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Hi Everybody,

-My name is Andrew

-I live in Indonesia

-I like to write about romance and family.

-Alpha and Omega is one of my favorite movies

My favourite character is Humphrey, because he's so like me. Having fun, care to his family and a jokester

-I would like people to PM me, I love making new friends.

I'm still learning English, so if you found a spelling and grammar error, please tell me, it'll help me improve my English

-I also like people who give their review, I don't care if it's bad or good, because it will help me to bring more good story and correct my mistakes. I also want to say thank to all people who follow my story.

This is the characters list of "Adventure of the True Love Kate and Humphrey"

Humphrey : The same as the Alpha and Omega movies, but he has some of special power and abilities from his family. He was born in Fortune Pack and ended in Western pack when Winston saved him when he was a pup. He has a older brother named Damien which have some of unique power. At the end he awaken special eyes like his grandfather which contain unique and incredible powers. He is also known as the Platinum Platter after he wearing The platinum cloak. Beeing one of five great leader in the world

Kate : The same as the Alpha and Omega movies, she has some special power during her training with Humphrey's mom in her dream. But she has improves and surpassed Moon, Humphrey's mother. She is also known as the Golden Platter after she had a golden cloak.

OC characters in my story

Fenrir : Siberian wolf with pure black and white fur. The first wolf who had special power and awakened a unique power in his eyes. He is Humphrey's Grandpa and Blaze's father. He was the founder and the leader of the Great Fortune Pack. He was the one also known as a Zeta or the God of wolves because of his superpower. He had a mate named Luna, Humphrey's Grandma

Blaze : He has jet black fur with pure white underbelly with aqua eyes. He is the only son of Fenrir and Humphrey's father. He posses great and unique abilities. He begin to train Humphrey and unite a huge pack to go war with the evil wolves in the southern pack which makes Fortune Pack falls long time ago.

Moon : She has a pure white fur with blue eyes with diamond mark on her forhead. She is Humphrey's mother. She's have the incredible healing technique and have the power to cover herself in flame cloak. She also have the abilities to read people mind and heart.

Luz : He is a pure white wolf which looks like an angel without wings. His heart is pure good, he help Humphrey and Kate through the war. He is younger brother of Duz. He has many more skill than Humphrey

Damien : He has white fur with aqua eyes same as Humphrey. He is the long lost Humphrey's brother. He has been forced to serves Ghost, the leader of southern evil wolves. He begin to attack Humphrey until he realize that Humphrey is younger brother. He begin to save his own family and pups with Humphrey and start a new life in Western pack along with Humphrey and Kate. He has some unique abilities too because of family lineage. He has a mate named Letty and 2 pups. He will recieve some new powers from Fenrir in order to test Humphrey

Letty : SHe is Damien's mate and had 2 pups named Alfa and Danny. She has brown fur and white underbelly's fur. She doesn't has any abilities but she is so caring and loving about his family as same as Kate. She didn't take the training because she has to take care of her pups. Oh and She is an Alpha

Tristan : He has a dark brown wolf with yellow underbelly with orange eyes. He is the founder and the leader of The Nightwalker Pack located in Tweedmuir park in Alberta. He is the best friend of Blaze, Humphrey's father. After he meet Humphrey, he decide to join to go to war.

Max : He has brown fur with yellow eyes and very big and muscular. He is the leader of The Northern Pack of Jasper.

Scoot : He is average wolf. He has white fur wearing the white hood. He is the leader of The legendary White Fang pack.

Tony : The same as the Alpha and Omega movie. He's the leader of Eastern Pack of Jasper, and Winston old friend also Kate's father.

Flower : The female wolf with grey fur and light brown underbelly fur with purple eyes. She is the one of the Omegas that Hupmhrey rescued after their old pack want to take over Delta Pack. She has some crush with Shakey after Humphrey introduce her to Shakey.

Leo : He has Black and white fur looked like Hutch only smaller with srawny fur. He is the one of the Omegas that Humphrey rescued after their old pack want to take over Delta Pack.

Shine : She has the brown fur female Omega. She is the one of the Omegas that Hupmhrey rescued after their old pack want to take over Delta Pack.

Link : He is not ordinary wolf. He is Rose's mate. He has the dark green fur almost black with yellow fur on his underbelly, paws and face. His fur on his face looked likes 4 pointed stars with white stripes beside his dark blue eyes. He also wearing four golden armlet in his left forepaws. He also have a iceball floating shaping like a shield on his back. He can be notice from 'jingle' voice comes from his armlet. He is the legend of Moon wolf

Delta Pack located in Alaska. Members :

Rose : The founder and the leader of Delta Pack in Alaska. She has a pure white fur with black tip fur tail and red stripes around her back and her face and has orange eyes. She has the great speed and great power but the most applied is her senses. (Looks like Amaterasu wolf without wing ). She has a long lost mate named Link . She is the legend of Sun wolf

Veloc : The member of Delta pack. He has black fur wolf with grey underbelly fur. He is the right hand of Rose. He have a great speed and a lot of fighting style

Ragnar : The member of Delta pack. She is a female wolf with black and brown fur mix. She is female but she is the strongest one in the Delta pack.

Wind : The member of Delta pack. He has grey fur all his body. He have a great opportunity when the area become foggy or smokey because he is a silent killer and very good at stealth.

Rex : The member of Delta pack. He has grey with white underbelly fur. He is same as Ragnar he use the strength and power

Silvi :The member of Delta pack and Rex's mate. She has red fur with light brown underbelly fur. Her speciality is to counter attack

Dom : The new member of Delta pack. He is skinny wolf with white fur with green eyes. His speciality is like Wind but not as fast as him.

Leny : The new member of Delta pack and Dom's mate. She has brown fur with white underbelly (looks like Garth in female version) She has slim body makes her hard to attack. Her speciality is to counter attack and accuration.

The five great leader of the great pack in the world :

Humphrey : Leader of Leaf, The Fortune Pack.

Yezki : Leader of Scout herd / rock, located in Rusia. He's a very very big and muscular wolf. He has dark brown and white fur.His body is as hard as steel. He's capable of using a lighting armor to protect his body, also known as the 4th fastest wolf and the most strongest wolf in the world. His personality, impatient, friendly, violence to his enemy, having no mercy, high temperament.

Melody : Leader of the water, located in Scandinavia. She's very loving wolf. She has a light blue fur with white underbelly fur and blue eyes. her mate named Drac. She's known as the perfect nature energy user because she's using three nature's energy : Water, earth and fire. She also capable to mix it to become lava and fog or corrosive fog to protect herself from harm.

Nico : Leader of fire, located in Olympic National Park, Greece. He's small old wolf with grey fur and orange eyes. He's very stubborn wolf and ignore the others. He's known as the second fastest wolf and the most lightest wolf in the world. He can fly to the air and using a partical style that can disassamble everything that trapped inside it into molecular pieces.

Snow : Leader of The Aurora pack / Ice, located in Antartica, South Pole. Snow is a white young wolf with artical fur with aqua blue eyes. She's the former teacher of Link. She capable to control the ice and water. She also can use ice to cover her body and become invisible to naked eyes. She's also able to standing, walk and run on the water. She's the future mate of Hutch.

Now the enemies.

Ghost : He has a very dark black fur and dark black eyes. He is the leader behind the scene in Southern Pack of Jasper. He has some special unique hidden abilities and very misterious wolf.

Duz : He is a mysterious wolf. No one really know what is he look like. He is a older brother of Luz, but he's different, he choose the evii path in his life. He is thw evil mastermind who controlled Ghost behind the scenes.

This is the characters list of "Love is Strong"

Lisa : She is a human. She is a little different from the other human. She can speak with animals, she also care and live with them. She is a shy and stay silent with another human. But behind her silent, she can do many thing as the adventurer. She know about medic, how to survive in the wild, playing a lot of games, musician, and pass a lot tecnique of martial arts. She also have been through many places. She also a friend of Humphrey and Kate.

Toocs : He is a big black wolf with white underbelly. He is the leader of the Southern park and also old friend with Winston when they was in Alpha School. He also the best friend of Lisa when he was young.

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