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Hey there,

Hmm, a little information about me. I'm eighteen nowand keep up with a really odd asortment of hobbies, which include theatre, hockey, art, and of course writing. My favorite colors are any shade of purple, midnight blue, and light yellow. And if you happen to be familiar with Canadian classic rock bands,congratulations, you have just now figured out my favorite band, and my name. My life belongs to my auditorium, the softball field and A.P classes.

I am big into classic rock, and movies, and books. My favorite authors being Mercedes Lackey, Piers Anthony, Tamora Pierce, J.k Rowling, James Rollinsand Garth Nix. Hockey and softball are my favorite sports, hockey being the one I watch (Were they playing now) and softball the one I play. I would name for you my favorite movies, but alas, there are just too many good movies to choose from.

Things I don't like so much include, Anime's, rap and country music, horribly written full of slash fic's, and broccoli. Oh, and Soccer. Other than that, it's all fun.

Oh, almost forgot. I gladly accept constuctive criticism reviews. But I will ask you kindly not to submit flames. If you really don't like my stories, and you just have to tell how much you hate it, e-mail me. Flames are rude and bias potential readers. Let someone else make up thier own mind.

Oh, good news! I finally got around to creating a account! I do write my own stuff, not just fic's,and for any of you who wanted to know, my name over there is Astral Door! Check it out. I only have one original work up at the moment, but if i ever get around to typing up my other stuff, be on the lookout for it.

Heya! Newsflash! That statement up above is not entirely correct now. I recently posted, along with the help of some of my best friends, a compilation effort entitled Xiyouji: Journey to the West. We've got a shared account over there, and our pen name is The Pilgimage. Check it out! I guarantee you'll have lots of fun! And if you enjoy the story, get more info and some background stories at

Anyway, please read and review my fic's! Thanks!

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