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March 30


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To all my viewers, I am very sorry for the late updating of my fics. It's just that I have no idea what I am doing. Really sorry

December 22, 2007

Yay! It's Christmas vacation and I have lots of time to stare at the blank MSWord document on my computer screen! I am totally trying to continue my stories especially "From a Different Angle". So, I hope you all readers are not planning to massacre me in the middle of the night when I fall asleep waiting for Santa Claus. Ohohoho...

I'm working on a new HP fic right now and its taking all my will power not to post it because I know that somewhere in the middle, I won't have the energy to finish it. And that would only result to another group of angry mob.

December 30, 2007

As of the moment I am focusing on writing about my CCS fic, "The Clique".

Ideas just kept poping in me so I'm really sorry if some of you are still waitng for an update in FDA and ABMH. Real sorry guys.

January 1, 2008

I know that I'm not supposed to rant over silly things but I'm going to anyway!

First! The freaking HITS! I mean, I get 400+ hits on my story: The CLique and yet I only receieve a dozen reviews? What's up wit that?

I mean come on! Review people!

Second the Review content! Don't get me wrong but I do appreciate the reviews but still, it's kind of heart breaking when the content of the said review tells you to "Update soon" "Update ASAP!"

Guys! I'm not a freaking robot! The ideas are not falling from the skies!


January 3, 2008

Just deleted "Angels brought me here.". Sorry guys but it just aint working, So I burned everything! Cackles evilly

Real sorry. However, I am planning on a new fanfic that is more on a drama and romance. It will be based on several fairy tales by the Grimm brothers and it will be posted under the category of Books/Fairy Tales section.

I'm trying to focus on "The Clique" but no idea is popping during decent hours, mainly it comes out during 2am or later but never passes before the sun shines.I must be a night creature with all those late-night rendevous with my computer. Hehe...

About "TC", just would like to complain how the readers always kept on saying UPDATE SOON/ASAP! I mean couldn't they even compliment or even criticize my work or no simple "thanks" for updating as soon as I can? How demanding could they get? I want to cry! Ungrateful btches.

January 4, 2008

Thank the heavens! I totally love jennycuenca and her reviews! She's the only reader who has the patience to review every chapter and the content is actually good! She comments on the story and doesn't have the uneducated barbaric character to simply say UPDATE ASAP! So a hundred cheers for her!

January 5, 2008

I have a new person to thank who made me realy laugh when I read her review, ready?

All hail to pure! Yay! Thanks for the reveiw it was great! It made me want to cry and laugh at the same time because I was so frustrated with the way things are going! I mean, my main characters are revving it up with their love lives but what about me? I created them damn it! I should be the one dancing the makarena because my suitor is sending me gummy worms! But noooo! I have no boyfriend and no gummy worms! Zero on both sides!

Okay I'm done yapping!

Oh BTW, I want to commend another reviewer who made me think about my own friendship with my bffs. See the real things that matter, that's what she said!

So let's give a standing ovation to lhaine07

January 6, 2008

I want to thank the following people for reviewing my fic, The Clique:


-The ever supportive reader of my fic and never fails to leave a review! I heart you girl! Thank you very much!


-The line: "No this is High School" is something that I actually said to one of my batchmates back in senior year in HS. I think that was last June 2006 when she was acting all too friendly with me and my group. She was like, "What kind of place is this? Everything is a mess." and stuff like that, complaining all the time. She kept on saying bad things about our school and all. So I was annoyed and told her this: "This is where you're going to spend the entire year. This isn't the Hilton Hotel. This is High School."


-You think I'm ah-mazing? Have you read, "The New Trials of Card Captor Sakura and Friends" by wish-chan? Man, if you haven't... be prepared to be dazzled! I have been reading that fic ever since I started here in! The writer is a gawd! It has so many chapters and it takes about approximately an hour to read one chapter but it's totally worth it! I promise! You would never regret it. And this message goes to all of you stopping by my profile! You could access this fic through my favorite stories link.


-At first, when I received your first reveiw to my fic, I was planning in my cracked head to get rid of the story. But then, I realized that you were effin' right! My characters were acting like WHITE CHICKS! Hehe... so thanks for opening up my mind! You rock dude.. or gal. ,

animexanime obsessed

-Stick to my own plot? Isn't that what I have been doing ever since like... I don't know chapter 2? Heh! Sure, I love Massie Block. She's like the coolest girl ever. But I like Claire Lyons way better. Though, looking back in high school, I was more of a Massie-insert Kristen's intelligence somewhere kinda girl. Hey, I'm being honest by saying that I wasn't that nice to people back then. But I'm trying. Anyways, I know that my supposedly plot is not entirely mine. But hey, if you'll give me money to publish a book of my own, I'll gladly stick to my own plot! But if not, then I'll stay here in


-Sakura and Syaoran forever! I totally love them. The scene where they were on stage and Syaoran decides to be a somebody to Sakura's life was something that I thought about when I was sitting next to my crush back in junior year in high school. We were in a bus on the way home and there was this guy, his team mate in basketball varsity team I guess, said that we look cute together. The guy started asking questions about us saying that we always sat together everyday on the bus so there was this rumor going around that we were seeing each other. I didn't know how to answer it because I was stopping myself from laughing because it was so farfetched. Sure I wanted to go out with him, but we were both too busy. I was in the writing club and cheering squad plus student council, and he was the captain for the basketball varsity team training all day. So then, the annoying guy kept on bugging us. My crush and I just kept looking at each other with smiles on our faces until I finally cracked and giggled. Gawd, that was so romantic to me since our elbows were touching and his smile was so adorable. So he goes on like this to the guy. "We're good friends. She lives a house away from mine so we get down on the same stop and walk together. We're okay for now. But I do want to be a somebody in her life." Isn't he such a pet? Sadly, that's all there is to it. We do see each other for friendly dates in the cinema with our other friends.Oh! And he was the one who gave me the idea about the gummy bears! He is addicted to those things. During their games, the cheering squad is present and if he wins, we'll go buy a pack of gummy bears at the convenience store and eat it while walking home. We always take the long route and sometimes go sit in the park. He's a nice neighbor.Well, we did grew up together.


-Yeah, it was hard for me to imagine Tomoyo as a mean one too. But, it would be too boring if Meiling takes up the bad cop title again like all the other stories do. Tomoyo's character had always been personified as someone who is giving and so nice that it irks me. Sometimes you just have to be a biytch to get what you want. Trust me, it's not easy being mean. Hehe

January 7, 2008

School has finally resumed and I'm beat!

We had a class that focuses on community service this sem, so my classmates and I all thought that we were going to some province to help out poor people. And then like, when our teacher came in... she was like: "Okay class, half of the block today would do community service."

So we were all excited, and then suddenly, she told us to go to the high school library and we did. Then the librarian asked us to re-shelf ALL the freaking dusty books back to their proper places! What the heck was that? Community service? Talk about free labor? Cheap-skates you effing admin! I hated it! I know that I love books and all but I'm not planning on touching one as far as I'm concerned right now. I have an aching back, my arms feel like they're going to fall anytime and my nose itches so badly! Hehe... that sounded gross.

January 14, 2008

In just two months, I'll be turning eighteen and there's this tradition in our country that we ha ve a "debut". Its more likely a formal party where I would be presented as a lady in the society or like that. I am totally freaking out since I have nothing prepared yet!

As in zero-nadda!

Wahhh! I'm too busy to set up a party! Help!

March 20, 2008

Ha! Just updated my story The Clique. Actually I just replaced Chapter one since I realized that it was like a photocopy material of the book by LH. Anyway, I am just so happy because I finally realized that I am not that boy crazy anymore. Wahahaha... well, I think I still have the crazy part in me but still... that's an improvement right?

Sigh... My birthday is coming up. I am turning eighteen! Can't wait of the new possibilitites in my life with the upcoming big one- eight.

June 5, 2008

I just noticed that a lot of my profile updates were on the wrong year... so I corrected it. Anyway, I am in a major writer's block so I am unable to contineu "The Clique". But no worries, I am doing my best by burning my eyes out through staring at a blank page of MS Word wishing that by some miracle, I would be able to type actual words and produce another chapter.

So anyways, I'm on my second year in College and I'm really terrified since I'm in another class without my BFF's. Gah! How would I survive? How would I be able to stay sane? This is so... ughhh!

I'm working on an original story of mine. So cross your fingers people that it would get published! Ha! Wishing on the stars??

November 2, 2008

Just updated my story "From a Differend Angle".

Totally busy with school starting again.

Real sorry for the late update.

June 1, 2009

It's been a long time since I updated and I am really sorry! But hey, I've been really busy with school and trust me, it was really hell. HELL! Anyway, I'm re-reading all the chapters of The Clique that I have so far and the end is coming near! Hope all of you enjoyed it becuase I really did have fun!

June 5, 2009

Enjoying exchanging e-mails with a fellow Filipino here in =)

August 23, 2009

Just updated The Clique yesterday. I'm actually in the process of writing the next chapter due to the burst of inspiration and renewed love for Syaoran since I just read the latest chapter of The New Trials of CardCaptor Sakura and Friends by wish-chan. Oh! And I'm also kind of sad since we won't be hearing from Kirei Blossom for a while since she's getting married! It's not that I know her personally but I have read her reviews and encouraging messages for a very long time in the News Trialing group in Yahoo since like... I was fourteen years old. And it kind of made me feel nostalgic on how I worshipped and loved Syaoran when I was younger. Anyway, omedetou gozaimasu!

January 27, 2010

Finally had the chance to update my profile. So I updated The Clique for two consecutive days on a whim and right now I'm listening to Miley Cyrus's Party in the USA. I don't particularly like her but hey the song is quite catchy.

Also I'm quite sad once again for the same reasons considering how really few are reviewing my stories while so many are reading them. SADNESS.

I'm craving for Mcdonald's double cheeseburger. Yum.

March 29, 2010

sooo... tomorrow is my birthday! March 30. :) And guess what?? I am going to post another chapter for you guys for my story The Clique. Hope you'll enjoy it.

October 19, 2010

So here I am, typing away at my laptop while I laze around our house. :) By the way I updated TC today and I have to say that the ending is near and I really have to say goodbye to this baby and focus on my other fic. It hasn't been updated for a very long time and it really needs massive editing because of all the blurry details. Anyway, I'm having fun readin Jennifer Fallon's trilogy, the third installment Harshini. IT IS AWESOME. Her books are like sent from heaven. I just finished reading "Hush, Hush" and I have to say that that book is way HOTTT. Patch is HOTTTTTTERRR. :D

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