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Hi! Welcome to my profile page. I've just started writing fanfiction in June. I suppose I'll start listing my likes and other things so here I go. I'll be slowly building this list so stay tuned.

I'm more of a hobbyist writer, so I'll be writing what I feel like and as of current several stories at once. However, I hate writing utter cliches and I try to write about things that aren't quite the norm.

Even though writing is merely a hobby for me (hey I'm in high school) I will try my best to avoid putting out garbage, simply because I hate doing poor work. Because of this, feel free to criticize any of my stories however you like. Keep it constructive though, flaming will be ignored and/or deleted.

P.S. I don't know if any of you actually read my profile, but thanks to those who do! If you like one of my stories check out the others. I hope you enjoy reading each and every one of them as much as I enjoyed writing them!

Profile Updates

12/13/14 - Profile Update: 100 followers across all my stories! Thanks for your support guys!

12/13/14 - 10,000 page views across my stories! Thank you again guys!

1/1/15 - Happy New Year everyone! I'm back from San Francisco (but my last day was miserable for reasons I'd rather not talk about) and back to writing! I'm still going to be delayed by an upcoming project (and midterms and tests...) but once those are over I hope it'll be smooth sailing.

2/5/15 - Ugh... I finally have everything stressful finished but now I've hit a massive writer's block. Seriously, I've written 3000-4000 words on four stories (two of which are completely new) and I can't finish any of them right now. If you guys have anything that might inspire me go ahead and provide me with some kind of writing material so I can get stuff out faster.

2/13/15 Update: You might not have noticed, but I've started posting the word counts of the chapters I've been writing for each story. That way you know it's coming along. If there's nothing there... I haven't started writing it yet. I'm doing this to let you all know that I am busy writing and trying to appease your insatiable desire to waste your time on a teenager's random plots and storylines. I'll usually finish around the 7000-10000 word mark, but don't be surprised if you have to wait a little longer. Done by request of engkeat.goh.

2/19/15 - Gung Hay Fat Choy! Yes, it's officially the first day of Chinese New Year. Unfortunately I still don't have much to show for it (curse you writer's block!). Anyway, I just wanted to say hi to all who actually visit my page (and perhaps are celebrating as well). I really want to churn out something good soon, so please write those reviews so I can make it happen!

2/23/15 - Hey, everyone. I'm just writing this to say that I currently have my hands tied at the moment as a result of my AP US History Class. As a result, I'll be damn near unable to write at all due to the sheer workload (outline a chapter of the textbook every three days, participate in two debates, one essay test, one multiple choice test, and annotate and outline any and all supplementary texts). I'm really sorry for this inconvenience and I have to urge you guys once more to be patient. Thank you for your support!

Age : 16

Name: Can't risk identify theft here

Hometown: New York, New York

Nationality: Chinese Mix (Dad from Taishan, Mom from Hong Kong)

Languages: English, Learning Latin, bits of Cantonese Chinese and Spanish, (My cousin is Puerto Rican/Chinese, so yeah)

Favorite Songs (Sung): GONG, Break Out, MAX ON, and a ton of other songs by JAM Project. Omoide wa Okkusenman and Air Man ga Taosenai by Team Nekokan. Invoke, Ignited, Vestige, Meteor, and Jap. Consider my likes as a broad variety of good music (which excludes the majority of rap, hip hop, and songs with excessive swearing).

Favorite Songs (Not sung): Most Mega Man themes (i.e. Mega Man Zero's Departure, Esperanto, and Straight Ahead). Together We Ride (Fire Emblem), most Final Fantasy music (i.e. Battle with the Four Fiends from Final Fantasy IV) heck most good video game music in general.

Favorite Anime: Gundam, Fate Series, Sengoku Basara, To Aru series, Fairy Tail

Favorite Comics (Manga and Manhwa): Toriko, The Gamer, The God of High School, One Piece

Favorite Western Style Cartoons: DCAU (Batman/Superman the Animated Series, Justice League)

Hobbies: Video Games, Reading, Writing

Likes: Reading, Writing, Eating (I'm scrawny and short but you'd be surprised how much I can scarf down when I'm hungry), Being able to relax

Dislikes: Large workloads, homework, group projects I have to participate in (BECAUSE I DO ALL THE WORK DAMN IT), contemptible people (to put it lightly), Bash fics, fics that change characters' canon sexuality, god-mode fics, and lemon fics. Also, meaningless music (glaring at you American rap). Smoking, drugs, and alcohol are also among my pet peeves.

So, uh, hi.

I guess this is where I write a little about myself and my philosophy. Everything above is true. I'm a high school student who picked up writing over the summer as I had literally nothing to do. I initially thought that I'd just dabble in it, but in the end I really grew to the like it and I've been doing it ever since. At the time of this writing I have clocked in over 195,000 words, a little accomplishment that I'm sort of proud of.

Basically there are two driving parts to how I write: How interesting I think a story might be and the quality of it.

I don't like writing cliches. I really don't. I've seen every single type of fic out there and I generally don't like to write about the norm (for example, the incredibly overused Lucy gets kicked out of Fairy Tail for stupid reasons even though that would never actually happen as it goes against the character of the series). Thus I try to make my stories a bit different than usual, which often culminates in making my spotlight characters OCs with a tad more realism thrown in.

This leads into my argument about quality. I hate stories where the heroes win everything. I hate stories when the heroes always lose. I hate overly sad and depressing stories and I especially hate stories that put the characters out of character. In short, I hate crappy stories.

God-mode stories are my number one pet peeve by far though (mainly due to the fact that they are the only stories my cousin writes). If a character is so strong that he can end every plot with nothing more than a few scratches what's the point?

As a result, I try to keep the leads in my stories competent yet not overwhelmingly so. For example, in my first story, A Certain Scientific Prototype, my OC is a bulletproof, regenerating, shapeshifting, viral organism who can cut apart tanks as if they were made of cardboard... in a setting where the most powerful characters have disintegrating laser beams, nigh-invulnerability, creation, railguns, reality warping, and in one case the ability to basically say, "screw you I'm a superhero" to the laws of physics with no valid explanation (when everything has a long winded explanation behind it!), e.t.c. Thus I try to tread the line between overwhelmingly strong to incompetently weak.

Granted, I'm not perfect at this, but not everyone is.

Also, I'm not going to delude myself by saying that I'm an amazing writer. Quite frankly I'm not. I wouldn't even consider myself decent compared to some of the writers on this site.

Still, I hope that I'm not writing junk that deserves to be thrown into the scrap heap after a mere glance. That's the one thing I want to avoid, and the main reason why it takes so long for me to write. Anyone can write a bad story. Fewer can write a good story. Even fewer can write a great story. Only a handful can write an amazing story.

I have a long way to go to reach that level, but I hope that you guys enjoy what I write as much as I enjoy writing it.

Some Other Things You Should Know About Me

I'm a slow writer: Unfortunately, this is all too true about me. I take forever to write stories due to hobbies, schoolwork, chores e.t.c. in addition to just taking a while to get the words arranged in a way that I like. Yes, it's annoying for you guys, I know. You might not see updates for months and think I'm dead or that I've stopped writing. Neither of which are currently true (and I especially hope that former won't be for a while).

If you want things to come out faster please review. It helps me cut through my writer's block and get things out faster which is enjoyable for me as well as for all of you (I hope).

I'm pretty open to criticism: If you want to say something about my stories, say it. I don't care if you're flaming, criticizing, or downright insulting my work. Just give a reason when you do. I'm not six. I can take constructive criticism without blowing up in your face. Everything helps, so just review damn it!

I think I'm pretty amicable: I'd like to consider myself a pretty civil guy towards my viewers. If you have any questions, concerns, or even if you just want to say hello you can go right on ahead and ask with a review or a private message. I find it pretty fun to talk to all of you, and it really lights up my day when I turn on my phone and find three or four reviews or messages just waiting to be responded to (as infrequently as that occurs). I'll try to respond as fast as I can for the first two cases, and probably the latter case as well.

I don't bite.


P.S. The only exception is if you write a painfully bad story that I happen to read.

I like to post reviews.

Reviews that look like short essays (take a look at Memories of the Past, a Mega Man story if you want to get a basic idea of what I write like when I'm bored).

So if I read a really bad story prepare for an earful (or eye-full... you get the idea!)

I won't post spam on this page: I don't use Facebook, Twitter, or any other sort of social media outside of online video games and email. I think that the kind of stuff that gets copied and pasted onto profile pages like these deserves to go on one of those websites.

I'm Verbose: Oh god. Big words. Before you rush for your Google dictionary I'm going to be upfront with you. It means that I like to use complicated words frequently and I write LONG chapters (part of the reason why it takes me so long to update) full of descriptions and other details. I can speak and write in the colloquial (and I usually do so), it's just that I'm really fond of being descriptive when I'm in writing mode (blame High School English Class and this entire site in general!) Sorry, if that makes reading a bit more difficult, but that's just the way I write.

Try My Other Stories - I really try to keep the quality of my stories consistent so that everyone who reads them can enjoy them. So if you like one story, try the others. You might find a new series you like. If not, take pride in the fact that you've given me an extra view to be proud of as part of my motivation to continue writing. Just kidding about the last part, but could you please take a look for my sake?

Current Projects:

A Certain Scientific Prototype (To Aru / Prototype Crossover)

Fairy's Kaiser (Fairy Tail / Maplestory Crossover) - Kaiser centric

Heroes of the Past: A Mega Man Battle Network / Star Force crossover

*updated* Chrome and Silver - A RWBY story focused around my OC

A Little Devil - A Fairy Tail story focused around a Fire Devil Slayer OC

Notice: I'm just writing this to say that none of my stories are dead and neither am I. It's a combination of writer's block and school work that is keeping me from updating (seriously, I have no more than 40 minutes to myself a day). My updates will be slow, perhaps painfully so, but they will come. That I promise you. Sorry to make you wait guys, and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Current Progress

Heroes of the Past - 2588 words

A Certain Scientific Prototype - 1744 words

Chrome and Silver - New Chapter Up and Ready!

A Little Devil - 2689 words

Fairy's Kaiser - 1500 words

At any possible point I might publish a new story. It all depends on my interests at the moment, the time I have, and whether or not I've hit a writer's block.

My Story Ideas/Possible New Projects:

If you want to try your hand at one of these go ahead and PM me. I'm pretty busy so I can't possibly write all of them right now.

Advent of an Angel - A concept thought up by my older brother. We all know the story of Sephiroth. He was a legendary First-Class SOLDIER who went insane after finding the reason behind his powers and thus tried to destroy the world, twice. The things is, what happened before all of that? Before he rose to fame, before he was part of SOLDIER? Let's take a look shall we?

Hollow Point - An idea devised by Yurei King. A young Kenichi Shirahama is taught by his father the potential good and harm that come with the use of firearms, which leads the young boy to wish to take them up in the defense of others. Tragically, however, Kenichi came home one day to find his parents murdered by Hollows, much to his shock and grief.Moving away to Karakura Town, he soon discovers that he has the ability to manifest a Fullbring, two bracelets from his father that transform into a destructively powerful pair of pistols. After discovering this power, he soon takes steps to master it to hunt Hollows and eventually avenge his parents. On one of his usual patrols he is ambushed by a particularly intelligent Hollow and overwhelmed before being saved by the timely arrival of one Miu Furuinji. What will his gun-slinging Fullbringer do when he meets some of the strongest martial artists on the planet? Become their disciple of course!

It will begin a few months before the start of the canon Bleach storyline. Potentially strong/Multiple Fullbring Kenichi. Probably snarky and out of character as well.

The Endless Kaleidoscope - Just another one of those "insert random characters into canon Holy Grail War in place of Servant X" one-shot series. Still, it sounds like fun and I hope I'll be able to write something interesting.

A Future Battle Network Fanfic - Title Pending - I've noticed that there are quite a few stories about Patch Hikari, but none of them really followed through and reached an ending. So I've decided to try and write my own. This takes place after Battle Network 6 and will feature a completely original storyline! This is going to be hard...

Wally's Journey - I am truly surprised by the fact that there isn't a single story on this site that details Wally's journey during the time you don't see him in the events of Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire (as well as their modern counterparts). I might try to write one.

Maverick Hunter Rock: Idea inspired by scrapped concept art of Rock for Mega Man X: Command Mission

X was not the only robot sealed away before the good doctor's passing. The original Mega Man, Rock, was sealed away in hopes that X would have some company for the long road that awaited him. Unfortunately, Dr. Light's other son was separated from his younger brother as having two of his greatest creations together would leave the risk of having both heroes infected should their virus countermeasures fail. Awakened in Giga City by Epsilon's rebellion, can the original Mega Man reunite with his successor?

Scalar - A Certain Magical Index/Scientific Railgun story. Scalar only knows a few things about himself. First, he is the first clone of Academy City's strongest Esper. Second, he is to act as a deterrent to "The Strongest" should the Level 5 ever go rogue. Third, he is flawed.

Assorted Random Crossovers within my current stories - Why? Because I'm bored and I have ideas to use.

About Reviews

Hey, I've noticed something about the reviews I've been getting.

The vast majority of them are light comments about how they like my story and to keep at it.

There are a few others that are more constructive (which I thank you for) but they remain small in number.

Even fewer are those who really go out of their way to be wordy and suggest new ideas and question certain concepts.

I have nothing against you guys, but please, write more in your reviews! I mean, seriously, I love that you enjoy my stories as much as I enjoy writing them, but how am I going to make them even better if all you tell me is that I did a good job?!!

I've also noticed that the number of reviews I've been getting is comparatively few to other stories I've seen (my cousin's story has been out for no more than two months and it has 150 of them!). So please, if you have something to say, say it for crying out loud! I won't hold it against you if you say something unpleasant about my story. My writing is something that I would barely call passing in the scope of things, and I would love it if you'd help me improve.

In short, I'm begging you guys! Review and review well please!

3/15/15 - About Maplestory

Hey everyone, I've noticed for a while now that people keep complaining about how Maplestory is not the game is used to be since Big Bang. I'm not going to rebuff you veteran Maple players (I've been playing for less than four years, which means long after Big Bang). Because of this, I'm not going to act like I'm some kind of veteran or authority on the matter. I'm just going to state my opinion on the matter.

I know, the community has declined heavily over the years, and arguably the gameplay as well. However, if there's one redeeming thing about all of these updates, it's the expansion of the story.

Prior to the inclusion of the Resistance, Cygnus Knights, the Nova e.t.c. Maplestory's plot was basically cut and paste (Black Mage terrorized the world. He is sealed by six ancient heroes. You have to save the world by killing every monster in sight!)

I feel that all of the new characters added depth on a grand scale only rivaled by other MMOs of similar age such as World of Warcraft. I'm going to go over it as briefly as I can.

Let's start with the Heroes. These six characters allowed us to see Maple World's past and what it would be like for a veteran of the old war to see the modern Maple World. Naturally, they're shell shocked, and are generally slow to adjust with the exception of Evan (born in the modern era) and Phantom (who basically had an entire crew waiting for him). Each one had their take of the story and place in the game's history books. In addition, I found Phantom's and Shade's stories particularly compelling, with former being a gentleman thief hell bent on revenge (though he doesn't show it until the end of his story) and the latter the forgotten hero who will never be acknowledged by anyone.

The Resistance allowed us to look at things from a more civilian point of view, a fictional but very gritty war for freedom in a game that was previously called kiddish. Unlike the other groups, several notable characters die during the course of the story, most notably Vita, the girl who gets your character to join the Resistance in the first place. Xenon's story is a bit cliche, but he is overall a very likable character whose development is very noticeable and a clincher for Claudine's development as a character as well. As for the Demon, his unquenchable thirst for revenge (and betrayal by his own brother) make him an interesting type of Anti-Hero that contrasts against the happy go lucky Explorers (who more or less picked up adventuring as a hobby compared to the Resistance who did so out of necessity). All of these traits are taken to the breaking point in the new Black Heaven story... which I won't spoil because it's damn good.

The Cygnus Knights also act as an integral part of the story. Cygnus provides some semblance of order and government that was severely lacking prior to their arrival. She is one of the characters that experiences the most growth, from a meek and unsure Empress in training to a confident and assertive Half Transcendent. Their shaky alliance with the Resistance is also one of the game's finer points, showing that there are divisions amongst the protagonists rather than everyone getting along just fine as in a children's book. In addition, Cygnus's potential corruption at the hands of the Black Mage also shows that the heroes have more than just their opponents to be scared of, but also themselves should they ever turn into the monsters that they're fighting.

I admit, the Nova came out of nowhere, but they still have an important role. Their appearance showed the true magnitude of the Black Mage's threat as his influence extended into other dimensions. I also found the relationship between Kyle (Kaiser), Tear, (Angelic Buster), and Velderoth one of most interesting and heartbreaking in the story. Unlike the other examples, you see them grow up together and make their vow to save Helisium, only for Velderoth to break it because he was left in the dust by his friends' new powers. Then afterward you never see him again, fleeing in shame after Kaiser spares him, much to the latter's anguish at being unable to redeem his friend. In addition, I found Magnus to be one of the antagonists I enjoyed pounding the most. While a tad flat at times, the fact that he arguably the sole reason for the Nova's misery (given the fact that Gerald Darmoor is absent entirely) makes it oh so very satisfying when you beat him (especially as Kaiser!).

Sorry that you had to read this long tirade (though to be fair, you were the one that scrolled down this list). It's just that I keep seeing all of these posts about how Maple was better before Big Bang and it irks me that no one has proposed an argument in its favor before this. Maybe the gameplay and the community aren't to your tastes (the latter in particular, the game feels so barren and cold sometimes because you don't see people outside of the markets and grinding spots), I understand that. I just wanted to point out a few things to show that maybe the changes aren't all bad. I know I probably won't change your mind, but I wanted to get my ideas out on paper. Anyway, that's all for now. Sorry for taking up your time and good night.

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