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Colour: Tyrian Purple

Music Category: Orchestral (or sometimes Dubchestral as long as it isn't "Beep Boop, baaa, baa baaa")

Certifications and awards: Private Jack DeLorme Award of Allegiance, Marksmanship Level 4 (five shots from ten metres grouped together at .5 cm), Emergency First Aid (Soon to be Standerd by 7 Feb 2016) and grade 8 honour role for 4.2 GPA (not the best I know)

Philosophies: A mixture of Humanism, Machiavellianism, Friedrich Nietzsche's works and some sort of Atheism I have not classified yet. Although I have read the Christian Bible and the Kor'ran and I am starting to read the teachings of the Buddha and Hinduism.

I've been on this site ever since I was 13 after looking up random Inheritance facts, etc, so the fandoms I prefer are Inheritance Cycle, Harry Potter, Sword Art Online and ummm, I forgot the rest, I'm in grade 10 now...(and getting horrible grades from playing phone MMO games (Invasion) (straight A's to C- and A-) though my phone has been acting up recently so I quit and spent more time on this lovely open sourced forum. (January 2016)

I am male and I had a nice chestnut 14.7 cm Mohawk until the cadet program told me to get rid of it... I still want it back very badly.

One of my pitfalls with writing is I have bad sentence structure because I use brackets too much (Like Clive Staples Lewis), I use bad-sounding and complex words to make sentences shorter, I go off on tangents randomly and I'm a perfectionist so if there is any grammar mistakes or misspells I will fix them immediately rather than later, which makes it take a lot of time to type anything out.

So I've recently returned and actually wish to contribute to this place so I have started a crossover with all the good books and a few fanfics I have ever read, taking minor plot points, bits of technology or thought patterns, here is the list:

Sorry for the inconvenience, I have just copied over the original copy from my blackberry curve from when I was 13.

Fanfic to make.
Harry Potter (Joanne Rowling) xover with Inheritance cycle (Christopher James Paolini), The Five Gatekeepers/Alex Rider (Anthony John Horowitz), Percy Jackson and the Olympians/ The Heroes of Olympus/ The Kane Chronicles (Richard Russell Riordan Jr.), Doctor Who/ Merlin (British Broadcasting Corporation) / The Crystal Cave (Mary Florence Elinor Rainbow Stewart), Inception The Forever War (Joe William Haldeman), iBoy (Kevin Brooks), The Chronicles of Narnia (Clive Staples Lewis), End of Days (Eric Robert Walters), Lorien Legacies (Pittacus Lore authors James Frey and Jobie Hughes), Star Wars (George Walton Lucas Jr.), No Hero (Jonathan Wood (needs a wikipedia page)), Sword Art Online, Death Note The Mortality Doctrine (James Smith Dashner), Pacific Rim (Travis Beacham), Two Pearls of Wisdom (Alison Goodman), references to the Bible, Qur'an, Buddism, Taioism/way of the Dao, The Prince (Niccolo Machiavelli), and if anyone finds a book set in the coast of washington state where the protagonist lives in a colony sometime in the future on an island that survived a deadly plague that wiped out North America and now people in the colony have superpowers (elemental) and the protagonist's power is what he thinks is to hurt people but actually electricity when he and his group riskily travel across a destroyed bridge to find any survivors of the plague, they somehow stumble upon a medicine store where they set up camp until protagonist is confronted by an old woman who throws a lamp at him and his electric powers turning it on blinding him and the old lady teaches him he is an electric, they then somehow wind up on a pirateship where they have to escape and stuff. Protagonist then asks how his father 'did' 'it,' to protagonists mother. Father answers, 'with a slow heartbeat,' rather cryptically... But you do get the meaning.

Metamorph ability: Difficult for Harry because his life is so messed up and is always busy so he never finds the ability in canon. Can help in healing exterior damage of the body and is able to grow new limbs faster. Can change height of the person and when used in conjunction with animagus form can change into any muggle animal.

Denonyms: Muggles are Muggles (not Mundanes, non-magicals, etcetera) and Squibs (coined from the term "Damp Squib" (akin to a bad surprise or failure)) are Squibs, non-magical animals will be called Muggle animals.

Occlumency: Use it to clear abstract thoughts and pain from cruciatus (if a master, if distracted then it will tickle then when one laughs one finally feels pain and cannot focus again) needs constant focus and will soon become habit that is really easy. After suppressing thoughts or emotions, one may choose to allow a certain emotion to manifest itself temporarily so the user may use that temporary burst of emotion to motivate his or herself to produce a patronus, create accidental magic or get an adrenaline rush to beat someone up.
Note: Memories are tied into emotion, for example; if one is in a bored state one will usually remember all the times they looked at a clock when they were previously bored, in hate and happiness it is the same.

Dreamworlds/mindscapes: only happens when someone is sleeping, usually achieved when someone learns occlumency to a certain degree, everyone has one it is just a question of accessing it, time is slowed down exponentially like from the movie Inception , memories can be accessed and organised during sleep and once someone learns occlumency well enough their brain kind of develops Random Access Memory and when concentrated, an occlumens can sleep for less periods of time (4 hours) because they can reach rapid eye movement stage of sleep quite quickly and can control their body's hormones such as adrenaline easier than the average person.
Note: mindscapes hate invaders, like in inception.

Wandless magic: Highly practised magic that can only be used in short-ranged situations (up to 5 metres) wand gestures can be used to practise but can also be motionless and silent casting. Anyone with magic can do wandless magic, it is just matter of dedication one puts into casting.
Accidental magic is relatedly linked yet different and completely fueled by emotion.

Emotion's power over magic: Anger, rage, hate, pride, love and cold-hearted determination (Master morality) are the most powerful whilst lust, panicked-frightened-ish-ness, envy are the least powerful. (Slave morality)

Wand Motions:
1. Swish - used for most charms
2. Flick - charms
3. Pointing (as in doing nothing), some may be holding crystals of power and be booby trapped (using runes) to use actual spells and may have some form of sentience1.
4. Slash - curses
5. Spiral (outwards and clockwise)
6. Spiral (inwards and counterclockwise)
7. Thrust
8. Pull
9. Twist (clockwise)
10. Twist (counterclockwise)
11. Tap/touch - portkey, disillusionment.
12. Palm - point me

13. Random movements - may be used in rituals or chaotic spells.

Necromancy: Inferi are just charmed corpses. Using the powers of the Resurrection stone, elixir of life/ brain healing spells and oxygen circulation, one may heal the dead body to full health (don't forget to repair the brain and nerves, etc.) Bring forth the shade of the dead soul using the resurrection stone, then AED the person untill alive.

Most heavily enchanted items are semi-sentient (example is the ford anglia in the second book)

Spell duration limits (unless interfered with): wards: thousands of years.
Enchanted items such as the fire branch, unbreakable charms (and all associated) last the lifespan of the magical being: usually 150-245 years.
Pranking items that are charmed: usually ten hours.
Hexes, minor curses and jinxes: from half a second to five or so hours.
Conjured items do not vanish randomly in my world, same with transfigurations, they only revert to nothing/original once interfered with by magic a few more times.

Potions are interconnected to spells, yet they last longer and are 'easier' to create because all you have to do is follow instructions rather than learning a very complex spell.

Horcruxes: the soul gets exponentially smaller after every split off the main part (by the time one year-old Harry Potter vanquishes the Dark Lord; Baldywart's soul is 1.25 percent of what it used to be) baldy didn't realise that. Magic is tied to the soul, therefore harry gets some of voldies magic.

Electronics: these malfunction under heavy wards (such as unplottable at hogwarts) they do not get destroyed, lights just flicker a lot due to disruptions of the flow of electrons

I am also writing a oneshot for the Mortality Doctrine Series based off an AU split where Michael stops Tanya from committing suicide and therefore will speed up the series because Michael has better forethought. Minor crossover with SAO and Pacific Rim (Sword Art Online for history of gaming, Pacific Rim for the Drift technology)

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

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