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I'm just a user who writes here for fun. Been doing so for over 10 years now. If you don't like my work (and some of it really is just plain horrible) then kindly move along and find something you do like on here. My goal on here has and always will be to continue improving my writing as the years go on. And to have fun while doing so, of course. ;)


Just thought I'd put it out there that myself and Thelivi5000 (AKA KillerWaffleFreak over on DA) have started a brand new ZADAKR story here on FF. To read, please feel free to check it out here:

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("Dib Is Sick" Chapter 61-M rated version)

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Note: Please keep in mind that to view these chapters on FurAffinity or DeviantArt, you must first have an 18 years or older FA/DA account. Also keep in mind that you may have to make some changes to your FA settings in order to view the following content: "My FA">"Account Management">"Account Settings">"Content Maturity Filter">"General, Mature, Adult" for those of you who can't figure it out on your own. Hope this helps!

(ZADR Orange Chapter 34/FA Version)

(ZADR Orange Chapter 86/FA Version)

(ZADR Orange Chapter 137/FA Version)

(ZADR Orange Chapter 138/FA Version)

(ZADR Orange Chapter 141/FA Version)

(ZADR Orange Chapter 149/FA Version-Please note that this chapter contains explicit material not recommended for all audiences. Read at your own risk.)

(ZADR Orange Chapter 152/FA Version)

(ZADR Orange Chapter 177/FA Version)


Q: What does OOC stand for?

A: Surprisingly enough, I get asked this question quite often. So, for those of you who don't know, OOC means Out Of Character, as opposed to IC, which means In Character. ZADR Orange is an OOC fic. The characters act and are portrayed differently than they are in the show. Why? Well, several different factors play into why they are portrayed the way they are in this story. Some are as simple as fulfilling a personal desire while others are more explainable (i.e. The characters are older and therefore have gone through some changes in that time.) Either way, I don't deny that this fic is OOC. Hell, it was written that way on purpose for FUN. Not because I don't have the ability to write them IN CHARACTER, mind you. I just choose not to in this story.

Q: How many chapters do you plan on making ZO?

A: Good question. I guess we'll both figure that one out if/when this fic actually gets completed. At the moment though, I can only estimate that it might pass the 200 chapter mark. But we'll see. This story isn't actually COMPLETE, and I'm still trying to decide whether there are parts I want cut out of this story (You know, to ensure it actually DOES get completed in the end).

Q: What's up with name "ZADR Orange?" That's such a random name for this fic, and I don't see where it fits into this narrative at all.

A: This question. Right here. This is probably the question I get asked most often. And I HATE repeating the story to people. So here it is, for the last time so I don't have to ever type it out again to anybody. Back when NGD and I were still co-writers on this, she made some fanart for this story before it was ever posted. Because we didn't have a title for the story yet at the time however, she named the fic after me (since I was the one writing it with her.) ZADR for ZADRfan1 and Orange for orangechidna, two of my past DA accounts. So yeah. Sorry to burst anybody's bubbles. We didn't have some fancy, story-related reason for naming it that. We just both sucked at titles and ZADR Orange stuck when we first began posting.

Q: You put a LOT of stuttering in this story. Why? It makes them seem so weak and OOC.

A: Not to sound rude, but fuck off. I don't write the OOC warning in EVERY SINGLE A/N just so you can ignore it and then complain about it later in a review. If you don't like it, don't read it. Simple as that. And this WAS an RP. Nothing is perfect in a role play.

Q: How often do you update this fic?

A: Well, back when I was still working on this with NGD, it was a chapter a day. But now that I'm having to reupload them all, it's more like whenever the hell I feel like it. I could upload 10 or more in a day or none at all. Depends on my mood. I don't like feeling rushed though. So you can just rest assured that I'll update when I feel like it.

Q: Why do you always end your chapters on cliff hangers/weird parts?

A: I don't. I just have a measuring system that ends the chapters there. There's no real thought put into where I end chapters. I'm just trying to keep all the chapters relatively the same length so I don't go insane and lose motivation while ficafying. If you want a less measured chapter story, try reading one of my solo fics instead. Those usually have planned endings as opposed to the random ones in my RPs with people.

Q: Did you PLAN the first sex scene to match up with Chapter 34?

A: No. Of course not. Hence the answer to the question above this one. However, when we DID realize it would be on Chapter 34, I did do just a tad bit of tweaking to my original plan, which was to have a part 1 and part 2 to Chapter 33 for the sex scene. Originally, I didn't want Chapter 33 being cut short for the sex scene. But NGD urged me to just leave it as a short chapter so I could push the sex scene to Chapter 34, where it otherwise would have landed had I not planned on cutting Chapter 33 into two parts.

Q: I noticed that another one of your fics, "Dib Is Sick," also has a Chapter 34 sex scene. Do you specialize in Chapter 34 sex scenes or something?

A: No. Completely coincidental that DIS had a Chapter 34 sex scene to it also.

Q: Will you lower the filter rating of Chapter 34 and all your other sex scenes so I can read them? I'm only (insert under 18 age here). *This is kind of a more DA-related question*

A: No. You can lie and make your own damn 18 account either here or over on FA if you want to read the chapters. When I was underage, that's what I did if I ever wanted to look at pornz and such. Surely you kiddies can do the same for yourselves. Being underage doesn't make you special. And before you ask, no, I will not send those chapters to you in PMs/Notes either.

Q: You're kind of a bitch. What the hell is your problem?

A: Actually, I'm really not. But if you want to assume I am, then be my guest. =3 Honestly, I think it's the fandom that makes people think that way, granted there are some really bitchy people in it, hence why I left. But a lot of you seem so eager to jump to conclusions about people without getting to know them first. I'll admit, I'm not the nicest person in the world, but for those who take the time to get to know me, you might be surprised to find that I'm actually rather nice and care a lot about my friends.

Chapter 39 specific:
Q: LeGasp! IS DIB PREGGY?!!!11!

A: Yes. I know this might be a spoiler for anybody who reads this FAQ BEFORE reading the first 39 chapters of ZO, but I don't care at this point.

Q: Ew, Ew, Ew, Ew, EW! I hate MPreg! Why the hell did you have to ruin the story with THAT shit?!

A: Kindly fuck off then. This story wasn't written for YOUR personal amusement. And nobody is making you read it. If you don't like MPreg, then you can either shrug it off and go read something else or continue reading in the hope that it's not as bad as you believe it will be.

Honestly, I like to think this story weaves together a rather believeable scenario for MPreg to work. It's not like all those other fics out there where the human male sprouts a magical uterus out of nowhere. We work with Irken anatomy in this fic, which is subject to the author's imagination. Don't blame me if you don't have the imagination enough for it. And kindly refrain from judging this story on content alone. Obviously quality plays into it as well. It was written well enough to hold your interest for the first 39 chapters, so what makes you think the fact that MPreg is introduced into it that it's suddenly going to go downhill and become some crappily-written fic? The MPreg is only ONE element to this story. It doesn't dominate the story, and there's plenty more to the plot than that. If we planned on this story only being about MPreg, we would have thrown that twist in LONG before Chapter 39 came around.

So I honestly don't know why so many people feel the need to complain about it. Also, generally speaking, I don't like to function under the mindset that only certain subjects are worth reading/writing about. Execution is key. If you don't like certain elements in writing, then most likely, you just haven't read something that executes those elements properly. Take ZADR for instance. Just because I'm a ZADR fan doesn't mean I think every ZADR fic out there is amazing. Hell, a lot of them are downright awful. But it only takes one well-written ZADR fic to sway the opinion of somebody who claims they "hate it." One well-written fic can change everything. That's how I came to enjoy certain other pairings that I thought I'd never like. So tossing a story aside just because the content makes you uncomfortable is rather silly in my opinion.

Q: What does ZADR stand for?

A: I have also surprisingly been asked this a few times by readers, but for those who don't know, it means Zim And Dib Romance.

Q: At what point in the story will the smeets be born?

A: Don't get your hopes up too high about this one. The original plan was to end the story with them being born then spring off into a sequel. I think it's pretty safe to assume at this point though that there won't be a sequel. I'm still hoping to keep the ending the same however. So not for a LONG time yet. Sorry if you were hoping they'd come in sooner. :/

Q: Is ZADR your favorite IZ pairing?

A: Hmmm...Well, as much as I hate to choose favorites when it comes to a show as great as IZ, yes. ZADR IS my favorite pairing in the IZ universe. Why? Because it was the first pairing I was ever introduced to when I first entered the fandom. So it will always hold a special place in my heart. However, that is NOT to say I don't love all the other pairings. I've been introduced to plenty of other well-worked pairings, and I love each and every one of them. =3 Hell, at this point, I'd even go so far as to say I'm completely open to most any pairing in the fandom. I believe, with enough love and patience, any pairing could be written well. You just have to have an open enough mind for it and LOTS of imagination. So don't knock a pairing until you've at least tried it. You never know. You may be surprised by what you read out there. _ Some writers are good enough to pull off even the so-called crack pairings that people come up with in this fandom. And just because ZADR is my fave doesn't mean I necessarily think all the others are below it. (Though I will admit that I absolutely HATE fan character-related pairings. Those are just. No. Just no. That's shameless self-insertion in most cases. So don't even bother throwing that shit at me.)

Q (Which is actually just a statement): Membrane is such an asshole in this story. Figures he'd be the homophobic character for everybody to hate on. LET'S BURN HIM AT THE STAKE!!!

A: No...Just no. Looks can be deceiving. Believe it or not, Membrane actually plays a much bigger role in this story than just the "homophobic father who kicks his children out for being gay." But you'll all see what I mean by THAT later in the story. To be perfectly honest, I don't like to think of ANY of the characters as being the "bad guy." There are several instances in which being "midunderstood" translates into that though. Tallest Red is the closest to being considered a "bad guy" in this story. But still, there are reasons for his actions, just as there were reasons for Membrane's. Also, I could never hate Tallest Red after hanging out with Wally at his house. He's too awesome to hate. And I actually really love Membrane as a character in most of my stories. The only thing I find evil in the IZ universe is the fandom itself.

Q: Why isn't Gaz acting like the evil, younger sister she's meant to be in this story?

A: Who ever said Gaz is evil? Personally, I don't generally like to think of Dib and Gaz as being totally hateful towards each other. There are moments in the show where they do seem to get along to an extent. Some people may not think of it that way, but I actually think both Dib and Gaz have a lot in common. And the fact that they're siblings who fight on occasion shouldn't change the fact that on at least some level, they do care for each other. That's why I never like to write Gaz as totally evil in any of my stories. She IS still human. And in no way is she immune to feeling emotions other than just hate.

Q: What gender do you plan on making the smeets in this story and have you come up with names for them yet?

A: Not telling until they're born and actually, NO. Names were supposed to be decided quite a while back after the ending of a contest, but they were never actually decided on. I may go back and read through the lists people sent again and choose when the time comes to name them.

Q: What motivated/motivates you to write/continue writing ZO?

A: Nothing at first. It started as just a random role play. Now I just continue it for a love of the universe and it's characters. :> I like writing them in ways other people don't think to write them.

Q: (That is once again just a statement) OH MAH GADZ! I LUV DIS STOREH SO MUCH! IT'S TEH BEST ZADR STOREH EVER!!!111!!

A: No. Fucking no. Thank you, but no. No, no, no, no, NO! Do NOT say that to my face. Otherwise, I'll have to slap you with something blunt. Don't get me wrong now. I appreciate the support and all. But ZO is far from "the best ZADR fic out there". The BEST ZADR fic I have ever come across has to be Florville's "VINDICATION." And no. I don't mean the PG-13, DA version. I mean the hardcore, 81 chapter, AdultFanFiction version. If anybody reads that fic and then comes to me, claiming ZO is the best ZADR fic they've ever read, I will have no choice but to hunt you down and keel you with a rusty screw. ZO pales in comparison to Florville's work. Hell, there are a handful of several OTHER ZADR fics out there also that ZO doesn't hold a candle to. So yeah. I can accept that some people like this story. But I will not accept it being called "the BEST." There are plenty of other writers out there who far surpass anything I could ever hope to write. Writers I look up to. If you haven't read the works I'm referring to, then I highly recommend you do so before ranking ZO up there with any of the greats. I have a LONG way to go before ANY of my stories could meet the standards of several of the higher up stories. But that's something I'm willing to work hard towards. It was those stories that developed a love in me for the IZ universe and its characters, and that love is what keeps me writing in the long run.

Have a question that you don't see answered here? Feel free to send me a PM with the header "FAQ" and I may just add your question to this here section. =3

To be updated further at a later time*

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