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Chaos' Rant

It's unlikely that I will ever write a fanfiction story for anything other than Ouran High School Host Club. There is no specific reason for this, except that I'm simply more comfortable writing Ouran than I am writing about any other fandom. There are other things that I'm a fan of, but I have no particular interest in writing about them, so I probably won't. I also only read Ouran fanfics. I don't know why. I like pretty much any pairing you can think of, but usually only when they involve two host club members. Not really big on throwing Nekozawa, Kasanoda, Renge, Mei or like... Shiro... in there as love interests of club members, or each other. I'm open to reading about any pairing, but there are a few that I'm not sure I could really write about. Not that I won't TRY to write any pairing you could possibly think of.

As far as OCs go, there are certain things that I will NOT read, and will SHOOT MYSELF before I write. Translation: All OCs (excepting those that fit any of the brief descriptions below) should be stabbed in the head with something very uncomfortable to be stabbed in the head with.

In general, if a fic is completely centered around an OC, I'm not interested in reading it. I do not like it when people make an OC and stick them in a relationship with one of the club members, because to me, that SCREAMS self-insert. A lot. This is especially bothersome when there is MORE THAN ONE of these central OC characters. Like, one for each non-Haruhi club member. Not cool. I do not enjoy that. I will not read it. Leave me alone. One OC-related thing that I actually LIKE in fanfiction, is when somebody takes a character that was featured in one or two chapters/episodes of the manga/anime, and gives them a main-ish part in the story. Like Chika or Satoshi. Or a character who they name, or picture, or mention (or even somebody who appears briefly, or somebody that isn't actually mentioned but you just assume they exist) in the manga/anime, and kind of... acknowledge their existence, or give them a secondary part in the fic, such as Kyouya's siblings, or characters' parents. Like, I'm pretty sure they never actually mention Honey's mother, but you just assume that he has one, and I don't think either of Mori's parents ever make an appearance. If I'm wrong about either of these things, please tell me what issue all this stuff is in because I want to read it and I was under the impression I knew the whole story! xD

On the subject of family members of the host club that are neither mentioned in the manga/anime nor automatically presumed to exist, I don't enjoy it when people make them up. House staff are not included in this, because there are only so many maids and whatnot that they actually specify who they are, so I don't care if you throw in a made-up butler and give him a name and a secondary role. But honestly, where on Earth did Tamaki get a long lost sister? How can Haruhi possibly have a nephew if she's an only child? These things are simply not logical. I do not approve. If, by some fluke of nature, somebody can make it make SENSE for there to be a third Hitachiin sibling, good for them, but I still probably won't read their story, because I won't believe them if they tell me that they made it make sense. Le end.

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