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Hair Color:Blonde
Eye Color:Blue
Fav Color:Blue
Fav Song:Yeah
Fav Singer:Usher
Fav Actor:Ashton K.
Fav Shows:
Teen Titans
All Grown Up
Harry Potter
Fav Couples:
Robin & Starfire
Beast Boy & Raven
Tommy & Kimi
Chuckie & Susie
Phil & Angelica
Dil & Lil
Lewis & Sheridan
Fox & Teresa
Harry & Hermione
Ron & Luna
Ginny & Nevile

Fav Quotes:
Robin who is this girl and why does she call you pooh-Starfire

Don't you get it the movies cursed watching it opened a portail to another dimtion the monster came threw the portail and is going to eat us AND I'M PROBABLY DILISUS!!!!!!!!!!!-Beast Boy

Didn't you see the movie if we split up the monster will hunt us down one by one starting with the good looking comic relife guy ME!!!!-Beast Boy

I DIDN'T DO IT!!!!!!-Beast Boy

A babys gotta do what a babys gotta do!-Tommy(baby)

Fav. Conversations:

Cye: Beast Boy how could you loss the remot
BB: What makes you think I lost it
Cye: Cuz your YOU!!!
BB: Just cuz I lost that video game
Cye: And the tooth paste and my football and the waffleiyern
BB: Things just disapper how am I supost to know where they go
Cye:How can I watch TV without a remot
Raven:Simple you just get up ang change the channel
Cye: Don'y even joke like that
Raven: I wasn't jokeing
Cye: Good cuz it wasn't funny now ether help us find the remot or go back to your stuid book
Raven: This is a stupid argument over a usless divise!

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The girls of the gang are weak in the knees for one of the boys and same goes for the boys!Who is He? Who is she? If you wanna Find out please R&R
Rugrats/All Grown Up! - Rated: T - English - Romance - Chapters: 4 - Words: 2,273 - Reviews: 12 - Published: 4/17/2004