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I looked at my profile the other day. And laughed at myself. There's was nothing but a sentence on here, so I decided, why not torture people by letting them know more about ME! hehehehe nyahhhh. XD

Pen name: I was formerly known as Sweet Demon Slayer, but the initials SDS still remains.

Age: 14

Height: 5'5

Fictions in the Making: Of Lip Gloss and Eyeliner, Outside of Your Window.

Completed Fanfiction(s): Final Fantasy X-2: Road Trip!

Favorite Games: Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII, Final Fantasy X2
Favorite Couples/Characters of FFVII

Male characters:

Vincent Valentine (VINNIE! glomp)

Rufus Shinra (RUFFIE! i wuv you... :glances at scars that Rufus gave after shooting her multiple times: THESE are marks of love!)

Cloud Strife

Reno (come on, you gotta love Reno!)

Female characters:

Tifa Lockhart






Favorite Male Characters:

Squall Leonhart

Seifer Almasy

Irvine Kinneas

Zell Dincht

Favorite Female Characters:

Selphie Tilmitt

Quistis Trepe

Favorite Couples of FFVIII (wow, I'm going to get massacred for this)








Favorite FFX-2 Couples...

Gippal/ Rikku (honestly, if you didn't know that...)





I also like Tidus/Rikku in the FFX section, but in the FFX-2, I prefer Rikku with Gippal.

Couples I DESPISEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!..or that I just don't like.

Auron/Rikku: I CAN'T STAND THIS COUPLE! no offence to auron/rikku fans, but...yesh, I still can't get over the age difference...and uh...Auron's kinda dead...

Gippal/Paine or Gippal/Yuna: Gippal/Paine, I can somewhat understand. They WERE in the Crimson Squad together, but I see nothing but friendship between them. And Gippal/Yuna? They really didn't have any interaction or playful banter like Gippal and Rikku. And plus, Yuna always seems preoccupied with saving the world.

Brother/Yuna: Um...hello, they're FREAKING COUSINS! that is just sick.

More stuff about MEEEE!

Favorite Actors/Actresses: Zhang Ziyi (I love this kid!), Jessica Alba, Paul Walker (uh, YUMMY!), Wentworth Miller (he is the most GORGEOUS man on earth! especially in the "we belong together" music video by mariah carey. sigh i love wentworth...), Eve, Rachel Bilson, Rachel McAdams (She's AMAZING...and I think she and Ryan Gosling are cuties together...), Golden Brookes (I LOVE her in Girlfriends), Persia White (also a favorite in Girlfriends), Tracey Ellis Ross (come on, you have to be an AMAZING actress to pull off the spaz attacks that Joan has...), Morgan Freeman, Megan Good, Shemar Moore (he is SEXAYYYY), Jill Marie Jones (you also have to be a good actress to be a golddigger like Toni), Reggie Hayes, Amber Tamblyn

Favorite TV Show(s): America's Next Top Model (i'm still pissed that Nicole won...I think Nik should have won), Girlfriends, Home Delivery, Tokyo Mew Mew (shut up), Everybody Hates Chris (FUNNIEST SHOW EVER! CHRIS ROCK CRACKS ME UP!)

Favorite Song Artists/Band(s): My Chemical Romance, Avenged Sevenfold, The Offspring, The Others, The Used (Quinn Allman is YUUMMAYYYYYYYYYYYY), Mya, Beyonce, Jay-Z, Rihanna, Weezer, Ciara, Ashanti...yeah, it's pretty mixed, lol.

Favorite Song(s): "Everytime We Touch" -Cascada, "Perfect Situation"-Weezer, "Bat Country"-Avenged Sevenfold (Synyster and Zacky are hot mamma jammas..), "Stand Up For Love"-Destiny's Child, "I'm In Love With a Stripper" -T Pain, "Don't Walk Away" The Others, "All That I've Got"-The Used, "Lunacy Fringe"-The Used, "Good Riddance"-Green Day, "Since Supernatural" -Santana, "Nikki FM"-Hawthorne Heights, "Ohio Is For Lovers"- Hawthorne Heights

And now, some LOVELY quotes for you to enjoy!

(From "Girlfriends")

Toni Childs: Maya, how'd you get so smart?

Maya Wilkes: Oh, girl, I'm an authoress. I gots to know stuff.

Toni: I guess you don't "gots" to know grammar.

Maya: At least I didnt' miss my baby's first doctor's appointment!

Toni: At least I didn't leave my baby on the bus!

Maya: Bus stop! Get it right, bitch.

Maya: Thanks for watching my little man, Toni.

Toni: No problem. Jamal is a very wise young man.

Maya: For the last time, Tony, his name is Jabari.

Toni: But he looks like a Jamal.

Toni: (referring to Maya's son Jabari) I'm waiting, Ju Ju Bee.

Toni: (once again referring to Maya's son Jabari) Yeah, yeah, we all love Gymboree.

Toni: Why can't we just talk out our problems with Morgan? Maya and Darnell did it with Jabree-bree.

Todd: Toni, his name is Jabari.

Toni: That's what I said.

Todd: No, it's not.

Toni: Look, we're not here to talk about Jam On It!

Joan Clayton: My mother always said, "When love runs out on you, God sends you love's equivalent...or better."

Toni: I thought she said, "When you run out of love's lubricant, use butter."

Joan: What?

Toni: What? Your momma does mumble. And we both know she's a freak.

A note to anyone who read my: Ten Minutes Ago story, I'm sorry but I'm going to postpone the story..I've got the most gigantic writer's block on all like, 7 of my stories that I want to start writing. -.-

Thank you for checking out my bio...and if you didn't...then thank you for looking at my stories...and if you didn't...then...nyah.

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