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Name: Lyssa

Age: 14

School: Freshman

Birthday: April 17th

Country/State: America, Iowa


Softball: I'm a pitcher in both our school team and before season league. I practice all year round witch means i'm gone to coaches onMondays. During school this gets a little hetick with my other sports so chapters may come slower. I spend a lot of time in the summer playing ball because I play on all three teams Freshman, jv and v.

Englishes Horses: I have been taking lessons for a year and a half now,I spend almostever weekday in the summer after ball season at the stables and try to get up there as many times a weekasI can after school. It's nothing near western ridding. These are the kind of horses that you ride in the small english saddle and do all the posting trots. We go to shows all over the country witch I love. The shows are in: Denver Wyoming, Saldaila Missurori, Madison Wisconson, and Springfeild Illiony witch is finalls. Horse show last about a week and I don't take my computer nor paper and pen because you work hard and when yo get to the hotel u just fall in bed. This to sets back writing.

Dance: I take tap and jazz once a week. It's about 45 mins to the studio and my brother and his friend and his friends sister are in gymnastics meaning we carpool. This means that one night everyother week I don't get home till ten or ten thirty, You can immagen what that dose to homework.

Scouts: I know most people don't think scouts is very cool but our troop is. We don't follow the council that pts together stupid stuff. Our troop is rasing money right now to spend a week in the Carribean. Our family is all scuba divers and my mom thinks we shold take the girls on our friends charter boat.

Home stuff:

Like I said before my family is all SCUBA cirtified. We go on one diving trip a year, always in a diffrent place. so far I've gone to St. Tomas, St Croix - both in the US Virgen Islands - and took a charter boat through most of the British Virgen Islands - My parents have been divers longer then my brother and I due to age restriction so they had already been on the boat once before, the captin and crew are friends and we might go on their Turks and Cakios charter this year - , And Roatan Honduras are most reacent trip. This means that it's another week without computer paper or pen.

Our family takes reacent trips to the lakes with our boat. Mostly everyother weekend after softball/basseball season is over till the lake is to cold (yes we still go through school). Yet another time period when I don't have computer pen or paper.

We try to go skiing once a year it depends on the time and everything but most of the time we go to montania beacase my aunts son lives there with his wife, in that case its a week long trip. Otherwise we go to Colorado with is usually a 5 to 4 day trip. More time with out computer pen or paper.

My mom, me and either my freinds family (her mom is my mom's best friend she is one of my best friends(only the girls go my friend her two sisters and her mom)) or sometimes my aunt go with us on Christmas shopping trip. We go to one of the big cities and shop for presents. It's usualll a 5 day to week long trip withch means more time with our writting.

There is always little trips that come up through the year. My time is limited I am tell u thouse trip so people can understnad that I can't write all the time. My family travels a lot and my activities take a lot of time. I know people who stay in one spot all the time I know people that think going to the biggest city around the small town I live in is a big deal. My family is very open to new things and I think that it helps my writing style a lot. I can't stand to sit around and do nothing with my time. Life is so jam packed right now but I still love it. It's the only way I would have things


I want to get degrees in computer animation and web design. I also want to major in a foren lang. witch or corse would be Japan. I want to do something with my life. I can't stand to be normal. So who knows maybe you'll see my name in lights someday.


I never have, never will and never want to live a normal life. I can't stand being with the crowd all the time. I think it's oe reason my life is so filled. My friends and I do the stupidist things on earth. People always call me abnormal (in a good way) cus I go aginst the grain.

Writing Stile:

I don't know when I started writing, but I've been playing things out in my head for a long time. Before I wright a story I usually just have this immage flash in my mind. I start working on that immage till I can play the story in my head like a movie. Then I start at the begning and wright it all down. It might be a weird way to wright but it's how I read things to. I make the words into a movie in my head so I can picture what the charters are doing.

I can't stand writing band essays teachers assign in school. I have to jazz up my writing otherwise I get bord witch makes the story bord. I try to immagen essays and papers like that as though they were a info show like u see on the discovery chanel, I still don't find thouse near as intresting.

Fav Animes:

Dragon Ball Z - that was the whole introduction to anime so I have to admit. I loved it. (not gt thoughI hate that)

Inuyasha - Favorite show ever right now I can tell you aything you need to know about it except for how it ends.

Tenchin in Tokyo - I lik all of them

All of the Gundams

Ghost in the Shell

Spirited Away

Castle in the Sky

Princess Mononoko (sp?)

yu yu hakushow


Rurouni kenshin

Witch Hunter Robin

Read or Die

Dective Conan/ Case Closed

Anything my Rumiko Tamigaushie (sp?)

I watch any anime I can get my hands on.

September 19, 2005

I know I haven't been update much but bare with me. I'm shoing in Springdfeild, Illinos next week meaning no school so there will be more time to wright. I hope that I haven't lost any of my readers now that I'm settled in I think I will be able to update more. Right now i have Chapter 6 of One Week 1/2 done and hope to finishh and post it tonight (right now i'm in school). Lets hope that I get it done. Homecomming stuff on both thursday and friday so probbley no post then.


One Week - Almost done will be about 8 chapters long. Still need to go back and proof read everything for a secound time.

Young Love - I don't know were I'm going with it for sure yet so it's on Haitus

Under the Apple Tree - Completed - 10-17-04 need proof read

A Special Place - Completed - 7-14-05 needs proof read

Under the Night Sky - 11-14-04

Lost in the Snow - 9-27-04

It Must be Love - 10-13-04

If she Would Have Kissed Him - 10 -13-04

Don't Kiss me Like That - 10-17-04



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{Alternate Universe Plot} Kagome is a young, aspiring physical therapist who receives more than she bargained for with Inuyasha, a victim of a car accident trying to walk again. She soon discovers reasons why you don't fall in love with patients...
Inuyasha - Rated: T - English - Romance - Chapters: 24 - Words: 108,654 - Reviews: 1442 - Favs: 607 - Follows: 75 - Updated: 6/1/2004 - Published: 1/20/2004 - Inuyasha, Kagome H.
Dont' Want To Miss A Thing by LuckyInu17 reviews
One night Inuyasha comes to grips with his feelings for Kagome. One shot son fic
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Unbreak My Heart by Angelstars reviews
’it was all coming back to her, gradually she remembered the pain stricken news her mother had told her then running through Inuyashas forest blinded by tears, what she didn’t expect was waking up in Inuyashas arms’ [limefluff warning] Complete
Inuyasha - Rated: M - English - Romance/Angst - Chapters: 11 - Words: 42,077 - Reviews: 345 - Favs: 177 - Follows: 18 - Updated: 1/17/2004 - Published: 1/20/2003 - Inuyasha, Kagome H. - Complete
Love and Marriage by I Kill Trees reviews
[complete] AU Sex, love, and holy matrimony--2 out of 3's not bad right? Inuyasha didn't believe in love until the night before his wedding. One problem, it's not the woman he's supposed to marry. InuKag...essentially...
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The dreams started slowly at first, just flashing images too indistinct to comprehend accompanied by a swirl of faintly perceived desire....IxKag. COMPLETE - authors notes added
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Peace If Only For A Moment reviews
They will try a new life...a better life. A life justified. But most of all, a life that lives in each others love united in a cause. AR. Complete
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After the jewel is completed Kagome has no choice to go back to her own time. Given a week she and Inuyasha become closer then they ever have. But when the weeks up how will they say goodbye
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Kagome is explaning how dating works in her time. But when Inuyasha gets mad she finds herself on a date with him. one shot
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After a dream Sango walks out of the hut. Miroku follows her and comfronts her. They admit their love for one another and start a new life. One-Shot
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Inuyasha tells Kagome how he fells and Miroku tells Sango. Can they overcome Narku and colect all of the jewel's pieces with their new found bond?
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Kagome is leaving will she tell Inuyasha how she feels? A song fic
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if she would have kissed him reviews
This is what would have happened if Kagome would have kissed Inuyasha went they were loking for Kikyo. complete
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When I herd this song I thought of Inuyasha and Kagome right off the top of my head. song-fic complete r&r
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Inuyasha adimts his love for Kagome and tells Kikyo goodbye. complete
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Lost in the snow reviews
Inuyasha and Kagome are stuck in one cabin and miroku and sango in another Inuyasha admits his love to Kagome then Miroku admits his to sango. see what a wile in the cabins do to the couples relationships. inyxkag and sanxmir
Inuyasha - Rated: T - English - Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 988 - Reviews: 6 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 1 - Published: 9/27/2004
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