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It has been a long time since this account has been used. Years since there has even been a story attached to this profile, since any of you who had previously read my work have even seen me log in. However the time had come to post something new. To try out some new material and see how people like it.

This will be far different from any of my previous material. For one, it's been over eight years so my writing skills have come a long way. Two, I didn't write this on my own. This is a group effort and we are both extremely excited to see the results. And three, this is a different genre than I used to write on here. From Teen Titans now to Harry Potter.

Our hope is that you will all enjoy what we are planning on posting. Keep in mind this material has already been written once. We are merely looking for opinions on this story and the characters to see if we should keep going, see if this is a path worth following.

Here's to hoping!

Yours Truly,

C.W. Zealon