did, then please tell me what you don't like about my story... i am a big girl and i can take constructive criticism... so before you even waste your time flaming, think about what you didn't like and tell me... be forewarned, all flames that have no sense of constructive criticism WILL be deleted from here on...

Much Luv,


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Journey Through One Thousand Ages reviews
Betrayal strikes fear in the hearts of the ones who love.. but love is eternal.. love binds ones soul to the other.. it journeys through gateways of time to reach you... but Kagome didn't know that it would go this far
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Syo Ed Pa reviews
As long as you hear my whistle, you'll know that I am always by your side.. always.. From the day he dissapeared... those words have stayed in her heart.. but now.. it's come back to haunt her.. and he's back to rekindle everything that they lost.. Tikku
Final Fantasy X - Rated: T - English - Romance - Chapters: 2 - Words: 4,166 - Reviews: 12 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 1 - Updated: 8/17/2005 - Published: 5/13/2005
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