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Author has written 11 stories for Les Miserables, Animorphs, and Arthur C. Clarke.

My name is Karli aka La Epster. I am addicted to Les Miserables, Urinetown, Ragtime, and Seussical the musical so most of my fanfics will be about those three things. My hobbies are singing, acting, drawing, writing fanfic, and scaring people pretending I am posessed by random Les Mis Characters.

Favorite characters: Eponine, Les Amis, Gavroche

Least Favorite Characters: Marius, Cosette

Favorite Pairings: Eponine/Grantaire, Eponine/Joly, Enjolras/Grantaire, Fantine/Mme. Thenardier (I just want to see someone do that, just once!), Prouvaire/Combeferre, GOOD Eponine/Enjolras, GOOD Eponine/Marius (The kind that doesn't create Eppiesues), Thing One/ Thing Two (If it is done really REALLY well and you forget that they might be siblings...)

Pairings I can do without: Bad Marius/Eponine, Javert/Valjean (Unless it's really good.) BAD Thing One/ Thing Two

Current Fanfics I Have finished.

Grantaire the Drunk Bird: A Dr. Seuss/Les Mis fic where Grantaire wants to impress Enjolras . Slight Enjolras/Grantaire

The Adventures of Capital R and Hat Girl: When Grantaire hears a noise, he rips off his clotes ad becomes Capital R... Unfortunately, he reaally only rips off his clothes. One-sided Grantaire/ Eponine

Capital R Strikes Back: The sequel to The Adventure of Capital R and Hat Girl. What happens when an american actor is posessed by four dead french people. Self-insertation. Based on a real actor and an Episode from South Park.

A Grantaire Poem: Self Explanitory

R: Private Eye: Enjolras is Murdered and Grantaire need to solve the case.

A Different Little Fall of Rain: Also self explanitory.

South Miz: A South Park/ Les Mis. Four Characters from Les Mis end up in South Park Colorado and four South Park Characters end up in Paris France

Fics I am currently working on.

Mis Time: La Epster tortures the characters of Les Miserables by forcing them to perform Ragtime. Joly love Eponine, Eponine Loves Grantaire, and Grantaire and Enjolras are hiding something from each other...

Also. A Note about Seussical Episode One. It is coming off due to lack of reviews. Imay be working on a different Seussical fan fic if I can ever get my laptop back up.

More to come!

I guess, since people have quotes, I'll have some too.

"Chicken"- By my best friend; Said in biology class after the teacher pauses

"Oh. My. Gosh. Guess who replied!" Me on the phone to my mom after I emailed "Grantaire" (Well, the guy who played him on broadway and on tour anyway) and he e mailed back.

"What did the dead french people say?" One of my fellow cast members mocking me about having The incredible four (read Capital R Strikes Back) in my head

"Six Sappy Sap Suckers Sucking Sap Sappily" Me when I was really at my mom's work.

"You're in my house." My best friend an hour after I got to her house.

"Give me brandy on my breath, and I'll breathe them all to death." Grantaire in Les Miserables

"Let's have a Say Zah sit off." Some classmates in my Asian Theatre class.

"Mommy Mommy! Thing Two Molested Me!" Me... long story...

"This wasn't a woman..." Coalhouse Walker Jr. in Ragtime... read Mis Time to understand why I really thought it was funny.

"There's no wrong or right way to breathe, just so long as it gets into your lungs!" the same friend who said "You're in my house."

More to come when more people talk.

Also, I do not accept flames. Any flames will be extinguised by Capital R and you really don't want that!

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