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Hello everyone, welcome to my profile. Hmmm, I guess I should add the usual common things before I go any further with this.

My Top Ten Favorite Mangas In No Particular Order

1. Battle Royale

2. Psychic Academy

3. Berserk

4. Girls Sauras

5. Great Teacher Onizuka

6. Ranma 1/2

7. High School Of The Dead

8. Rosario Vampire

9. No Need For Tenchi

10. While cheating I don't care. Anything and everything made by Kazuo Koike and Buroson I'm a fan of and I love it. Check out Sanctuary and Strain.

My Top Ten Favorite Animes In No Particular Order

1. Dragon Ball Z

2. Yu Yu Hakusho

3. Rurouni Kenshin

4. When They Cry

5. Clannad

6. Tenchi Muyo (Basically just the canon material, everything outside of that I have no love for. Which means that I'm throwing GXP in there as part of Muyo.)

7. Black Lagoon

8. Dual Parallel Trouble Adventure

9. Boku No Tomodachi Sukanai including Next

10. I feel that putting The Boondocks on here would be cheating so to completely throw everyone off guard Mad Bull 34 will take it's place.

There are so many I would've liked to mention in both categories but since top tens are usually the thing what else I like shall remain a mystery until asked I guess. As for more top tens maybe if I could get more reviews I could branch out to the video game and comic book categories. Till then I figure this should suffice.

My Writing Style

I know that while a lot of people probably don't like it I prefer to use a style that uses the usual he said she said structure. Pay enough attention and it will be easy enough to follow. Feel free to stop reading if you don't like my style. I won't hold it against you. I write my stories using Microsoft Word so if it seems that certain paragraphs look odd to you that is why. When I post them here in my opinion they look better instead of the bricks I type there. Granted I like the transition to how it looks afterwards when it's on this site makes me feel better about my choice. Not much clutter. There may be multiple speakers in those paragraphs I write but the only thing I ask is that you take your time and actually read it so you'll pick up on the cues.

My Current Stories At The Moment

How To Defeat Ranma (UPDATE)

While writing Orange Star High I went through the site here to look for some awesome Ryoga fanfiction and found a lot of Ryoga Ranma stories. I should've expected this but I was disappointed. Mind you, I'm not judging the author's work for if I did for what I'm about to mention I'd be a hypocrite considering the story that I was writing at the time and still am. Here's what I'm getting at. I was hoping to see some Ryoga pairings outside of Ranma and Akari. Ukyo as a choice is always welcome. I would've loved to have seen that in the manga.

So after seeing the dismal choices offered I remembered thinking "What if Ryoga hooked up with Shampoo, Ukyo, Kodachi and so on?" And that night I cranked out twenty pages. How To Defeat Ranma is almost a complete opposite to Orange Star High mainly because of the pacing. Although to be fair Orange Star High moves at the speed the anime does, or as close to it as I can manage without it becoming slow and monotonous. The way time passes in How To Defeat Ranma is different. Time passes by faster and when something happens it is revealed via exposition flashback.

Many people may wonder why I pretty much skipped the training of Ryoga and how his sense of direction was fixed. Throughout the story I drop in the hows while continually moving forward. I like exposition I really do, but with the way I write I prefer to keep things moving with as few breaks as possible. How To Defeat Ranma is an Alternate Reality story. Some characters are obviously out of character but only to a certain extent. Here's some of the differences I can reveal so far. Genma actually married into money. Nodoka comes from a well to do family and she's actually competent with her sword. She doesn't have the same honor code as the Nodoka we're used to. Everyone is in there finally year of High School and the characters are in a different time period. Try having fun guess where they're at. It's kind of obvious and doesn't need a direct number but you get the point.

So the story got removed, I will post it again. I'll get rid of the elements that made it into a literary form of Sprite.

Orange Star High (UPDATE)

Wow, okay let me start with this. Of all the relationships on DBZ I always found Gohan and Videl's to be the most interesting. For years I had thought about writing about them but other short stories and novel work had gotten in the way. So one day after reading some of their fanfiction on this site I sat back on my chair and grabbed my keyboard and thought "Well why the hell not? Get it out of your system and be done with it." Drawing on my writing style at the time I decided have more than one POV Character for this. I always liked the idea of being able to know what a character thinks.

To me it makes certain scenes much more powerful and gives you the ability to see an action that was done being reviewed by another seeing if their thoughts sync up or not to whatever it was that happened. Other than that I plan on bringing in many characters and things from the past to advance the story. I'll try to keep it as close to canon as possible. I've seen the latest DBZ movie and while disappointed with it I did like seeing Videl and Gohan in it. I'm not sure if I want to end when they get married or have it end right before Bulma's birthday party. If you're interested let me know. Depending on what you say will determine the ending. I'm fine either way.

I'm still having a blast writing this story. There will be drama and action coming soon. The lovey dovey stuff won't go away it just won't be as strong. I may have found the balance though. You readers be the judge.

Stories I May Write Later...

Rosario Vampire - Mizore is my favorite character but I also like Ruby. I feel that she's neglected so depending on how I feel she might get my attention instead of Mizore.

Haganai - First things first, I don't like Yozora at all. So no. Characters I am interested in is Sena and Kate. Very much like how I feel about Ruby I may focus my attention on Kate instead of Sena. Something tells me that there would be more of a demand for Kate stories.

School Rumble - Same thing with Tenma I absolutely loathe her character in both the anime and manga. School Rumble was the first time I thought "You know, if Harima got with either Yakumo or Eri I wouldn't mind." Usually with many mangas that I read or animes that I watch I usually have just the one choice. If I were to write a School Rumble fanfiction it wouldn't feature either of them as the possible couple...maybe. It would be something outlandish like Harima and Lara getting together because once more and I might be wrong about this because I haven't checked but I think there may not be that many Lala stories. I'll have to check.

There are so many to list but with those three I hope that you can understand the way I think about certain pairings. One of the most fascinating things about the DBZ section is that some of the pairings are wonky and weird as hell and that's cool because it's different. I do understand how many people will rage about certain things as couple purists. To me I'm somewhat that way about Gohan and Videl but if you make your story interesting enough I can look past it and enjoy it for what it is. "What?! Master Roshi is having sex with Pan in the future?! That is disgusting and yet I'm intrigued?" Mind you I haven't checked if that story has been done yet but some of the pairings kind of get that response from me.

I can only hope that what you've seen in profile so far gives you enough of an idea what I'm like. I'll update this profile every now and then depending on how well my stories fare on the site. Peace everyone.

New Post

So, to make a long story short, my computer hates me. So, besides that I haven't been writing other than certain pitches to a manga I want to have a hand in creating. From this point on I will try to continue the story but only if the people reading it ask for it. Every now and then I might drop a new episode but I wouldn't really count on it without the want of the readership. Peace and all that.

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