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Author has written 3 stories for Outsiders, American Outlaws, and Supernatural.

Name- Madison (Maddie)

Age- 14

Birthday- Nov. 13 1990

Grade- 9th


AIM screen name- doggiegoesmeow


Books/Authors- Harry Potter, S.E. Hinton Books, Sasha Lord serious, and Rosehaven

Movies- Pirates of the Carribean, American Outlaws, Breakfast Club, Grease One andTwo, Sweet Home Alabama, S.W.A.T, Top Gun, Beauty and the BEast, Dirty Dancingand some other movies

Tv shows- Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Different World, One Tree Hill, Charamda, WildFire, Inu Yasha, and Witch Hunter Robin

Characters- Sirius Black (Hp), Ron Weasley (Hp), Hermione (Hp), Mark (That was Then this is Now), Steve (Outsiders), Soda (Outsiders), Darry (Outsiders), Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Carribean), Stephanie (Grease 2), Det. Stabler (Law and Order SVU), Det. Fin (Law and ORder SVU), Det. Munch (Law and Order SVU) and a lot of other people

Quotes from movies- You can never trust an honest man to be honest, but you can trust a dishonest to be dishonest, honestily. - JackSparrow

We are men of our words, except Elisabeth who is in fact a women- Jack Sparrow

Why is all theRUM gone- Jack Sparrow

John- Clara?

Clara-it's a family name

John it's a fat girls name

Clara- I'm not fat

John- no, but there are two kinds of fat people. One is you were born fat the other is a skin person who turns fat. I can see you in a couple of years pushing the maxium.

A hickey from kinkie is like a halmart card- Kinkie

I forgot, I didn't mean too that is all I ever hear from you- Darry

Do for Johnny, Do it for Johnny- Dally

Get lost hood- Cherry

I don't need my kid brother to tell me how to treat my kid brother, all ask you kid brother- Darry

No body put's baby in the corner- Johnny

I have more i just can't think of them right now.

Thank is for now, but if you find any of this things interesting fill free to IM me

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You can't protect me for ever reviews
Abby joins her brothers on their hunt. Abby and her brothers show up to a small town in IL to find a spirit killing people by using their greatest fear against them. How does a small town man help save the Winchester's sister from the spirit
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