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Author has written 4 stories for Legend of Zelda, Harry Potter, and Castlevania.

Name: Steven deBettencourt, Jr.

Age: 22

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Black

Height: 6'1" (1.85 m)

Weight: 182 lbs. (83 kg)

Gender: Male

Hobbies: Reading, writing stories, tutoring in mathematics, watching sports (not athletic enough to actually play), playing video games, listening to music (mostly rock), and history. I'm sure there's more to come here.

Information: I was a student at The College of the Holy Cross (better known as Holy Cross). I graduated Magna Cum Laude (that's Latin for "With Greatest Honors"). My brother has a FanFiction account (SlAyErPaTh) as well, so check out his stuff. He mostly works on Naruto crossovers, from what I see and hear.

Favorite Video Games: The Legend of Zelda series (ALttP, OoT, WW, PH, and TP), the Metroid series (Metroid, Metroid Prime, Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, and Metroid Fusion), the Resident Evil Series (RE, RE2, RE:CVX, RE:DA, and RE4), the Halo series (Halo, Halo 2, and Halo 3), the Final Fantasy series (VII and VIIIthe God of War series (God of War and God of War 2), Mario games (too many to list), Jade Empire, Star Wars: Kights of the Old Republic, Goldeneye, Half-Life, Half-Life 2 (and episodes), Portal, the Brothers in Arms series (Road to Hill 30 and Earned in Blood), Jet Force Gemini and the Metal Gear Solid series (MGS2 and MGS3). I'll almost certainly have to add to this list in the future.

Favorite Movies: Most Bond films, The Dark Knight (R.I.P. Heath Ledger), Batman Begins, the Spider-Man movies, the Harry Potter movies (though they are all much inferior to the books), Terminator 2: Judgment Day and Sin City. Another list I'll have to add to in the future.

Favorite TV Shows/Series: 24, Sportscenter, Mad Money, Mythbusters, Code Monkeys, InuYasha, Cowboy Bebop, Yu Yu Hakusho, Scrubs and the pro wrestling shows (WWE and TNA).

Favorite Books: The Harry Potter series, The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Tom Clancy novels, and others.

Favorite Bands: Coldplay, Nickelback, DragonForce, Phil Collins, Eric Clapton, Disturbed, Staind, Metallica, Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, and too many others.

Interesting Fact: About 80 percent of fan fiction writers are female. Strange, but true.

Favorite Song at the Moment: "Viva La Vida" by Coldplay (this song is one of the greatest songs ever, in my opinion)

Finished Works:

The Legend of Zelda: Land of My Dreams

Status: Completed

Description: A young man from Earth is transported to the land of Hyrule in order to become its savior. Along the way, he will put his legacy on a story that in the world of Hyrule seems to be as old as time itself, with no end in sight. What will that mark be? And can he stop evil from taking over Hyrule? And is Orizon truly his enemy? Takes place four years after the adult ending of Ocarina of Time.

Rating: T (violence; some adult language; adult situations; sexual situations)

Last Words of Evil

Status: Finished (one-shot story)

Description: The second of my "Alternate Universes of Harry Potter" Series. DEATHLY HALLOWS SPOILERS! In this alternate universe, Geoffrey Gryffindor was present at the Battle of Hogwarts and witnessed the final battle of the war between Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort. And while it is all over, questions still linger in his mind. Why did all of this death and destruction happen. And to his surprise, the answers are still there, still accessable. But will he like the answers he seeks? Partly inspired by the video game "Assassin's Creed."

Rating: K+ (some mature themes, mostly about the nature of power and corruption)

Currently Working On:

Harry Potter and the Heir of Gryffindor

Status: Primary Project (28/37 chapters written, 76 percent completed)

Expected Release: Now Airing! (Chapter 28 coming TBA)

Description: It has come down to this. Voldemort has destroyed everything that Harry Potter loves. First his parents, then Sirius, and then Dumbledore. Harry knows that Voldemort must be destroyed, not just for his sake, but for both the Wizarding and Muggle worlds. But this mission will tear Harry away from his new-found love, Ginerva Weasley. Harry runs into a new, powerful ally in Geoffrey Gryffindor, a powerful wizard with a mysterious and shady past who will make Harry question what being on the side of good really means. Can they destroy Voldemort? Or will the Dark Lord rule the world forever? This has a HPGW pairing. This story is partially inspired by the song "Right Here" by Stain'd. This is my take on the seventh book of the Harry Potter series, though I have decided to use certain elements from the seven book in my story. This story, obviously, takes place in an alternate universe. It's also a bit of a criticism against how Rowling ended Harry's journey; nothing is ever that simple or easy.

Rating: M (some violence; use of offending language; adult themes; sexual situations; several references to suicide) THIS STORY IS NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART

The Legend of Zelda: Dark Apprentice

Sequel to Land of My Dreams

Status: Secondary Project; One chapter complete

Description: Five years since Jonathan entered the world of Hyrule, a piece of Orizon's past returns from the sands of time. Having been taken over a thousand years forward in Hyrule's history, can Jonathan figure out what is really going on and who the real villain is before Hyrule's hourglass runs dry? Mostly takes place during A Link to the Past.

Rating: T/M (some violence; offending language; adult themes; sexual situations)

Castlevania: Elegy for the Damned

Status: Now Airing! (Chapter 3 coming TBA)

Description: It is 2074 in the rural Romanian province of Wallachia. For 75 years, the threat of Count Dracula has been gone from this place, and from the terrible chaos of the early 21st Century a new world of peace has emerged. However, dark forces are conspiring to bring the dark lord back to Earth. It is up to Alucard and Julia Belmont to stop their evil plans. However, unlike most tales, this one may not have a happy ending. The heroes don't always get to live happily ever after.

Rating: M (violence; adult themes and situations; sexual situations; offending language)

Possible Future Works:

The Legend of Zelda: The Hero of Worlds

Sequel to Dark Apprentice and the last part of the Orizon's Saga trilogy.

Description: Four years since the events of Dark Apprentice, an evil figured appears in Hyrule and begins searching for something very important to Jonathan. Referred to in Hylian prophesy as "The Fallen Angel," Jonathan must return to Earth in order to find the weapon to destroy this monster who is destroying Hyrule. Leaving Hyrule with the hope of an Earth at peace, he finds his dreams have seemingly come true. He spends a whole day seeing how much his native world has changed in the nine years he has been gone. But then September 11, 2001 comes, and Jonathan starts to doubt whether humanity will ever find a lasting peace. Will probably include grandstanding on present day issues. May include an epilogue mini-story on Jonathan's adventures later in life.

Jet Force Leonis

A sidestory to Jet Force Gemini.

Description: A Jet Force officer, Captain Osiris Leonis, IV, Crown Prince of the Slarian Empire, is sent on a mission by Jet Force to Goldwood in order to investigate why Jet Force has lost contact with the 60 officer Jet Force Gemini unit. What Leonis initially finds is not good, and he will have to put together the scattered pieces of a puzzle that extends from Goldwood to Cerulean to Eschebone, all the way to Mizar's Palace, and then back to Earth. Along the way, he will have to deal with a long-standing prejudice of his people. This will be my first science fiction work. Features quite a bit of technobabble, real star systems, and more than a few Star Trek references.

Echoes of a Lost Past

A sequel to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Description: The third story in my "Alternate Universes of Harry Potter" series. DEATHLY HALLOWS SPOILERS! In the real world, Geoffrey Gryffindor was convinced to leave Britain for the States after he left Hogwarts. On August 1, 1981, having said good-bye to all his friends, he boarded a ship that left Britain for America. Now, 17 years later, he gets a letter from his father, telling him to come home. Having been out of contact with anyone from home, he anticipates a warm welcome from James, Lily, a teenage Harry Potter, and his younger siblings, among others. However, he finds that the war with Voldemort has taken a terrible toll. As he struggles to salvage anything from his past and dealing with survivor guilt, he begins to uncover a new plot for pure-blood supremacy in Wizarding Britain and, eventually, the world. It is up to Geoff to end Voldemort's twisted dreams of Muggle domination once and for all. His quest for justice and redemption may not end well, however, as he knows that he may follow the fates of many of his friends. And subconsciously, perhaps that is what he wants...

Final Fantasy VI: Of Love and Redemption

Description: Five years have passed since the world was saved from Kefka Palazzo's madness by a band of 14 adventurers. As the world continues on its long road to recovery from the apocalypse, a man with no memories about himself or his past wanders near Mobliz, where he meets Terra Branford. Although Celes tells Terra to be careful, she soon falls in love with this mysterious man, who also falls in love with her. But soon, memories slowly begin to return to his mind. Soon, Terra and company find themselves possibly confronting an old foe they had thought gone forever. But as the truth becomes inescapable, Terra wonders if it is possible to redeem a man who believes in nothing.

Jet Force Leonis II: The New Threat

Sequel to Jet Force Leonis

Three months have passed since the conclusion of Osiris Leonis's adventures in the Ankaa System. While he is training the new member of his squad, reports from the outskirts of Federation territory start coming in about an enemy with weapons that can destroy whole ships with a single shot from their weapons. When conventional military force fails miserably, it is up to Jet Force to find a way to protect all that the Federation stands for and has worked so hard to create. Can Leonis find a way to defeat this enemy, superior in almost every way to them? The answer may be from a place no one would suspect to look.

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Castlevania: Elegy for the Damned
In 2074, a new world has arisen from the chaos of the early 21st Century. But now forces are arranging to bring back darkness to the world. It is up to Julia Belmont and Alucard to stop them. But not all stories can end happily ever after.
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Alternate Universe story. Voldemort has taken everything away from Harry, but now it is time to fight back. But when he new "protector" blurs the line between good and evil, can Harry fulfill his destiny without succumbing to evil itself? MATURE SITUATION
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Last Words of Evil
In an alternate Universe, the war between good and evil has just ended. But as the celebrations begin, Geoffrey Gryffindor looks into the very mind of evil for the answers he needs for the future. But will he be consumed by evil? DEATHLY HALLOWS SPOILERS!
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