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First there was nothing... Then the ancients created the heavens! Iuz the old was then created! The first Lich, the creator of the temple of elementel Evil, and uuhhh line? Well anyway I'm Iuz. If you would like to learn more about me go to your public library look for the temple of elemental evil in the fantasy section and read about the blood fest I created! HaHaHa! Sorry you had to see that. Any whooo If anyone cares at all what I like Here are my hobbies: Video Games, Tennis, basketball, biking, roller blading, futbal,reading, making still life movies, and surfing the internet.

My favorite video Games are:
Both Zeldas for the N64
Arc the lad: twilight of the spirits
Castlevania: harmony of dissinance and Legacy of darkness
The Sims
Temple of Elemental Evil
Age of Mythology
Metroid Zero mission and Metroid fusion
Kirby and the crystal shards
Lords of Magic
Super Smash Brothers
Halo(the multiplayer)
Conkers bad fur day(the multiplayer)
War of the monsters
Sly cooper
Soul Calibur 2
Goblin commander realese the hoard
Baldur's gate 2 Shadows of Amn and Throne of Bhaal

and thats it... I think

Appearance: Skeleton in black cloakwith bisonhorns.
Weapons: Soulstealer, a staff that is twin the the Grim Reaper's( I'm talking about the ACTUAL Grim Reaper, not somones fanfic account)scythe, soul reaper, and Pinpoint, my longbow, that paralyzes the victim when it embedds it arrows in them.
Magic: All that is elemental (Earth, fire water, air) and the faiths, (Order, Chaos, Life, Death)
Other: Deity of the elements and faiths.

I also like Dungeons and Dragons, Mythology, Guinea Pigs, The Simpsons, Family Guy, Futurama,American Dad,Hercules the Ledgendary adventures, and archery.

This is my D and D character :CG Sea Elven Ranger/Assasin Level 20 Ranger/17 Assasin. Strength:18 Dexterity:17 Constitution:18 Wisdom:17 Charisma and Intelligence:10

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