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Hi, everyone. I'm DeltaRaptor762.

Xbox Live Gamertag: AvoidingOdin724


It feels great to be a member of an awesome website such as Fanfiction, because I found a place where I can write my stories and people can read them. I think I'll write anything that comes to mind, because I want to be an author someday and write my own novels. I am also a fan of many video games, movies, cartoons and other fanbases so that gives me more ideas for more stories.

Pokemon: Ash and Ursula's Journey is my debut story and it is already getting some good comments, so that makes me determined to make stories that are just as good. Here are some of them that I might write later on in my own time.

Note: Will-o-Wispshipping is my own made-up shipping. I called it this because 1) Ghost and Malva both have a Chandelure each, 2) Both know the move Will-O-Wisp, 3) Will-O-Wisp, to me, seems more like a ghost-type and fire-type move. I do not know if we are allowed to make up our own shippings, but if anyone does, just message me. Just do disclaim, I do not own Pokemon and it belongs to its rightful creators.




Real Name/Identity: Unknown. Will be revealed in the story.

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown. Will be revealed in the story.

Home Town and Region: Unknown. Will be revealed in the story.

Relationships: Unknown. Will be revealed in the story.

Past Occupations: Unknown. Will be revealed in the story.

Clothes/Appearance: A white metal mask that covers face and eyes, a black cloak that goes down to the ankles and also has a hood attached to cover the head, black cowboy boots, black pants and long sleeved suit made of leather and fabrics, black fingered gloves. Actual appearance in body is unknown. Will be revealed in the story.

Pokemon: Hydreigon, Aegislash. More will be revealed in the story.

Weapon Of Choice: Gauntlets with retractable blades.

Skills: Pokemon Top Co-ordinator, Pokemon Trainer, Medic (For both humans and pokemon).

Ash's Alola Team Predictions

Rowlet - Decidueye

Grubbin - Vikavolt

Wimpod - Golisopod

Salandit - Salazzle

Jangmo-o - Kommo-o

Crabrawler - Crabominable

Favourite Pokemon Shippings: I basically like Ash with just about any girl there is, except Misty because she is super annoying. I hate Pokeshipping and I always will. Honestly, to all Pokeshippers out there, I don't what you guys see in Misty that makes her the perfect girl for Ash. She is arguementive, bossy, and she carries a mallet, for crying out loud to hit people with. Plus, she is too old for Ash by at least three years. Oh, and one more thing for all you Pokeshippers out there. Pokeshipping will definitely not be canon in the anime. In Pokemon Chronicles, in one episode, it showed that Misty had a Luvdisc. In the pokedex, people give Luvdisc ot the ones they love, so that must mean that there's a boy who possibly gave Misty a Luvdisc as a way of showing that he likes her more than a friend. It could be Tracy. So that must mean Misty is in a secret romance off-screen with a boy that is not Ash and that pretty much confirms that Pokeshipping isn't going to be happening and Amourshipping will have a chance at becoming canon.

But my top ten shippings will have to be:

1) Amourshipping-Ash x Serena,

2) Outburstshipping-Ash x Ursula,

3) Confidenceshipping-Ash x Georgia,

4) Poffleshipping-Ash x Miette

5)Abilityshipping-Ash x Anabel

6) Pearlshipping-Ash x Dawn

7) Advanceshipping-Ash x May

8) Rayshipping-Ash x Cynthia

9) Negaishipping-Ash x Iris,

10) Joyeuxshipping-Ash x Shauna.

Also Shalourshipping-Ash x Korrina,

Othelloshipping-Ash x Hilda,

Insectivoreshipping- Ash's Froakie-Frogadier-Greninja x Serena's Fennekin-Braixen-Delphox,

FireRedshipping- Ash x Zoey,

Morpheusshipping- Ash x Angie,

Fireshipping- Ash x Macey,

Raimeishipping- Ash x Elesa,

Altoshipping- Ash x Latias,

Furthershipping- Ash x Leaf,

Least Favourite shippings:

I'm a really huge Amourshipping fan and I think it is the best Pokemon shipping ever made. Serena and Ash seemed to know each other longer than anyone else and they look like the cutest couple EVER. I'm planning to write a few short stories and some long stories on Amourshipping, but I'm hoping to get some of my other fanfics done as well. I also like Outburstshipping since it is my second all-time favourite shipping. Although it may be very rare to see this shipping, I still like it because Ursula, in my opinion, isn't a really bad person towards Ash and Ash doesn't have anything against her, so I think that Outburstshipping can be a particularly cool pair.

I really think that Amourshipping is the new modern day Pokéshipping and Pokeshipping should be replaced since it is REALLY out of date.

P...O...K...E...M...O...N X...Y A...S...H X S...E...R...E...N...A A...M...O...U...R...S...H...I...P...P...I...N...G F...O...R...E...V...E...R !

Add this on your profile if you agree with Amourshipping

Favourite Heroes and Villians

Heroes: Batman of the Future (The Terry McGinnis Batman from Batman Beyond, because he is more awesome than Bruce), Ghost Rider because he is awesome

Villains: Scarecrow and Firefly (Fear Gas is a pretty genius idea for Scarecrow to use in his crimes and a pyromaniac for a supervillain is just EPIC)

Favourite Shows:

Pokemon XY
Batman Beyond
Doctor Who

I might update my profile later on.

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