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Hello and welcome to my profile. I assure you, I am a wildly interesting sort of person. So interesting, in fact, I have my own blog. Go to and you can read about my day-to-day existence, which includes but is certainly not limited to:

My love-hate relationship with my job

My weird friends and even weirder family

My obsession with perler beads

Like I said, wildly interesting.

Anyway, I have been piddling around on for the better part of eight years now. I achieved small-time (I mean like, small-small-time) fame in the Lord of the Rings category as the author of a reasonably popular Mary Sue parody which I wrote initially as a means of making my friends laugh, but it made about one-thousand other people laugh, too. Unfortunately, that particular story has been swallowed by the Internet and could never be reproduced if for no other reason than due to my advanced age, I can't remember a thing I wrote or what the hell made it so funny.

These days, as a vastly more mature woman of twenty-three, when I am not working on my very own novel, I am emulating the writing style of V.C. Andrews, something I have done since high school and at this point in the game, I will say it is an art form indeed. Say what you will about Miss Andrews' works, but allow me to say I have never read The Great Gatsby or As I Lay Dying more than once and I have read her books about a million times. Which...probably doesn't say a lot about me, does it?