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Author has written 11 stories for Prince of Tennis, Bleach, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy VII, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Lord of the Rings.

Welcome. If you are here that means you probably already read one of my fics...Thank you! Just the fact that people read something I wrote makes me sooo happy! Here's some stuff about me.

Updated 13/3/12!

Penname: Firefly Knights (Firefly's Flight on

Born: October 12

Sign: Libra

Gender: Female

Blood type: A

Ethnic Group: Born to Japanese parent in a continental state in the USA.

Lives: Japan. Somewhere crowded, next to a river, with a railway station nearby.

Personality: Puppy? I follow people around, and I don't like walking to the train station alone. Even though I do walk alone quite often.

Look: Black hair. (I'm growing my hair out, recently. It's because the place where I get it cut, the guy keeps trying to give me short bangs...) Glasses and dark-brown eyes. Always in a T-shirt and jeans. I really like wearing sweaters with cool collars or hoody. And socks. Long striped ones, individual toed ones, ones with jokes on them. I love awesome socks.

Favorite Things

Favorite subject: Biology and English

Favorite mangas

Jump Comics: Eyeshield 21, Gintama, D. Gray-Man, Double Arts, M0, JoJo

GanGan Comics: Fullmetal Alchemist, HareGoo(formerly known as Jungle ha Itsumo Hare nochi Goo), Kuroshitsuji

Morning Comics: Moyashimon

Asuka Comics: Trinity Blood

Others: Comics based off the Tales of games by Bandai Namco. Nintama Rantaro, Yazakura Quartet

Favorite books: anything Sherlock Holmes, Diana Wynne Jones books (but especially Dark Lord of Derkholm), Catch-22, Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency, been doing lots of other book burrowing recently, though...

Favorite games: .hack// series, Kingdom Hearts series, Sengoku Musou, Pokemon

Favorite food: soups, tofu, breads, cream puffs, battera, and chocolate

Favorite transportation: by foot, by ship

Favorite movies: Sahara, A Day Without a Mexican, Stranger than Fiction, Ocean's movies, MIB

Currently Obsessed with: CUTE THINGS!, unpopped popcorn kernels, Pirates (Space, sea, any type) Joseph Jostar, Japanese stand-up comedy aka Manzai or Owarai, Shu-chi-shin (Especially Kamichi-kun, he's so cute!) X3

Hates: Most Disney sequels, spam mail, threats in chain messages (repost this or you'll explode!! rolls eyes), dumb TV shows

Personal Quotes:

"Calm down, lady." - My dear friend. he'll say it even if I am calm.

"If life is like a boat, I hope it doesn't turn over."- Me on a song called Life is Like a Boat

"Saix has a pet bunny named Bunnykins. He has the same scar on his face, and Saix loves him so." - Me again.

"Saix has a moonfarm." - That other dear friend...Her name's Torp here. (hint, hint)

Stuff about my writing:

I love writing comedy, but I seem to have a knack with writing angsty stuff, too. I have no idea why, but that's what my reviews for Why Did You Let Go? told me. I don't know how to write slash, since it usually pushes the characters completely out of character, I don't like doing that just to have two characters like each other. That makes no sense. (I'm not homophobic, so stop flaming me...) Anyways, the cannon couplings are usually the cutest...(I'm a sucker for cuteness.) I like adventure, action, stuff like that, but I'm not all that wonderful at writing it. I try. I need to type up all the mountains of stuff I have in writing. I also seem to be going through a huge and possibly endless OC phase, but I love my characters enough. I also love the canons enough to keep romance between OCs with other OCs. So no CanonOC pairs will be coming from this writer! X3

Possible writings to come:


In development:

Polar Opposites (Kingdom Hearts): You do know that Organization XIII has a Plan B, don't you?

Condition: Currently seeing if people like it or not. A few pages typed, the other 80 pages or so are on notebook paper in messy cursive.

Paradox of the Rings(The Lord of the Rings): What happens when three friends get unceremoniously transported to Middle Earth? One get's green eyes, one get's turned into a great-dane sized dragon, and the other get's turned into a sword...Wait what?

Condition: It's all typing from here! I'll do the best that I possibly can!

On hold, probably forever:

Chain of Comedic Clichés(aka: CCC)(Kingdom Hearts): Really dumb, humorous, short pieces about Organization XIII.

Condition: Done. I don't care anymore...Let them enjoy their vacation. X3

Advent Children: Another Perspective(Final Fantasy: VII): Advent Children from a different angle. Revolves around the BC Turks and a usless little OC.

Condition: Where has the inspiration gone? No pages in writing currently.

Finished works:

A Misshap Drive B(Prince of Tennis): Parody of "Dashing Through the Snow". Makes lots of fun of Ryoma. Yay!

Hiyoshi's Birthday(Prince of Tennis): Hiyoshi becomes fourteen! Lots of Hyotei stuff. Written on (near? around?) Hiyoshi's birthday.

Why Did You Let Go?(Bleach): Rangiku and Gin angst. Woot!

Kurosaki Hime's Portuguese version: ( It's apparently gone...sniffles...

Thank You for the Music(Kingdom Hearts): A short songfic about Demyx. The song is Thank You for the Music by ABBA. Coolest oldies ever! Go ABBA!

Slipping Through My Fingers(Kingdom Hearts): Another ABBA songfic, partially because the movie Mamma Mia! came out, but also because I've had this idea since The Chains that Bind Us. The song is Slipping Through My Fingers.

The Adventure of Wonderwice Malgela(Bleach): A short little thing about Wonderwice. Inspired by the scene in Chapter 230 where he's trying to talk to birds. Awww...Wonderwice...

What We Didn't Know Was There (PotC): Written on a whim and family inspiration. Very short fluff. James is leaving tomorrow, but his last meeting with the Swanns in England won't be his easiest one.

Completely taken off the site:

The Chains that Bind Us (Kingdom Hearts): Sad pieces about families and friends that were left behind when the members of Organization XIII became Nobodies.
(Taken off 'cause no one liked it. Instead, I'll take my favorite ideas and make longer stories. I still love this idea.)

Tanslators!(Various Animes): Written a long time ago. It dissed translators of Shaman King, Detective Conan/Cased Closed, and potentially One Piece as well. Canceled due to LOTS of flaming.

Overflow(Bleach): Tukino Dango arrives at Karakura Chou and realizes her power.
(This one was taken off because I personally didn't like it. OC gone smelly...

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

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