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(Please read my last updated login if you want to know anything about me and my incomplete stories)

What I write in a verse is like magic tricks
Copperfield, grab your chick, cop a feel
cock the Glock for real, give you some cop appeal
Dynamite vest, nah ain’t stressing nothing
With a smiley face sticker on my detonator button
Haters ask, “Is he bluffing?” or, “Is he bugging?”
I don’t know but I don’t fuck with weed with the seed stuffing
What I blaze gets me oh so higher
Burned more white widow smoke like an old folks home on fire
I make change cha-ching, I can hang a playground
From a charm you should see the way my chain swings
You got the balls to diss? Won’t have em afterwards
Cause when I rap contenders get killed after all my words
I’m tired of all you rapping nerds trying to critique my shit
Like I ain’t the mothafucking master of the baddest verse
Celph Titled and the AOTP alliance will travel back in time
Smack you, have your baby teeth flying

-- 'Celph Titled' on the song "Godzilla" off "The Unholy Terror" album by 'Army of the Pharaohs'.


True fears of dependency
The scars on such a fragile little body

Take a look inside the horror
Take a look inside
Visualize the horrors inside
Shake the hand of god
As the blade moves closer
The reflection is brighter than the sun
The perception becomes weaker

The sun starts to fade away
The blank expression on the blade
Skin calloused yet easy to pierce
On the floor blood mixed with...tears

--'Chimaira' on the song "Inside the Horror" by the band itself off of the album "Chimaira".

Many of us have turned off the light outside, erasing what exists beyond our front door.

And for you I find it harder to reach common ground than my most glaring opposition.
But what about those who've lost the luxury of choice?
...striving for identity, buried by our lack of interest, souls marked as mere history.
How much grievance will it take to awaken us?

I need to know that feelings of discontent are stronger than indifference for those too weak to stand.
I need to know that feelings of discontent are stronger than indifference for those too weak to stand...

How much grievance will it take to awaken us from the comfort of our homes?
...the comfort of our oversized graves.

I've tried to find reconciliation... I've tried to find reconciliation...

--'As I Lay Dying' on the song "Anger & Apathy" off the album "The Powerless Rise" by the band itsself.

Life is nothing but struggle, be it stupid or political.

Each human being is in charge of their own lives. Don't waste it and enjoy it.

Last Login: 07/12/11 - East Coast 12:06 am

I wanted to write a recent conversation I had with a very close friend of mine. He's been my home boy for a long time and always had my back, he's like a brother to me.

This happened while I was at his house chilling, I was on the PS3 handing out ass whoopings in Killzone 3 while he sat on another TV in the same room on his Xbox playing some Rockband 3. Yeah, his wife hates us for doing this to her living room on weekends if I drop by. (If your reading HI CRYSTAL!!!!)

Snowman: Fuck um up!! FUCK UM UP! YEA Get out this spawn punk!! This my house!! I run this--aw shit man down! Man down! Yo hAz3 sniper on the top left building! (Yeah I like to yell and talk a lot of smack comically go figure huh?)

Friend (We'll call him T, he's sitting right next to me): Yo, young?

Snowman: Quick shoot shoot! Kill him, kill him!! Take his shoes, take his shoes, take his socks!! Huh? What you say T?

T: Hahaha nigga you fucking stupid...but yo do you um, you still be writing your stories and shit? The ones you used to ask me to skim for errors and shit?

Snowman: Oh the Sonic shits? (He nods while hitting the drums on rockband) I mean kinda do, I finished, finally fuck the predator crossover joint, and I was happy with the way it ends. But I want to finish the other ones though, the longest one I have up is fucking complete wack and I really need to take that shit down man.

T: What about the one you "kinda" put me in?

Snowman: Thats the one I wanna knock out, I'm so fucking close but I can't finish it becuase I so mad I didn't start with the exprience I have now.

T: Whadda you mean?

Snowman: Dude when I started this writing shit, I was like...fuck eleven? I was god awful, I mean I've learn alot through this and school, I'm still very rough and immature with what I got online. I went back on the site to skim through my chapters, I ended up reading it and saying...what the fuck...I'm terrible up until the end I'm reaching. I wanna go back I tell my young self, "NO! You dumass, write this instead, your just doing circles!!"

T: So why not finish and fix what you got?

Snowman: (Sigh) Nigga how I old am I?

T: Shit...uh...


T: Oh yeah, my bad

Snowman: Dumbfuck...but yeah, 21...I don't feel right writing Sonic stories anymore...I mean I don't hate the people who go with it still. But nigga I just don't feel the same urge to write these stories. And I'm writing shit breaking off the Sonic Adventure TWO games, thats years back nigga. Mind you that was the tip of the prime because since then that shit fell off...Sonic Colors was good as fuck and my nephew has that, fuck every game after that man THEY PISSED ME OFF ON 2006 man! hAz3? Shut the fuck up and set the fucking charge, I'm talking nigga!! I got you!! But yeah I'm just outta touch and not really caring for the universe anymore. But I always felt like I was only using the Sonic world and fanfiction as a medium for writing my own ideas. I always fucked up the characters to an extent and people complained about they're not acting like they would. Some are right and some need to remember that we're talking video games man...there is only so much that you get off these niggas in a few games. But uh yeah I've been working on my own shit for a while, I got the intro set and ready though, the one I showed you that night we went to see Transformers 3?

T: The one with the begining speech? With the chick?

Snowman: You mean, monologue?

T: Nigga I don't read a lot of books and shit like you do.

Snowman: You mean write? It's basic fucking English! 101. NIGGA WE GRADUATED TOGETHER!!

T: Look you spic, I slept through my classes JUST like you and the rest of our grade did, YOU GOT LUCKY AND CHEATED TO GET A DECENT GRADE.

Snowman: I don't need to cheat, I'm a natural smart.

T: Anyway, fuck, you said you been working on your own shit so, no more sonic stories.

Snowman: I guess that's where I'm at now...I got to close up the shop on the works there. I'mma get in to this game development and I wanna own my own studio or at least be a artist. Maybe a writer too, but I want to oversee and be a project lead for a at least a few games.

T: So what about all that shit you told me, about the adopted child that isn't but speaks spanish because of the mom, the whole next generation shit, gang members, love, school life and shit. The shit you wanted to tell that no one else had told in any of the stories you read. The "hood" side of the fence if you will.

Snowman: "The Hood-side if you will" Ha, that's funny. Nigga I'm 21, I ain't been in high school for what 4 years? I'd be outta place doing this shit. Besides all the folks I used to be in touch with on the website, they're fucking gone haha, I mean, that shit was like a fad or something, I was like I the only one still here? I put that last chapter out and DAMN, dead. Like two fucking reviews and like four emails. I know predators and sonic don't float all the boats BUT SHIT. Ya'll read it but ya'll niggas don't matter.

T: Fuck you

Snowman: I'm too old for this shit hahaha...but for real. I think I really am a little too old for fanfiction, I'll still write about love, war, and all the shit I know about but the whole Sonic thing? I ever tell you that converation I had with Fresh about adventure 2 being the furry starter?

T: Nigga what...O_O

Snowman: Rouge...take one fucking good look at her.

T: (Chuckles, picks up the Sonic Adventure 2 battle case from under his tv) Oh right though. Damn we used play the shit outta this. Even got the shitty remake of Green Hill in 3D, FUCKING 180 emblems. Your chao is still some shit. Fucking bullshit stamina

Snowman: Shadow was a fucking beast, it looked just like him! With vicious ass purple wings and he had the three beast teal spikes! But yeah, I mean Blazblue did that shit too! The cat girls and the fucking squirrel girl shit.

T: But you have a shit ton of the fucking anime girl pics with the tail and ears...and the ones with the bunny tail and ears on your computer!!

Snowman: But I don't wack off to it!! Its anime, they're supposed to be hot and sexy. But they're human anime, not fucking full animal. But look What I'm saying is upon having that conversation I realized I'm guilty of some, Sasha and Lily fucking all wrote the scenes and shit, I basically did the final scenes with Mina and Shadow when he groped her and stripped her down. Now keep in mind...I went off this stuff like if they were human! But fuck man...shit that's on those website does it worse than I did! Like I've said, I don't hate on people for any of the weird shit they do. Do what you do, you know? But I ain't getting into.

T: You a borderline furry?

Snowman: Na nigga, just too much time behind the computer reading slash writing and imagining the things people write, I think visually about what I read. And I work, school, eat-sleep-fucking game in my life now like crazy, I just can't put myself into those works anymore man.

T: So, you're not doing it anymore after you "think" you've finish the one that has me in it because you're 21 - too old, you trying to do your video game scripts, you write about the older games, and you think you started crossing the line of furry writer and you eat-sleep-game and work?

Snowman: 0_o I ain't a furry nigga, don't start saying that shit cause that nigga (blank name) already called me a catfucker on facebook because of the anime pictures and shit. I have normal anime and regular models too. Lacey Sturm already is "married" and had a kid, but her and Layla Kayleigh both said that they wanna keep the paparazzi away from me so they had to put out a fake image, that one nigga should be happy Lacey said she would have him as a image husband because image wise they say its his kid, but Layla, Lacey and I all know, I did it right up in HUR YA KNOW WHAT I'm SAYIN?! Its mine...

T: (Starts laughing loudly) Nigga you fucking stupid!

Snowman: What...nigga stop laughing haha, but yeah you can say that's pretty much what's its all added up too. I'm just not for the Sonic pieces no more man.

T: Ha...furry

Snowman: Fuck you. If anything I want em wearing some lavender lingerie :)

T: (Sigh) Nigga...

Snowman: Look its my favorite color SO WHAT? I HAVE NEVER WORN IT ONCE. EVER. Fuck you, ya'll niggas all asked me that one day, "Yo dawg what is your favorite color? Ain't no one know." I never said it before and then you all were like WHAT? And now you fuckers are all you like yellow...

T: No I don't

Snowman: Your wife...(she's Asian)

T: Fuck you nigga, you the one who always be chasing the Asian tail shit, out of every group of girls that we seen, you be drooling over the Asian. ALWAYS the Asian ones.

Snowman: That's cause I don't mess with the spanish chicks, after when I was little and the high school shit, fuck em, never again.

T: Yellow fever...

Snowman: Prove it.

T: Anime...the Japanese metal you listen too, you wanna go to Japan, C.C., Yunha the singer, fucking all the K and J pop you listen too, BABY V.O.X. NIGGA... AND your favorite porn star is Tia Tanaka--


This is accurate to about 97% because T's baby was playing with the camcorder and turned it on and started recording. She got a good view of the ground but our stupid ass talks were caught almost perfectly among the bullets and the star earning of the games we played. I felt that I should put this up instead of just saying "I'll finish it" "I'm still here" and all the junk you've heard me say and you hear other authors write. Stay in touch guys, if your new here and you starting out here, welcome and good-bye. Stay frosty and remember no one likes a hater or a suck up.

The rest of this below is from when I was more active on this site.


Hunter's Night:

Crossover: Predator and Sonic (Damn right, I'm the first to do it, least on this site.)

Couples: Shad/Mina, Knux/Rouge, maybe Son/Amy

My first horror/romance;

What do you get when A Predator Elite being track down for assassination runs off to earth seeking powerful aid from ledgendary Emeralds? What happens when the Sonic Crew get stuck in the middle in a three player cutthroat? Blindly they try to save their world from three deadly Predators that seem to know the full capebablities of the powerful Emeralds. In the end; what are you really fighting for?

Life After: Sonic Crew:

My first story, romance, humor, heavier on fighting lately, other/stupidity

Couples: Main; Knuckles/Rouge, Sonic/Amy, Shadow/OC, Tails/Cream, Espio/Julie-Su (Don't ask)

Basically, its like the title says;

Set after ARK, the Crew tries to deal everyday problems of real life while dealing with the unusual that they save the world from. Problems range from love, to war, past relationships, just about anything I can throw in. (Not stupid random, just slightly random but not poorly random)

Nice little annoucement: I'm in the middle of a big concept. I think I'm going to pull the whole thing down and slim it down; edit and fix up in the biggest way. Not only that, I want to shorten it a little and cut some of the crap I put in it as beginner writer cuase god knows back then; I really didn't even know how to type...or use spell check wisely. But now is the time to change and fix it...I like writing but to this point its been so badly continued and written that I can't get it off my mind to fix it and do a complete edit of the WHOLE thing. Most likely yes and it'll be a long and gruling process but you know what? I think it'll be worth it; I can clean up my past work and be happy, not having to say "It was my first and I sucked way bad then," becuase my later chapters are much better but still a little sketchy.

You ever present something to someone and look back on it and just think, "Damn, I was actually proud of this crap?" Yeah, this is that. It need a huge amount of work, I know. Give me time.

To Be Posted in future

Two Promises

Shadow/Mina: Most of the cast is included.

Outline: Simple, Directly After ARK.

After crashing in to the woods, our yellow mongoose finds black boy in the woods. Even though the Sonic Crew knows the truth of Shadow's action with the Biolizard, people aren't believing it, not even Sonic's word is enough. As he makes his recovery he learns the world is a harsh place, and that his friend's thought's of the world were completely off, or were they?

Check out the authors under favorites, they got good stuff.

"Homemade VS Storebought" isn't finish which left me hangin' and pissed...but it does explain my Shadow/Mina liking.

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A parody of the Sonadow fanfics. If you can't take Sonadow and Mary Sue bashing, stay out. Flames are welcome, I'm freezing over here. Bryon Nightshade is my hero!
Sonic the Hedgehog - Rated: K+ - English - Parody - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,446 - Reviews: 77 - Favs: 27 - Follows: 2 - Published: 11/14/2003 - Sonic, Shadow
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Hunter's Night reviews
A deadly cutthroat hunt, Predators seeking the Chaos Emeralds and one another. Shadow, Sonic & Co. are caught in the middle. In the end, what are you really fighting for? ShadMina KnuxRouge SonAmy Final: Coming across new generations.
Sonic the Hedgehog - Rated: M - English - Romance/Horror - Chapters: 10 - Words: 85,869 - Reviews: 37 - Favs: 22 - Follows: 13 - Updated: 6/24/2010 - Published: 8/10/2006 - Complete
Visit From The Future reviews
If you could prevent something in the future would you, good or bad? What you do if the one who warned and told you were your own childern? How do you deal with them and your own personal problems and their's too? [KnuxRouge][SonAmy][ShadOC][EspioxJulieSu
Sonic the Hedgehog - Rated: T - English - Humor/Romance - Chapters: 17 - Words: 112,051 - Reviews: 76 - Favs: 33 - Follows: 20 - Updated: 8/17/2007 - Published: 7/4/2004
Life After: Sonic Crew reviews
Life After Ark, read as they deal just about anything I can throw at them. Women, motherinlaws, child support, jelous exgirls, evil experientment things, Eggman's new plans, the Military.Chap 24: With a threat this big, time for amends.
Sonic the Hedgehog - Rated: M - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 24 - Words: 75,150 - Reviews: 94 - Favs: 28 - Follows: 7 - Updated: 6/23/2006 - Published: 5/25/2004
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My first [ShadAmy], [KnuxRouge]. Just R&R Chap 6: Run Tails! Sonic don't get shot! Knuckles hurry up and say it!
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I Always Wanted You reviews
T for langague, [TailsCream]One shot. SLIGHT HUMOR NOT ALOT, Dont like it, dont read. Full specific summery inside.
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Magic Of The Blue House reviews
Amy with another of her love plans...will this one work? Read and you'll see, Chap 2 will be post soon! Update Notice: 5 12 06
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