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Hi. My name is Elve (yes, that is a name). I am calm and weird and I love anime very much. My friends and I believe getting strange looks at school are signs of prestige. ^_^ I am from Minnesota. I do not talk like the stereotypical parka-wearing, snow shoveling person from Fargo, thank you very much. I NEVER say "Ya, you betcha." It is very cold here much of the year and I do love skiing, though.

I am 14, have green eyes and long brown hair and am very pale... but that's all I'm going to tell you (about how I look). Brown hair is considered dark in the area I live in. Everyone is blond.

I am a big fan of The Lord of the Rings, The Prydain Chronicles (Lloyd Alexander is my idol), Fruits Basket (character quizzes tell me I am like Yuki), Demon Diary (Eclipse/Raenef is SO cute), all Digimon seasons (especially the fourth one), Excel Saga, Shaman King (I like Len. He's cool), Escaflowne, YuGiOh (Go Kaiba), Card Captor Sakura: Master of the Clow (My friend tells me that I remind her of Tomoyo a LOT. Yay!), and Sailor Moon manga (I like Mina. Sailor Venus! ^_^). As I only get regular TV, I sadly do not have access to a lot of good animes. I go to anime club to see most of my favorites.

I kind of suck at all things technology, so I am slightly nervous about finally getting my own account. But I am so glad I can review now! It was almost painful not being able to comment on fanfics. I do have a very split personality (definitely good and evil), but things get very weird and scary when I let either one out. I support Kouzumi (I REALLY don't like Takumi *shudder*). I have played the piano for eight years now and I love it a lot. I am very liberal. I strongly disagree with President Bush (and get a lot of crap from my classmates for that). Luckily the majority of my friends are liberal, too. I write for my school newspaper and I am the Arts and Entertainment editor for next year. Creative writing is my passion, but I usually do original stories, as I think they give me more freedom. I want to become a writer or a professor. Hopefully something involving literature.

Now that I have that out of the way... I will try to write some fics, but I want to start out as a reviewer, so I can slowly get the hang of this. I am a pretty honest person, so what I say I mean. Apologies in advance if I offend anyone.

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