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Author has written 3 stories for Final Fantasy VIII.
I'm 13 years of age, but I have an old soul... I love writing about Final Fantasy, even though my favorite anime at the moment is Gundam SeeD. CAGALLI ROCKS! Anyways, my favorite bishies are Vincent Valentine, Seifer Almasy, Kira Yamato, Tolle (I like him because he's voiced by Richard Cox, or 'Inuyasha'.), Sesshomaru, and Kurama. My favorite Bishoujo's are Fujin, Quistis Trepe, Cagalli Yula Attha, Yura of the Demon Hair, Kikyo, Aeris/Aerith, Miyu, and Misty (What? I love the red headed pokemon girl!). My favorite made-up characters for the time being are Saranie Almasy (Heroine in The Feirce Fuzzball Reborn, Evil Puppett in My White Oldeander Outside), and Salix Almasy (My White Oleander Outside).

~Upcoming Stories!~

Shaman Queen: Three years after the meteor incident, Cloud, Tifa, Barrett and Cid meet a strange named Ranna.

Ranna is none other than Ranna Shinra, the younger sister of Rufus dressed in green to symbolize her name, which means 'frog'. Ranna's a cold hearted but headstrong girl whose out for revenge, and to find her older brother. Ranna also has a peculiar talent for bringing back the dead. What will happen on Ranna's quest for revenge against... the planet, Sephiroth, or Jenova?

These Boots Are Made For Walking: Seifer Almasy yet again prevails to worm his way into Garden, and is finally back on track. But, when a mishap with magic occurs...

Three long years have passed since Seifer was the faithful knight to his Matron, Edea, and the faithful rival of Squall Leonhart, fueding with his friends trecking right on beside. But now, his life is out of order, and he can't turn a corner without being tormented for his past deeds. Fujin, his silver haired chronie, thought the reduction of Seifer's cockiness would finally allow her to fall into his arms, his heart, and maybe his bed. Sadly, though, all it seems to do is make her spend time near him trying to keep him from slicing his wrists in suicide. She finally decides he needs a little boost to get him back on track, and consults none other than- Yes, Raijin. The goon leads her to a smokey dark shop, and there she buys a strange potion written in even stranger text. After she slips it into Seifer's coffee, something strange happens the next day- Lets just say the lady at the shop mistranslated Fujin and instead of giving her a "Stimulant", she gave her "Turn your love into a fable cat named 'Puss In Boots'." What? He did get cockier, if not... shorter and furrier.

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