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Dear reader:

Let me start this off by saying yes I will finish this story, even if it kills me. I must. I feel that I am in too deep not to finish. I feel that I owe you all some sort of explanation as to why it takes me some time to get new chapters up. I feel that there is a relationship between the reader and the writer, you read what I write and sometimes if I am lucky you tell me what you think. I would probably still write, even if no one read or reviewed what I wrote, but I find myself accountable to you, my readers. Every time, I put off writing about Sky, Cam, Jack, Ara, and all the others, I feel that I somehow let you down and you inspire me to keep going. I feel that it is only fair that if you are willing to stick by me I be willing to provide some answers to you.

Currently I have two jobs, one that’s forty hours a week and one that might as well be eighty. So I have very little time to write, and when I do, I am focusing on my original work. Why original work? Well there are two reasons. First, my friend has me on a deadline: one complete story due to her by September 6th. Two, well I took a writing class late last spring, taught by an editor (yes one of those people who select books to publish) and his comment at the end of the class was that we could submit work to him. So getting this story finished and hopefully submitting it to this editor means I am that much closer to the typed page and not the computer screen. This is not a definite, but it is a HUGE leap into the realm of publishing. My original work a lot like my work here is, very intricate, twist and turns, multiple levels of story and several POVs. I’ve been through almost three drafts now and I’m still refining and reworking. I won’t go into a lot of detail, because after all this is the internet, but my own mythology is consuming my brain.

It’s hard for me to come back to TandT because I forget what exactly is going on in terms of the rules and with each character. But I will finish, a lot is laid out in my document file and I just have to do a bit more stringing together.

Again, I want to send a big thanks to those who have read my story. Where would the writer be without people to read what she writes? Can I still be called a writer without readers? I’m not sure. But you all mean a great deal to me and I wanted to give you a fair warning about what is happening in my life. If anything else creeps up I will be sure to share the news.



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You may not want to be, but you get to be." That was all he had to say to her about what he felt.
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