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HI! I am a thirteen year old girl who lives in A Town, in A State, in A Country, on A Continent, on This Earth, in This Solar System, in This Galaxy, in This Universe. A few things that you should know:

I am dependent on my readers. After all, what's the point of writing the stories if no one reads them?

I need, more than anything, a critic. I hate it when people read my stories and say, "Oh this is great! There's a grammatical error here, you spelled this word wrong, do you really want to put that punctuation mark there?" No. I need someone to point out the real problems with my writing, not the technicalities. I absolutely do not have the patience for technicalities.

More often than not, I will start a story then run out of steam a couple of chapters in. I will try not to, but I can't make any promises.

I do not believe in authors notes. I don't know why, but I try not to read them, which is hard because they are always in bold.

I have never believed that James fell for Lily immediately. I always saw it as a kind of 'I hate her' to hitting him in the face, 'god I love her'.

I never thought that Sirius should fall in love. Honestly, I think the idea doesn't have much merit- I mean, making him fall in love just to have her die later, or leave him when he gets to Askaban? Siriusly (pun intended)? For me, Sirius' one true love will be the Marauders, because they gave him a home and a family. Just throwing that out there, if that makes you change your mind about me.

I have always believed that the most explosive couple in the world would be the Potters, because of their history.

James could have very well been a Seeker, and it never stated that he was a Chaser. Not to mention all of the evidence, such as what Sirius told Harry when he saw Harry fly. Also, would JKR have let them put that in the movie if she didn't like it?

There is no point in me continuing a story if no one writes good reviews, now is there? So, what I'm saying is... REVIEW PEOPLE!!

Due to the start of the school year, I won't be updating as often. Sorry! But I will make it a priority to update every Wednesday, and I will write as much as I can leading up to the day Ihave to wake up early and get dressed for school. Don't hate me please if I'm late. But it's not my fault if you're just too impatient to wait until Wednesday, so if you hate me for it then I will be mad and lose my inspiration, which will consequentially make you wait longer for the next update.

Thanks for your precious time that you have now wasted upon my humble profile.




The Dark Lord's Mistake: DISCONTINUED

Chasing Lily: Harry Potter has gone through life asking himself one question: Why me? But now that the answer has been provided, he has found another question: How could his parents have gotten married when Lily Evans made her feelings towards James Potter so perfectly clear?

Told through James' point of view exclusively. All seven years at Hogwarts, plus prologue and epilogue.

this story is in the process of being rewritten. Sorry. I just didn't like some of the things I had written... If there's anything that you really liked, feel free to let me know and I'll do my best to keep it, unless it's one of the things I really didn't like.


Seeking Harry: Ginny Weasley never planned on falling. But the thing with falling? It's never planned. It's not like she tried to trip, that she tried to fall, that she tried to get hurt, that she tried not to get up. But despite her pain, she continues to seek Harry, no matter what.

Beating Anna-Leigh: James Sirius is best friends with a red-headed muggle born named Anna-Leigh Winscott, but with her spunky personality and sharp tongue, everything is a competition. And James, being James, has to win.

Keeping Potter: Dorea Black was a proper Slytherin. Stereotypical, even. Rich, snobbish pure blood supremacist. And, above all, she despises Gryffindors. So why is that Gryffindor Keeper, Charlus Potter, suddenly looking so attractive, when Tom Riddle is everything her parents dreamed of her having?


  1. Harry Potter (duh)
  2. Percy Jackson
  3. ... That's it, I'm kind of picky.

I'm open to recommendations, but keep in mind that I'm THIRTEEN. Thanks!


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  • Authors Note: So, as I stated before, I don't believe in A/Ns, but, for the sake of my readers, I will put one here to tell you that I had a story called The Dark Lord's Mistake. I have deleted the story; my muse went POOF like Francis the Goldfish That Was Once a Lily. So don't freak out; that's why you can't find it. Also, I changed my pen name from Psychic-Scarhead-Consultant to SiriuslyPsychic, because that's way cooler and it's less of a mouthful. Lastly, I'm open to any suggestions in the way of pranks, plot points, etcetera, and if any of you have an idea for my next story that does not yet exist, well, then, PM away! Thanks to all of you who bothered reading this!

    P. S. Thanks to all of those people who read my story, even if they chose not to review, follow, favorite, etc. Special thanks to: MSupernatural, awesomegirlxx, Mr. BDECE, SerenUK, Ranma's girl1, anddrivewayninja, Lily-Gryffin-Potter, Mrs Moony Black, Carolina Justino, huntergirl2000, Sunshine72, summergirl012, 1999bookworm, DracoProngluvr, TickleDragons007, oh, and to the guest who told me that Arthur Weasley would've been married already when the Marauders entered Hogwarts. Thanks for that; and to all of those lovely people who thought Ooooh this looks cool! even if at the end their reaction was awwww that sucked.


    Me: Hey, Snivellus!

    Snape: That's not my name.

    Me: Suree, whatever, Snivellus. Has JKR given me the rights to her story yet?

    Snape: What makes you think she would?

    Me: Uh, maybe the fact that she's the coolest person EVER?

    Snape: No, Lily Evans is.

    Me: Has she?

    Snape: No.

    Me: Darn.

    Snape: Turn to page three hundred and ninety four.

    Me: No.

    Snape: Five points, Miss _ *hahaha think you'd get my name that easy did you???*

    Me: Whatever, I've already read it and I know of your evil scheme so you can just-

    Snape: Language, Miss _

    Me: Merlin, I was just gonna say 'you can just go stuff your face with an infusion of wormwood and asphodel' but hey, if you don't want to you don't have to, don't be so touchy. Gosh.

    Snape: ... Gosh?

    Me: Muggle saying

    Snape: Muggles are filthy beings.

    Me: Oh? Did you think that when in the company of the lovely Lily Evans?

    Snape: What?! Who told you I knew her?!

    Me: ... You did.

    Snape: Oh.

    Me: Did you love her?

    Snape: Why should I tell you you insufferable little- yes.

    Me: Did JKR give me Harry Potter yet?

    Snape: No. Why anyone would want that insufferable boy...

    Me: He has Lily's eyes.

    Snape: Shut your face.

    James: Woooooah dere. Whaaaaaaats going on?

    Me: Hi James! Did you know that in the future you will marry Lily Evans, have a son named Harry who looks just like you but has her nose and eyes, but you will both die at the hands of Voldemort while Lily's sacrifice will save one year old Harry from the killing curse?

    James: ... I'm sorry what?

    Snape: Go away, Potter.

    James: Why should I?

    Snape: Because wherever you go-

    Sirius: Hey, what's up?

    Snape: -Black follows.

    James: I don't think I want to leave, if it annoys you...

    Sirius: I completely agree.

    converge on Snape and follow him everywhere* James and Sirius: BOTHER BOTHER BOTHER BOTHER BOTHER BOTHER BOTHER...

    rolls eyes and leaves* Me: Whatever.

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