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I've been working on Battle for Disney for about three years now and I'm now deciding to redo much of it and finish it there. The story has changed constantly since the start but the framework has remained the same. It's been a long strange trip and it's going to get even more fun as I go on.

Big changes that I'm planning on for previous chapters include major enhancements to the early chapters with Walt's chamber and the Animal Kingdom arc(bringing in Quest of Unicorn stuff into Beastly Kingdom) as well as an Oswald the Lucky Rabbit subplot.

I've been planning some other things for the Chronicles universe as well including:

Haunted Mansion: 13 Tales of Terror: A Haunted Mansion anthology of stories taking place within the Battle for Disney universe including essentially the Handbook given to ghostly initiates (providing backstory and character profiles) as well as stories of Dr. Serizawa's ghost coming to the Tokyo Mansion, the Hitchhikers taking the Doombuggy on a psychotic joyride through WDW and Constance's arrival.

Little Sparks: Random story anthology based on WDW in general within the BFD Universe. Mostly concieved just out of a Spaceballs parody that came in my mind using Figment (Dark Helmet and his toys).

Attack of the Xilians/Quest for the Elias Seal: The official sequel to Battle for Disney, featuring a war against invaders from Planet X as well as the Disney villains, both villainous sides seeking to revive Dark Ghidorah and dominate the world. New heroes and villains abound such as the Incredibles family, Wilbur Robinson, Jack Sparrow, Davy Jones, Syndrome, Doris and among the many monsters, Gigan and Space Godzilla

The Final War: The At World's End of the series, not just as the trilogy cap, but plot elements too such as the rescue of Mickey from the Land of Dreams Origin as well as a final battle of Good and Evil similar to the Maelstrom Battle, though with more ships actually going "full port and into the abyss".




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