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Hi, I'm ShadowLover, but I go by Darkstorm. I'm an insane girl who loves anime villains! Oh, and I'm paranoid, I think invisible people are stalking me, and I think everyone who does anything odd is actually Saint Dane in disguise. Oh, and...ZULA STOLE MY NICKNAME! I swear on my life that I called Zuko Zu-zu way before Zula even came into the show (unless you count that one time where it showed Zula on The Storm, but I'm not counting that, because she didn't ever call him Zu-zu. She didn't even talk in that episode, so I don't count it.)

About Me:

Name: I shall be Darkstorm and I am Darkstorm and that is my name!
Nicknames: (most of them self proclaimed) Cookie Ninja, Darkstorm, and Hey, You. Yeah, You. You Stole My Cookie.)
age: I'll give you a guess, it's between 1 and 20
location: 5204, I'm not stupid road
phone number: 1-800-don't-call-me
Favorite elements: Fire and Shadow
Favorite animal: Tigers, Panthers, Wolves, and Cats
FanFiction stasis: Currently on hitias (blame the writers block.) (I have two new stories planned, though, so I should be continuing soon.)

Pet Peeves:
People drawing Zuko with his scar on the wrong side of his face (okay, I know it's a stupid thing to hate...)

One of my biggest pet peeves are flamers. I don't mind if they are a little mean while cruticizing a person to help improve the story, but I absolutely HATE people who flame just to hurt people's feelings. Reviews are for helping an author imporve by hearing people's opinion, not to have people be rude and pretty much tell the author they should go out and shoot themself. Also, if you don't like self insertions or a certain pairing, DON'T READ THEM. It's that simple.

Favorite characters (the first four are in order, and after that it's just characters who are still favorites, but not my top four.)


1.) Jade Curtiss! He's so awesome. He's serious sometimes and funny/sarcastic other times, and his voice is awesome, and for once in my life there is an awesome character who has glasses...and he actually looks hot in them! -drools- ( might want to move on. I could go around ranting about Jade for hours...)

2.) Envy! Yesh, he's a crossdressing palmtree...but hey, we all have our problems xD. I just seem to have a thing for evil shapeshifters.

2.) Okay, I couldn't resist. Our tie for second is...Greed-sama! I love his quote 'impossible is impossible' in the manga and he's the only somewhat-semi-kinda nice homunculus (not counting Wrath, at times, in the anime).

3.) Roy Mustang. Our beloved miniskirt addict. How could you not love he uses fire. An added bonus as always.

4.) Yuan. He's just awesome. Okay? Okay. (Plus he's a blunette...)

4.) Yggdrasill. Yeah, another tie. (in the Yggdrasill form. Mithos looks too much like Colette...I even thought he was Colette's sister the first time I was him...) and he has a somewhat sad past. I like those...

Kratos, because he's just cool that way.

Zuko! What can I say, he's a prince and he controls fire. (I'm a slight pyro, okay?) How much cooler can you get? Plus he's got a sad past. Sad pasts get to me. Although...he used to be in the number one spot, but after everything that happened in the Season Finale, I got so mad that I took him off of my whole favorites list for a while. Now he's back on, but I doubt he'll get into the number one again any time soon.

Naraku! Yes, the Naraku from InuYasha. He's cool, and shapeshifters rule, and...he's just cool in my opinion, okay?

Zelos, and I really don't know why. I just think he's cute...and he has bright red hair. Red ish nice. And he looks nice in his formal outfit.

Zeke/Hao Asakura, one word. Fire.

Sesshoumaru-sama. He's royalty, and he's all calm. Calm is cool, even though I'm never calm.

Vo Spader. I just like his persona...except his whole 'I must kill Saint Dane and I might accidentally destroy a territory to do that' moments.

Deep Blue. Eah...I've only seen what he looks like, but he looks cool.

Blue Knight. He saved Ichigo. Anyone who saves Ighigo is fine in my book (plus he looks cool, and he has a sword! Swords are nice!)

Ryou. I dunno, I just think he's cool. He's kind of punkish, but sweet in his own way.

Ed. Hm...I dunno. He's just cool that way...even though he's a shrimp (gets mauled by an angry Ed)

Blamung of the Azure Sky! He has wings, and he's just plain awesome (although he's a bit of a pervert in the manga...-.-''')


1.) Riza Hawkeye! She is awesome. Plus she has a gun...and an adorible dog! x3 BLACK HAYATE!

2.) Raine Sage! Half-elf, magic user, and violent at times! She's awesome! Plus she likes ruins. I like ruins a lot too.

3.) Presea Combater! She's cute and yet dark and emotionless. People like that are cool in my book. I can sort of relate to her. Surrounded by friends, but alone in her own way. Heh...I sounded a little angst for a moment...bad Darkstorm.

4.) Tear Grants. She sings pretty, and she's awesome. (Great, now I have the Grand Fonic Hymn stuck in my head...and just from thinking of it, too...ah, well, at least it's a pretty song.)

Um...that's it. Man...-looks at guy list- TT_TT There aren't nearly so many cool girls...are there?

Favorite sayings and quotes:

Live today, die tomarrow, live today like tomarrow will never come. (ME!)

Why don't you go lick a road! (Me)(Um...there's a funny story behind that one...)

Impossible is impossible (Greed-sama)

You could put it that way, or you could say I make women and children go boom and when the military tried to stop me...well...boom! (Kimblee)

When you laugh I will laugh, when you cry I will cry, when you jump out of a window...I will laugh. (Some Full Metal Alchemist avatar animation thing)

That's so cool Sheena! I want to form pacts with Summon Spirits, and I want to say cool things like -dark funny voice- burn to oblivion! (Lloyd)(Only if you fight Efreet before you go to Tethe'alla)

Hey, you're village just called. They said they want their idiot back.(someone)

You laugh at me because I'm different, I laugh at you because you're all the same. (Someone)

"Feel the pain of the inferior tomatoes as they burn your eyes!" (Me...and Yuan in a pic. I drew!)

Feel the pain...of those inferior you burn in $#! (Kratos)

When in doubt use enie meanie miny mo. Personally, I prefer mo. (Bobby Pendragon)


No, not Spanish, anything but Spanish! SPANISH WAS INVENTED BY SAINT DANE! (Me...because I'm not good a Spanish...)

Moments in Darkstorm history!


Crescent=Friend 1
Kanaka=Friend 2
Gecko=Friend 3
Narakulover= My cousin
InuYasha-Sama= Friend 5
Star Wars Lover= Friend 6
Ranger=Friend 7
FullMetalPipsqueak=Friend 8
HyperLunch=Friend 9
LunchGlomper=Friend 10
OtherLunchPerson=Friend 11 (Wow...I must have thought really hard for those three names...e_e)
Kagome=Internet Friend
CrazyGirl= my baby cousin

Kagome: It's not a pink monkey, it's a pink baboon! BABOON BABOON! (This goes along with the Pink Monkey's a long story.)

Me: I'm going to do the ABC thing!
Crescent: Go ahead...
Star Wars Lover: What?
Me: -starts messing with that metal clipy thing on the soda can- A, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i, j, k -metal part comes off- K! Lets see...
Crescent: Lets see...Keylub?
Me: Hm...-thinking- Genis? That's G...wait...K...! -says- K...Crescent, think K!
Crescent: Um?
Me: x3 Kratos!
Crescent: -glares-
Crescent: -Stands up and looks like she's going to strangle me-
Me: O_O -trying to hide behind Star Wars Lover-
Star Wars Lover: -sigh-

Me: ...Oh, you know the badger song, right?
Gecko: Yeah...
Me: I made up an Avatar one! Sokka Sokka Sokka ZUKO ZUKO Sokka Sokka Sokka ZUKO ZUKO aaaaang aaaang...
Gecko: -bursts out laughing and begins to suffocate-
Crescent: -shaking her head and smiling like we're both stupid-

Me: Oh, listen to this song!
Ranger: Okay...
Me: Sokka sokka sokka ZUKO ZUKO sokka sokka sokka ZUKO ZUKO aaaaang aaaaang...
Ranger: -bursts out laughing and nearly suffocates-
Me: has that effect on people...

At lunch
Me: -says something random-
Gecko: -bursts out laughing and nearly choaks-
Me: ...Okay...
Gecko: Don't do that! That's the second time today!
Me: Okay...Do you remember the Sokka song? Sokka sokka sokka ZUKO ZUKO...Sok...
Gecko: -bursts out laughing and almost makes milk go out her nose- I said don't do that!
Me: Sorry...
Kanaka: That's the third time today!
Me: I guess that's my job today...I was sent to school to kill her...

Outside the school
Me: My mom got a new car today. See, it's the black one! I guess they drove it here today! -opens the door and nearly gets in-
someone: Um...wrong car...
Me: O_O Sorry! -gets out-
Gecko: Nice...
InuYasha-Sama: -laughing her head off-

Star Wars Lover: Hola, como estas?
Me: O_O NO!
Star Wars Lover: Que?
Star Wars Lover: Que?
Me: That's it, I'm going to stick Kanaka on you!
Star Wars Lover: Eep!
Kanaka: Hola, como estas?
Star Wars Lover: Muy biene, y tu?
Me: O.o It doesn't work anymore...This is only encouraging her...NOOOOOOOOOO!
Crescent: -.-'

-after science class-
Crescent: Teacher, I need your address so I can send you a postcard over the break.
Teacher: okay, it's --Goldrock --
Crescent: What?
Me: Wow...I actually remember it!
Teacher: It's --...
Me: Goldrock --! Wow, Crescent, I actually remembered better than you! O.o She told me only once and I remembered. THIS IS A BREAK THROUGH! I have never remembered something like this before!
Crescent: That's nice...
Teacher: -shaking her head slowly, once again as if I'm crazy-

Teacher: Okay, now here's the big question. What did you have for dinner last night?
Me: Hm...O.o Crescent, I don't remember. -hold head in hands- Why can't I remember! Mrs. Rowlands! I think I have amnesia, I can't remember what I ate!
Crescent: -sigh-
Teacher: -laughes...I think she thought I was kidding-

-a few minutes later-
Teacher: Now where you looked is your memory spot. If you ever need to remember something look there and that will make it easier to remember!
Me: ...Teacher, now I remember what I ate last night...but I forgot where my memory spot is!
Crescent: -sigh...again- Lloyd...
Me: Hey! I'm not...that much...of a Lloyd! (If you play Tales of Symphonia you'll understand that last part.)

Me: -walks up to Kanaka- Hey, Kanaka, I have a secret for you. -gets close to her ear, then screams 'ZUKO' loudly-
Kanaka: O_O What was that for!

A year earlier
Me: Hey, hey, I have a secret for you!
Kanaka (again): okay...
Me: -yells- MOO!
Kanaka: O_O What was that for! (wow...same reaction too...)

Crescent: -hits my head-
Me: Ow! You're evil! O.O
Crescent: Huh?
Me: -mysterious voice- ...I know your secret...
Crescent: Wha? What secret?
Crescent: ...Um...I'll leave now.
Me: HA! You don't deny it! I'M WATCHING YOU!

later that day
Crescent: (One period later. Oh, did I mention this was during school?) -poking another kid to death-
Me: You're mean, Crescent!
Crescent: So?
Me: Poking him is...eeeeevil.
Crescent: I know, so what?
Me: O_O You ARE Saint Dane in disguise...

minutes later
Crescent: Um...okay. JUST DO IT!
Me:'re not very persuasive. You make a terrible Saint Dane. Where's your persuasion?
Crescent: ...I'm a Traveler?
Me: ...
Crescent: But...I don't have a traveler ring...
Me: I do! (I really have a ring that looks just like the one in the Traveler's Guide to Halla.)
Crescnet: But...then...O.O Maybe YOU'RE Saint Dane in disguise!
Me: -mysterious voice again- Maybe I am...
Crescent: AH HA, I knew it!

Me: I have the disk, here Crescent!
Crescent: -takes it, then Zelos comes-
Zelos: -sees it and trys to snatch it, because he wanted to smash it because it was embarressing to him-
Crescent: Oh, he's in my class, you need to keep it...
Zelos: -attempts to grab the disk. I drop all of my binders except the one that's guarding the disk-
Teacher: -Sees Zelos try to take the disk- None of that, Zelos!
Me: -grabs my binders, and runs past the Teacher and to Kanaka- -says really fast- Keep this for me, give it to Star Wars Lover when you can, keep safe from Zelos!
Kanaka: Okay...-salutes- yes ma'am!
Kanaka's boyfriend (standing next to her and saw the whole scene): -giving me a look like I'm crazy-
Me: -goes back to Zelos- Ha.
Zelos: No! -runs after Kanaka-

Crescent: Poor Mithos...he has a sad past...
Me: Yes, so young (sort of) and demented. Oh! I know what he needs!
Crescent: What?
Me:He needs a hug!

Me: -talking about Pendragon- Hey, you know what I just realized? Evangeline hugged Bobby...twice!
Crescent: -mocking voice- Are you jelous?
Me: -stares at her- EWWWWW! No! Nonono! Ew...

Star Wars Lover: It's like 459,960,546 years!
-Moment of silence-
Me: -randomly- Wow...that's older than Kratos!
All: -nearly die always-

-in math class, after the bell rings-
Me: -gets up, tries to walk away, and bumps into a desk- I'm such a Colette...
-the next day-
Me: -gets up, tries to walk away, and bumps into the same desk- Colette...Mrs Hicks! This desk hates me!
Mrs Hicks: -shaking her head, I think I was her entertainment that day!-

-in Science last year learning about the laws of motion-
Me: Oh, I have an example Mrs. Hefler!
Mrs. Hefler: Okay.
Me: -puts my waterbottle on my desk- Now it's in rest. My hand is the outside force. -knocks the bottle over- Now it's in motion!
Class: -laughing-
Star Wars Lover: -shaking her head, embaressed to know me.-
(This was the first and only time I've ever done something that disrupts the class on was fun.)

Me: -pets Gecko-
Gecko: No pet polacy!
Me: . -Pets Gecko again-
Gecko: That's it! -gets up and chases my around the art room...where the floor is slippery!-
Me: -runs over to Crescent and attampts to hide behind her, but I'm still going fast and I slip, grab her, fling her to the side, and we both fall-
Crescent: -Slips and drops all her Oreos she would have been eating- DARKSTORM! -Smacks me...REALLY REALLY hard.-
Me: X.x Ow...Sorry Crescent...(Trust me, you NEVER want to be on the receiving end of one of Crescent's smacks. They hurt REALLY badly. I (almost) feel sorry for the first guy to cheat on her or something like that...they are doomed to suffer...)

-On the phone with Gecko-
Me: Yeah...I'm a blonde brunette. I think. Gecko, what color is brunette?
Gecko: It's brown.
Me: Oh, okay!
Gecko: T_T You didn't know that?
Me: No, or why would I ask you? I thought that brown was brown and brunette was brunette!
Gecko: Then what color did you think brunette was?
Me: Um... I dunno.
Gecko: -_- There's one of your blonde brunette moments, now.

Mrs. Rowlands walks in, but I don't notice
Me: sees her Hey...where'd she come from?
Star Wars Lover: The door...
Me: No she didn't...she just appeared. O_O I know her secret!
Crescent and Gecko: What?
Star Wars Lover: Que?
Me: She's a wizard!
All: T_T...No, she used the door.
Me: That's what she wants you to think!
Star Wars Lover: Mrs. Rowlands!
Me: Ack, no! tries to cover Star Wars Lover's mouth
Crescent: Darkstorm thinks you're a wizard!
Mrs. Rowlands: -laughs- Maybe I am.
Me: Um...I TOLD YOU!

Me: Okay, close your eyes Narakulover!
Narakulover: Okay...-closes her eyes-
Me: Now open!
Narakulover: Hm?
Narakulover: -falls- -gets up-
Me: Sit Boy!
Crazy Girl: -watching-
Me: -says sit every time Narakulover gets up-
Crazy Girl: Sit! Sit Boy! Sit Boy! Sit Boy! -Says sit boy every time Narakulover gets up-
Me: O_o Wow, we taught a three year old about InuYasha. Hm...Yay! -watching Narakulover fall- I feel sorry for her. Okay, you don't have the necklace anymore.
Crazy Girl: Sit!
Narakulover: It doesn't work anymore!
-Narakulover's uncle walks in-
Crazy Girl: -walks over to him- Sit boy!
me and Narakulover: O_o We've created a monster...
Crazy Girl: -walking all around the house telling everyone to sit-

OtherLunchPerson: Person is the craziest person I know!
HyperLunch: No, no, I can actually scare Person.
LunchGlomper: Really?
HyperLunch: Yeah. All I have to do is hug her and sing the Barney song!
Me: -Looks at Crescent, then at HyperLunch- Lets test that!
HyperLunch: But Person isn't here.
Me: Lets test it on Crescent!!!
Crescent: What?! Why me?!
Me: Because you're closest
HyperLunch and I: -Hug Crescent-
HyperLunch: I love you, you love me...
Me: -Lets go and watches Crescent suffer- (Crescent got revenge on me the next day, unfortunatly.)

Me: Okay, we need a time machiene. Then I'll go back in time and kill the people who invented Spanish...and every other language!
Crescent: No! Leave Chinese and Japanese alone!!!
Me: ...Fine...but I'm killing all the others.
LunchGlomper: No! Not French!
Me: Fine, I'll leave French, English, Japanese, and Chinese alone!
LunchGlomper: Leave Russian, French, Italian,...
Me: That's too many! I want to kill all the language peoples!!! (Don't ask, I had too much Spanish homework that day...)

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You are a true American teenager if...

1.) You accidentally enter your password on a microwave.

2.) You haven't played solitare with real cards for years

3.) The reason for not staying in touch with your friends is they dont have a screenname or my space

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6.) Your boss doesn't even have the ability to do your job.

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