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Author has written 6 stories for Slayers, Fushigi Yuugi, X/1999, Naruto, and Harry Potter.

10/10/05 - I'm not dead, I promise. Cleaned out my old middle school stories -.-;; I was far too embarassed to have them still on my account.

Currently writing for:


Dynasty Warriors

Maybe Kingdom Hearts. I have a couple half-finished fics I'd like to finish up eventually.

Occasionally other random things if I feel like it.

I have a series of one-shot slice-of-life fanfics I may or may not ever post for Dynasty Warriors. I also do crack challenge pairings for Naruto (so far I've written three and a half. The other two finished ones might make it up here eventually). Muha. Most of my stuff is one-shot, because I'm far too ADD to stick with anything long for large amounts of time. It also takes me about forever and a day to write anything, because I start something interesting, then leave it for a few months until I stumble across it again and edit/finish it.

Unlike a lot of other authors, who appear to be all moving off , I think I'm going to stay, at least for the time being. None of my stories really violate any of the rules (yet), so I really haven't got much of a reason to. Besides, I'm somewhat sentimentally attached to this site. I've been a member since I was in middle school (I'm in college now, so that's, what, almost seven years?). I am, though, probably going to be posting stuff both here and at my LiveJournal.

Bio. Uh. I'm not a particularly interesting person. You can check my LiveJournal (homepage link) if you're terribly curious.

Also, I'm going to promise to try to never write a story that has a prominently-featured original character. I hate them, for a number of reasons. First is because they can far too easily become Mary Sues, which I cannot stand. But more importantly, what usually happens with original characters is that the story tends to be about that character, rather than the already-established characters from the series. I'm not reading fanfics because I want to read about your character, I'm reading because I want to read about the characters from the fandom. There are a few authors who are talented (and not egocentric) enough to pull off a story that is not solely about their character(s), but they are few and far between. And they still bother me a little, anyway.


10/10/05 - Hey, Harry Potter drabble. And here I thought I would never write for that fandom.

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When she had first met him, it was raining and she was dying. Oneshot. Drabble. NOT an original character.
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