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Let me tell you a bit about what Anime I like:

Favorite Animes:

- Anohana: I love this one. Eleven episodes of heart-break and the first anime I ever cried in. It is a beautiful story of forgiveness and wishes and just AHHHH! I absolutely adored the concept of the show - it goes really deep. I love the opening and ending, they are just as beautiful as the anime. Favorite Character: Menma.

- Death Note: This show is one of the earlier animes I watched and I'm so glad that I did watch it. I love Light, but he gets kind of messed up in the end. But the way that L and Light both think is so high level and amazing. They are also very deceiving, but I LOVE SHOWS LIKE THAT! And ZOMG, Light's laugh at the end! I was hysterically laughing for so long, you have no idea! I love this anime so much!! This anime has romance, action and so much more! I loved it. My favorite character is definitely L. He's so cool and awesome and smart and just AAAHHHHHH. I loved the first opening, but the second opening I was just like "Da faq?!" if you know what I mean...

- Naruto/Naruto Shippuden: Awesome!!!!!!! VERY LONG, but AWESOME. NINJAS ARE JUST SO AMAZING AND I THANK MASASHI KISHIMOTO FOR CREATING IT. My favorite anime ever that I have watched is by far Naruto. I love this show so much and I have been watching it for as long as I can remember. There are too many openings for me to like Naruto Shippuden Opening 3, 13, 14, etc. I love all the OSTs, well most of them. One of my favorite OST is Naruto Shippuden OST: Shippuden and almost like every single OST there is in Shippuden. Shippuden OSTs, I feel like, are more serious and deep while just Naruto OSTs are more light and funny. Favorite Characters: Hinata, Neji, Lee, Gaara, Temari, Shikamaru, Sakura (IN PART TWO, IN THE WAR. SHE IS SO USELESS OTHERWISE!), Sasuke (but he's kind of irritating when he's being all cool and anti-social), NARUTO (UH DUH), Kakashi, all the Kages and others that I am forgetting...hehe. Oh! And the Akatsuki: most spefically: Itachi, Deidara, Sasori, Hidan, Pein (Nagato), Konan, Kisame.


- Clannad/Clannad After Story: ZOMG. I was sobbing so much after this, even though it was like literally 2 in the morning. I called my friend SOBBING after one of the episodes (she watched it already) and it was so late and she was like, "Ummm...?" This show just keeps killing you with such heartfelt moments, ESPECIALLY THE THINGS THAT USHIO SAYS. I start to tear up whenever I watch that scene when she can't find the toy Tomoya gave her and she is like, "First thing from Daddy." I WAS JUST LIKE ZOMGGGGGGGGGGG. I usually don't cry in anime but this one was like ZOMG. It didn't know when to stop with the heartbreaking moments. Ushio is so adorable and I LOVE THIS SHOW. Even though this show is not like the usual ones I watch and it is all romantic, everyday life kinda thing, it was awesome. I don't usually watch animes like that, BUT THIS ONE WAS AMAZING. In the beginning, I was getting bored, waiting for something interesting to happen, but IT IS REALLY GOOD. EVERYONE NEEDS TO WATCH THIS. My favorite character...CAN'T DECIDE. I love them all!!!!!!!

- Ouran High School Host Club: It is so funny and just some of the things that they say have me in a laughing fit for like 10 minutes straight. My friend got me to watch this and at first I thought it was really stupid, but it got so much better! This show is just a light, funny and every-day high school comedy and it's awesome. It really has no meaning to it, but I like how Haruhi thinks that gender doesn't matter, because I think that sometimes too. ZOMG, the opening is beautiful. My favorite characters: Haruhi, Honey-senpai, Kyouya, Tamaki and everyone else in the Host Club. HEHE :P

- Corpse Party: 4 EPISODES OF AWESOMENESS. There is A LOT OF GORE and it's very creepy but I loved it. The ending was so sad, with like his arms and everything if you know what I mean, but like...meh. I am watching the gameplay now.

- Prince of Tennis: An awesome anime, but I really have no idea why the hell I watched it. It just got kind out of hand in the ending episodes. I MEAN FREAKING LIGHTNING IS SHOOTING OUT OF THEIR RACKETS AND THEY ARE LIKE 30 FEET IN THE AIR. Damn, those guys can jump. And many of the filler episodes were kind of disturbing, if you have watched it, you know what I mean. -.- It's literally just about tennis, and it's not like I adore tennis - BADMINTON FOR LIFE - but like I don't know. I think I watched this because my brother did and he loves tennis...I don't know. :P

- Attack on Titan: TOTAL AWESOMEBALLIES! It was one of the best anime I have ever watched and THERE NEEDS TO BE A SEASON 2 SOON. I'm dying waiting for the second season - LIKE WHY MUST YOU TAKE SO DAMN LONG?! I am reading the manga now. Favorite characters: Levi, Mikasa, Hanji, Sasha, Connie, Eren, Annie, Armin and BASICALLY EVERYONE. I love it so much and it is really heartbreaking at the end of the first episode - the people who have seen it know what I am talking about. :'( I think everyone in the world needs to watch this!! The first and second openings are absolutely amazing and I listen to them almost all the time.

- Future Diary: ZOMG, AWESOME ANIME! Kind of gross and Yuno often turns psychotic, but it is SOOO hilarious because Yukiteru's reaction is just like "I'm going to get killed if I stay with her!" Yeah, that turned out well. LOL. I loved it so much and it is so messed up, but I love animes like that so much! Overall, it is a beautiful anime that has a lot of meaning and it just shows how far one girl is willing to go to be with the one she truly loves and cares for. BUT IT ALSO HAS KILLINGS SO IT MAKES IT DOUBLE THE AWESOMENESS! :) My favorite character in this was Minene Uryu because she has awesome powers and is just amazing. I love Yuno as well as Nishijima. Yukiteru is awesome too, but he needs to get stronger. LIKE SERIOUSLY! He has to get saved by Yuno or someone else all the time! AWESOME OPENING, BY THE WAY!

- Danganronpa: AMAZING ANIME! I loved this anime so much and I finished it all in one day. I know...I have no life...I have established that already. My favorite character is by far Kirigiri because she is so awesome and cool and can figure out the hardest of the "trials." I love Monobear too! HEHEHE. Yes, I know I'm insane - my mom has told me many times. *sigh* I really hope they make the second gameplay into an anime, but like include Naegi and Kirigiri and everyone else who survived, I WANNA KNOW WHAT HAPPENS TO THEMM. The concept is just so messed up and my friend also introduced this one to me and I thought that it was absolutely stupid, because, I mean, WHO WANTS TO WATCH A BEAR MAKE PEOPLE'S LIVES MISERABLE?!...Well, apparently I do. I am watching the gameplay for this one too.

- The Irregular at Magic High School: It is absolutely amazing and I love science fiction and magic so this just combined them both to make an awesome anime! Loved the first opening so much and I think that the 2nd opening is great, but I still love the first opening more. I think my favorite character is obviously Tatsuya, but I love Erika as well. I really like all the techniques they use in this show and how awesome magic is - it introduces magic in a whole new light which I think is amazing. I loved watching the competitions too and the fight at the end - that was pretty damn cool. Tatsuya so cooooollll (AND HOT)! w

- Sword Art Online/Sword Art Online II: ZOMG, I love the openings and I love the concept of it. AWESOMEE!!!! I love the characters so much and when you think about it, isn't it amazing that you can just put on a "Nerve Gear" and then be transported (in your mind) to another "world?" THAT JUST BLOWS MY MIND. EXPLOSSIOOOOOOOOOOONNNN. BOOM! I'm on the latest episode of Sword Art Online II and I love it as much as I loved the first season. It's so awesome! I kinda thought that in the first season, it switched from action to romance, a bit too fast. But it still had "boss fights" WHICH I LOVEEE TO WATCH, so izz okaayyy. My favorite character would have to be tied between Yui-chan and Asuna. GIRL POWER!

- One Week Friends: This opening is like AMAZIIIIIIING! I love it so much and I know all the lyrics and everything, as well as the ending song. I thought that it was pretty sad how Fujimiya only loses memories of her friends and I loved how Hase was like, "No matter how many times I have to ask to be her friend, I'll do it for her." THAT WAS TOO CUTE. And I was kind of hoping for them to kiss or something, but meh. I really hope that they become more than friends so that she can remember him. *smirk* I liked the show a lot and I loved the ending as much as the opening. My favorite character would have to be Shogo, he's so chill. HAHA. I haven't watched the Specials yet, but I am planning too.

- Steins; Gate: ZOMG! There is sooooooo much I want to say about this anime! I watched the first 2 or 3 episodes because a lot of reviews and people said that it was an amazing anime so I decided to try it out, but I really didn't like it in the beginning. I felt like it was going too slow and not much was happening. But after like the 11th or 12th episode, everything just took off until the end and I loved it. I started to try it again after like 3 weeks after I watched the first episodes, but I started episode 4 on Friday and finished the whole season on Sunday. ALL 25 EPISODES. I know, I have no life. BUT IT IS AMAZING. I felt confused many times throughout the series because of you know, TIME AND ALL, but it was cleared up because I understood his thinking. MAYBE I'M A MAD SCIENTIST TOO. I mean, I do love science and I am insane, so...hehe. The opening, ZOMG, I love it so much like I sing it everyday! And I loved the ending too! My favorite character is definitely Makise Kurisu. SHE'S SO BADASS AND SMART AND INTELLIGENT AND FUNNY AND COOL AND LOVEABLE AND JUST ZOMG!

- My Little Monster: I would have finished this anime in a day, but stupid human urges to sleep got in the way. I just like fell asleep during the 11th episode, so I finished the last few episodes and the OVA the next day. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS ANIME SO FREAKING MUCH. It was so funny and kind of romantic at the same time - like Clannad, except it was SO SHORT. THEY NEED TO MAKE A SEASON 2! I love Haru - he has so many moods and HE IS SO HOT. Shizuku is so anti-social and calm, so I love them together. But he needs to learn some manners, LIKE WTF WAS HIS PROBLEM IN THE FIRST FEW EPISODES?! HE NEEDS TO TREAT WOMEN BETTER! IF I WAS SHIZUKU, I WOULD KNEED HIM IN THE YOU-KNOW-WHERE, BUT SHE DID LIKE NOTHING. WHAAAT? I adore the other characters as well, but I felt like Natsume's liking towards Mi-chan-san was a bit weird, like isn't older than her by like a lot...? But still, it's cute and I hope that he eventually returns the feelings. This show was a light, funny (very) and sweet anime and it was nice to take a break from the killing, deceiving, blood-filled, horror, fighting anime that I always watch for once. It was cool - even though it had no real meaning, but that's why I loved it. THE OVA WAS FREAKING AMAZING AND HILARIOUS. "CHICKEN PRINCE?" ZOMG. THAT WAS JUST...I CAN'T EVEN DESCRIBE HOW MUCH I WAS LAUGHING. THE SHOW WENT FROM LIKE ROMEO & JULIET/ROYAL KINGDOM TO LOVE STORY TO ALIEN CHICKENS. LIKE DA FAQ? BUT IT WAS A PERFECT ENDING TO THE ALREADY CRAZY ENOUGH SHOW. Favorite Characters: Mi-chan, Shizuku & Haru

- Psycho-Pass: The first episode had me hooked. I loved it from the very beginning. Just everything about it was perfect. The setting, the way it started, the dialogue, the concept. I love the idea of "Dominators" even though I don't like the "Sibyl System" but whatever. I loooooovvvvved this show and I finished it all in the span of 3 days. I started Psycho Pass 2, even though it's not the same without Kougami. :( This show is very messed up, but I love it anyway because I LOVE MESSED UP SHOWS. The ideas, the killings, the violence - JUST PERFECT. And ahhhh. I can't even describe how much I adore this show. I liked the openings - though they were a little strange. Favorite Characters: Kougami, Akane

- Guilty Crown: AHHH! There is so much I wanna say about this show LIKE ZOMG. I started this show after I found the song "Moments by Ayumi Hamasaki" (AN AMAZING SONG BTW) on Youtube and it said something about the anime "Guilty Crown" so since I have no life, I decided to watch the first episode. And then, I started to watch the second...but I fell asleep. Don't get me wrong, it's not that it was boring or anything, it was really cool. I was really confused, though. LIKE HE'S JUST PULLING THINGS OUT OF THE GIRL'S CHEST AND I WAS LIKE "Is this a perverted show...cuz I'm not gonna watch it if it is..." I HATE HENTAI, SO YEAH. Okay...ummmm...yeah. But then, I never finished the second episode because I started watching Psyhco-Pass, but then after I was done with that, I started up Guilty Crown again and finished it in about a week. I would've finished it sooner, but school...UGH. I overall loved the show, THE ENDING WAS SO SAD. I didn't cry, but I was so sad, like I ship Shu x Inori so much, you don't even know. And I love how Shu said that even if she isn't "her" or is a "monster," she's still Inori and has feelings, so that makes her human. I loved that. And I loved how at the end, she was like "Thank you for letting me meet Shu and fall in love with him. He made me feel human." THAT KILLED ME. What also killed me was as she was talking about how "heartbreakingly human Shu is" he was like taking a guy's "cancer" and putting it into himself so that that guy could be saved. THAT WAS BEAUTIFUL! Overall, this anime was great and I LOVED the songs that went along with it - like Egoist. I love Inori's voice too. I love all the openings, songs she sings and endings - I downloaded them all on my phone right after I was done with this anime. :P Favorite Characters: Ayase, Inori, Shu

- Say "I Love You": AHHHH! I think I'm starting to like more animes like these romantic comedy ones. ZOMG AM I BECOMING SOFT?! AHHHHH. NOOO. I'll watch more killing ones later, but ZOMG I LOVED THIS ANIME SO MUCH! At first, I thought the opening was a bit weird, but as the show went on, I started to love it more and more. I love this show because as Mei's and Yamato's life goes on, their love for each other strengthens so deeply and it's so cute. I love the cute moments they have and Mei is just absolutely adorable. Yamato is gorgeous as well. In the first (or was it the second?) episode, when that guy is following Mei - THAT WAS JUST CREEPY. LIKE HE'S WHAT, 30, 35? AND SHE'S IN HIGH SCHOOL. I FELT VIOLATED JUST WATCHING IT. But I just knew that she was going to end up calling Yamato and it was really sweet how he bought ice cream for her and acted like her boyfriend, but didn't the man see her calling anyone? LIKE IF YOU GONNA STALK SOMEONE, YOU MIGHT AS WELL WATCH THEM! SHE COULD HAVE BEEN CALLING THE POLICE AND HE'S JUST STANDING THERE, with whatever the hell he was reading - LIKE ARE YOU STUPID?! ZOMG WHEN THAT GIRL, WHAT'S HER FACE, MEGUMI, CAME I WAS LIKE "OH CRAP. THIS IS WHERE THE COMPETITION STARTS!" I knew that Yamato and Megumi were somehow going to end up spending more time together and it would kill Mei because Megumi's "prettier" than her. EVEN THOUGH I DON'T THINK SHE IS. MEI IS BEAUTIFUL! But during those episodes, where Mei was really sad about them modeling together, I was really sad too, because I couldn't imagine how that felt, already feeling that you aren't good enough for the guy you like. And meh, I was just really sad about that. I loved the bracelet Yamato gave Mei, but what I loved more is that he wore one too, so that like people would see and he wasn't even "ashamed" of her, even though she's just like some "unpopular" girl who's not as "hot" as him - but I disagree with that statement. Anyway, IT WAS SO CUTE. But what I found really weird was that Yamato slept with Aiko just to "comfort" her. LIKE WHAT THE HELL. YOU DON'T DO THAT! UGH. That just like irked me the entire way through, as well as he had kissed a lot of other girls too. Their height difference is so adorable, too. Hehe. Ummmm...that's basically it. I really loved this anime and I hope to watch more like this in the future! Favorite Characters: Mei, Yamato, Aiko

- Kaichou wa Maid-sama!: This anime was so funny! I loved it from the beginning. I think it was absolutely hilarious how the school's student council was a "maid" outside of school - even if it is to help out her family. I loved how Takumi was standing out there and then she was like "OH CRAP!" Haha...but Takumi is really wrong and like...perverted. Like, he needs to calm his hormones. And he gets a little too overprotective at times. But it's cute. :) I really loved this anime so much and I'm so glad I kept on watching it even if it was a little weird in the beginning. It was a really funny great show and I think I really am starting to like these romantic comedy shows better than before. Wow...bipolar much? I watch killing shows and then romantic comedies. Hehe...The opening of the anime is great too. Favorite Characters: Suzuna (she's hilarious with her prizes), Takumi, Misaki and Misaki's mom

- Psycho-Pass II: WHY DID IT HAVE TO END!? WHY??? KOUGAMI DIDN'T EVEN RETURN AND JUST UGHHH! But I did love how he was "in Akane's thoughts" when she was confused. Like, I was really hoping that to happen, AND THEN IT DID. I WAS LIKE "IM A PSYCHIC, GUYS." I loved this as much as the first season and I'm SO HAPPY that they're making a movie too because I am not ready to give up this anime. I have watched almost all the episodes of season 1 again because I love this anime so much. Akane is so awesome, but you know what would make this anime even more effing awesome? IF KOUGAMI RETURNED HOME WITH THAT SMEXY FACE OF HIS. Like, ZOMG, Akane and Kougami need to get together in the movie. And if they don't...well, let's just say that I'm going to get a Dominator myself. *evil smirk*

- Vampire Knight/Vampire Knight Guilty: BACK TO THE KILLING ANIME! Another one of my anime-obsessed friends told me about this, and (I'm so ashamed and disappointed that I said this when she showed pictures of Kaname and Zero) I said that they weren't hot. I KNOW, RIGHT?! LIKE THEY ARE SO FREAKING HOT THAT IT'S JUST LIKE ZOMG - HOW IS IT POSSIBLE!?!! But then after pleading and begging from her, I decided to start watching it and I liked the concept from the beginning. Of course, when I got to one of the BIGGEST PLOT TWISTS I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED - not gonna mention what it is - I WAS SO CONFUSED, KINDA DISGUSTED, WEIRDED OUT AND JUST MEH. It made absolutely no sense to me, but then again they're vampires so...meh. hehe. I loved this anime from start to finish, completing it in a bit over a week, and I'm really glad that my friend made me watch it. KANAME AND ZERO ARE SO SMEXY. Just wanted to say that, well...really every guy (and I guess girl too) in the night class is smexy too - LIKE AIDO AND AKATSUKI. I loved the openings too. Favorite Characters: Zero, Kaname, Aido, Akatsuki, Rima, Shiki

Favorite Pairings:

Naruto/Naruto Shippuden:

- Naruto x Hinata: They are just too cute! I squeal every time they are shown together in the anime. Hinata obviously loves him, but Naruto is too oblivious to notice. Oh love...They absolutely need to be paired together, and I think that they deserve it because they have saved each other so many times, not to mention, given each other the courage to keep fighting on and make them stand up again. HEHEHEHEHE! AHHHHHHHH! I LOVE THIS PAIRING!!!! I NEED TO GO CALM DOWN NOW...

- Sasuke x Sakura: ZOMG, one of my favorite pairings, but then again all of these are. They are really cute, especially in some of the Fanfictions that I have read. I know Sasuke doesn't like her, but eh, whatever. THEY DESERVE EACH OTHER! I feel like in the anime they really don't have a chance of being together unless Sasuke stops being an ass and Sakura stops being irritating, but WHO KNOWS WHEN THAT WILL HAPPEN? So...yeah...I guess I really only ship them because of some of the fanficitons I read.

- Shikamaru x Temari: I LOVE THIS PAIRING SO MUCH. They are just perfect for each other. There are many "hints" in the anime that they should be together and I love Temari so much! GIRL POWER RULES! I can just imagine Shikamaru saying to her, "You're so troublesome." and she would say, "Shut up, you lazy ass!" OH THE LOVE...

ZOMG, so these first 3 Naruto pairings are finally canon, and I can't tell you how freaking happy I am. I was squealing and jumping around my room and just ZOMG. I think I felt some tears too because I have been waiting for this for so long and I was just so happy and ZOMG now I'm getting really happy again. IMMA GO FANGIRL!!!!!!!!

- Neji x Tenten: This is like a given, they don't deserve anyone other than each other. There are many scenes in the anime when they are together, usually because they are just like waiting for Gai-sensei and Lee to stop being...well...themselves. And they are just TOOO CUTE.

- Kiba x Ino: I recently starting liking this pairing. I like Ino, but not that much. I mean, she's a great kunoichi, but I don't like her as much as I like other people in the anime. I don't personally care who Ino is paired up with, but I definitely like it when Kiba and her are paired together because I feel like Kiba would be my first choice for her. I don't really like her paired up with Chouji because I think of them as a sibling relationship. And I don't like the pairing of Shikamaru and Ino, at like at all. I pretty much hate it, but I can tolerate it sometimes - especially if the fanfiction is good enough.

Clannad/Clannad After Story:

- Nagisa x Tomoya: UH DUH. They end up having a freaking child, OF COURSE I LOVE THEM. I love Nagisa so much and I cried so much in this anime. It's probably the anime I have cried most in. (Anohana was the first anime I cried in.) And their love is just so AWESOME. And I just loved Clannad/Clannad After Story SO MUCH. I listen to the opening of Clannad After Story every day in the morning and the afternoon.

- Sunohara x Kyou: I kind of like this pairing, especially because she like hates him, but that makes it even more funnier.

- Sunohara x Tomoyo: Another good one, but not a die-hard fan.


Ouran High School Host Club:

- Haruhi x Tamaki: They are so cute and I really like them. Tamaki is hilarious with his dramatic behavior and just overall stupidness and hotness that make him so likeable. But then again, EVERYONE IN THE HOST CLUB IS REALLY HOT.


Attack on Titan:

- Mikasa x Levi: I can see them together, but I feel like Mikasa doesn't really need anyone, other than Eren, BUT ONLY AS A BROTHER/SISTER RELATIONSHIP. I don't really like the pairing of Mikasa and Eren, because I've only seen their relationship as a sibling one, even though they are not directly related. But recently, I am starting to ship Mikasa with Levi more.

Future Diary:

- Yukiteru x Yuno: I love this pairing! When you really see how deep their love is, without all the killing and deception, it is beautiful.

- Nishijima x Minene: They are too cute! Especially when Nishijima tried to put a ring on her and Minene is just like "HELL, NO!" But they do end up getting married and having little flying babies so YAY!


- Kirigiri x Naegi: ZOMG! They deserve each other and I love how she calls him "Naegi-kun!" IT SOUNDS PERFECT AND THEY NEED TO GET TOGETHER.

The Irregular at Magic High School:

- Leo x Erika: ZOMGGG! I shipped this right when they had some scenes together! THEY ARE JUST TOO CUTE! This is one of my favorite pairings!!! Erika is one of my favorite characters in this show and so is Leo, so when you put them together...BAM! AWESOME SHIP!!!!!!! I shipped them even harder after episode 21, everyone who has watched it know what I mean. Oooo la laaa!

- Mikihiko x Mizuki: PERFECT COUPLE! They are both so shy and timid, and I think that they would be so cute together! I shipped them right when they met each other, like Leo and Erika. They are just so cute and they also have similar powers because of their yellow eyes, which by the way are AWESOME! In episode 21, WHY THE HELL WAS MIZUKI TRIPPING OVER LIKE AIR?!...Okay, fine...I may have done that...once...twice...a lot of times, like seriously, I tripped over nothing not even like 2 hours ago, but she needs to CALM DOWN! But that episode was HILARIOUS! I NEED TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS AFTER MIKIHIKO GOES AFTER HERRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!

Sword Art Online:

- Kirito/Kazuto x Asuna: UM...DUH...they get "married" and have a "child." I LOVE IT SO MUCH! I WAS SQUEALING WHEN THEY FIRST KISSED! ZOMG, I KNEW THAT THEY WERE JUST PERFECT AND I LOVE THEM TOGETHER SO MUCH! And that episode where they meet Yui was so perfect and cute and just ZOMG! Excuse me while I go fangirl in the corner...

One Week Friends:

- Fujimiya x Hase: They're too cute. And I just hope that Fujimiya fully regains her memories, all of them and they can both live a happy life because they deserve each other and they're just so adorable.

- Shogo x Saki: ZOMG, they need to get together, like together together. They're so adorable and I can totally see them together!

Steins; Gate:

- Okabe x Kurisu: AHHHHHHH! IMMA GO FANGIRL IN THE CORNER ABOUT THESE TWO! They are just...perfect for each other! I loved how in the OVA, the last thing was "Close your eyes," and then it ended, that was so creative! I love all their fights, conversations, cuteness, kisses and everything else. They're just too damn adorable and I love how in the beginning they were both like, "PERVERT!" to each other. Kurisu is so cool and Okabe is such an idiot, but they're both still smart so I can see a bright future for them. I totally didn't even like imagine them getting together in the beginning, but when I saw hints of it and then the kiss, I was like, "DA FAQ?! THIS IS SO PERFECT, HOW DID I NOT NOTICE THIS BEFORE?!" so yeahhh...I LOVE THIS PAIRING SO MUCH!

My Little Monster:

- Haru x Shizuku: ZOMG, I CAN'T EVEN DESCRIBE HOW ANGRY I WAS WHEN THEY DIDN'T START GOING OUT IN THE ANIME - LIKE WHY? YOU OBVIOUSLY LOVE EACH OTHER, YOU HAVE CONFESSED MANY TIMES, BUT NO, YOU CAN'T GO OUT WITH EACH OTHER! MEH. Okaaaaaaaaaaay, anyway. I love this pairing and they deserve each other. They're both really blunt and cute together and just AHHHHH ZOMG. In the OVA, at the ending, I was so glad they kissed and she actually responded, but I felt like it was a bit rushed. Haru like literally kissed her right after he finished talking, if anything it should be the other way around, but meh whatever, they're both weird anyway. I love this pairing and despise them with anyone except for each other.

- Natsume x "Sasayan": I don't ship it really hard, but in the beginning I didn't even notice Natsume's affection towards Mi-chan and I only saw what I thought were hints of this pairing. I like this pairing because they're often shown together and they're cute.

- Natsume x Mi-chan: I, like Natsume x "Sasayan," don't ship it hard, but I do like it. But I feel like there should have been more parts that showed that she liked him. Like I didn't even know until Sasayan had said something about it. So yeah. I don't know how much age difference there is, but I hope Mi-chan returns the feelings for her.


- Kougami x Akane: I shipped it since they like first interacted (when she went to the hospital after she paralyzed him) and like ZOMG, KOUGAMI IS SO EFFIN' HOT. LIKE IT IS NOT FAIR. WHY CAN'T GUYS IN REAL LIFE BE LIKE THAT? UGH. Anywaaaaaaaaaaay, I really like this pairing and they're just too cute. And I really thought that they were gonna kiss or something before the season ended, but they didn't! AND I WAS SO SAD. But like when he left her that letter, and she was blushing while crying and was like "You idiot" THAT WAS JUST ADORABLE. And I started to ship them hard after that. I really hope he comes back or something in the movie and then they get together because I can totally see them getting together.

Guilty Crown:

- Shu x Inori: YASSSSS! I LOVE THIS PAIRING SO FREAKING MUCH! And I reallllyyyyy wished they had kissed (except for the time she kissed him- he was unconscious so it didn't count!) or said something to the other. But, they said things to the other people they were fighting which were perfect and such heartfelt lines. They made me really feel something. It just showed how much they loved each other. I love how they gain so much power and determination and confidence whenever they think about protecting the other or keeping the other out of danger - it's truly beautiful. I SHIP THIS PAIRING SO HARD.

Say "I Love You":

- Yamato x Mei: ZOMG I LOVE THIS PAIRING!!!!!!!!!! They're so cute and just AHHH, I love it. From the beginning, I shipped them and since Mei is so new with this type of thing, it's adorable. Yamato, even though has been with other girls, is just like PERFECT and them together - I JUST LOVE IT! Their cute moments, like the bracelets and when they go to "Land" together - even though Nagi ruined it, kinda - have me squealing and I stayed up until 12:00 on a school night just to finish the last episode, EVEN THOUGH I DIDN'T WANT IT TO ENDDDDDDDD!

Kaichou wa Maid-Sama!:

- Takumi x Misaki: I loved this pairing from the beginning and ever since he found out that she was a "maid," I've been shipping them. Hard. I loveeeeee them two together, especially since they're both hilarious (even if they don't know it), witty, smart, clever, strong, and just so much more. Takumi does get a bit wrong sometimes, but it's so freaking cute when Misaki blushes. Takumi saves Misaki so many times I can't count and just AHH, HE'S SO BEAUTIFUL AND KIND! I love the fact when she loses the picture of her in the maid outfit, and the idiot 5 brothers may see it, Takumi jumps off the effin' building. HIS SHOE FELL OFF TOO - TAKUMI IS NOW CINDERELLA. And Misaki is just standing there stunned because he told her he loved her and kissed her and then jumped. I would be like "DA FAQQ?!" I love this pairing so, so, so much and I hope they end up marrying or whatever and just HEHE. :)

Vampire Knight/Vampire Knight Guilty:

- Kaname x Yuki: Okay, so in the beginning, I shipped this pairing hard. And like I loved them, but when I learned the truth about them, that lessened a lot because even though Kaname says that that's normal, it's still kinda gross and weird. So, I don't know, I was happy with the ending, but I would have been fine if she went with Zero. And honestly, I like her better with Zero.

- Zero x Yuki: I was conflicted on which to pick first, Kaname x Yuki or Zero x Yuki, but as time went on, things happened and the truth got revealed, I found myself wanting her to go with Zero a bit more than with Kaname. I thought how it was cute (but kinda weird) how Zero promised to kill her, and she's like "I'll be waiting," LIKE WHAT. But I hope they meet again. And I heard that in the manga she ends up with Zero???? Maybe I'll read that later. I like this pairing better than Kaname x Yuki because it's not gross (like Kaname x Yuki's truth), and they're both cute and just them together would be perfect. Zero's so cool and Yuki's so animated (haha, see what I did there? anime and then like, she's animated - both emotions and- I'm sorry...), so it would be a great balance. And let me tell you...when Zero pushed her to the wall and bit her I was like "ZOMG. ZOMG. ZOMG. *hyperventilation*" IT WAS SO HOT. Overall, I like this pairing better than Kaname x Yuki and I was really hoping that she went with Zero instead.

- Shiki x Rima: WHAT. THE. HELL. THEY DIDN'T EVEN START GOING OUT/KISS IN THE ANIME!!!! AND IT WAS SO OBVIOUS THAT THEY LOVED EACH OTHER. THEY WERE SHOWN IN LIKE EVERY SCENE EITHER TOGETHER OR THINKING ABOUT ONE ANOTHER. AND WHEN SHIKI GETS LIKE "POSSESSED" HER VOICE IS THE ONLY ONE THAT REACHES HIM. WHEN THAT HAPPENS IN ANIME/TV/MOVIES, IT USUALLY MEANS THAT THE PERSON WHO GOT THROUGH TO THEM MEANS A LOT/LOVES THE PERSON WHO IS POSSESSED. You have no freaking idea how mad I was when they didn't get together, but all their cute moments was good for me. Like when she feeds him (ADORABLE) and then they go to kill a vampire together and when "he" (Rido - that ass) and her fight and when he thanks her and at the end, when she goes with him and he's like "Why?" and she's like "I have to feed you," AND THEN SHE GIVES HIM POCKY. I WAS LIKE "YASSSSSSSSSSSSS." I really like this pairing and wish that they would have gotten together.

- Akatsuki x Ruka: ZOMG RUKA, GET YOUR FREAKING MIND OFF OF KANAME AND JUST BE WITH AKATSUKI. IT WAS PRETTY OBVIOUS THAT HE LIKED HER, BUT SHE WAS SO OBLIVIOUS. AND IF HE DID HAVE FEELINGS FOR HER, HOW DO YOU THINK HE WOULD HAVE FELT WHEN YOU FREAKING CRIED OVER KANAME AND RAN TO AKATSUKI. TERRIBLE. YES. TERRIBLE. GOOD JOB, IDIOT. Okay, I'm done with my rant, but ZOMG I really wish they had gotten together. I thought she was being an idiot when she didn't accept his hand when Akatsuki offered to dance with her (even though she was waiting for Kaname) HE MUST HAVE FELT SO REJECTED. LIKE WHY, RUKAA???? And I love how he saved her a couple of times, even though she's supposedly a "cool" person, as she put it. I really hope that later on in life, she realizes that Kaname doesn't love her (like that, at least) and just move on and go with Akatsuki. I mean, he's taller, nice, calm, cool, smart. PLUS, he's hot. SO WHY NOT?!

Pairings I Don't Like/Hate:

Naruto/Naruto Shippuden:

- Naruto x Sakura: Ehhhhh...I only see them as a brother-sister relationship, well at least in Shippuden. In Part 1, Naruto is totally crazy for her, but it gets simmered down in Shippuden. I absolutely hate this pairing and I have never ever read fanfictions about these two or actually, even thought of them two getting together.

- Sasuke x Hinata: JUST LIKE NO. I mean, Hinata obviously deserves Naruto and I could just never imagine Sasuke and Hinata being together because they have like no similarities except for their hair color. I just absolutely despise this pairing and all fanfictions that have this pairing.

- Sakura x Anyone other than Sasuke: I have seen fanfictions of Sakura being with Kakashi (EWWW), Gaara or Neji...but I could never imagine her with any of them. JUST NO. SASUKE AND SAKURA DESERVE TO BE WITH EACH OTHER AND NO ONE ELSE!

- Shikamaru x Ino: I don't like this one, I can tolerate it, but I definitely do not voluntarily ship them together. I mean, Shikamaru is too good for Ino and he has Temari so why bother with Ino? I have read a couple of fanfictions with these two - but only because the fanfictions themselves were really good, so I tolerated it.


Attack on Titan:

- Mikasa x Eren: I don't hate it, but I really can't see them together, because all I have thought for them two is like a brother-sister yeah.

My Stories:

Melting the Human Ice Cube: Mainly Sasuke x Sakura, but other minor pairings like Naruto x Hinata, Neji x Tenten, Shikamaru x Temari and Kiba x Ino. Sakura is new to Konoha and she goes to a boarding academy, Konoha Boarding Academy where she meets her two roomates, Naruto and Sasuke. And from there, the love begins...Rated K plus because of some language. It is 21 chapters and complete.

Bringing Her Back: Mainly Sasuke x Sakura, but other minor pairings that are the same as Melting the Human Ice Cube. Sasuke returns to Konoha and he excepts Sakura to be hugging him, crying and telling him about how hard it is been for her, but instead he was met with a cold-hearted version of Sakura. Rated K plus for some language. It is currently 3 chapters and not complete.

Realizing the True Feelings: Mainly Naruto x Hinata, but if there are going to be more pairings, they are the same as my other two stories. Naruto returns from training with Jiraiya for 3 years and he has yet to notice many things, but they are coming his way sooner than expected. Rated K plus for some language. It is currently 4 chapters and not complete.

Late Night Study Sessions: Naruto x Hinata one-shot that relates to Melting the Human Ice Cube. Hinata is helping Naruto study for finals and it's late in the night. CUTENESS. Rated K plus because of Kiba...-.- It is complete.

Melting the Human Ice Cube: Sequel: Mainly Sasuke x Sakura, but there is a lot of Naruto x Hinata, especially in the first chapter. Sequel to Melting the Human Ice Cube. The gang is in college years, but some couples have to be split apart. Will breakups happen or tighter bonds? Rated T, because of something in Chapter 2, but it's not a lemon. It's not even a lime. It's orange. Yeah, an orange. Currently, it is 8 chapters and not complete.

Camping Under The Stars: Naruto x Hinata oneshot. Naruto doesn't have anyone to go camping with, until he asks Hinata, who agrees. Rated K plus because of cuteness. :) It is complete.

The Melodies Within Us: Neji X Tenten oneshot. Neji teaches Tenten how to play piano when one day she stumbles across him playing. A lot of sadness. Rated T because of what happened in Tenten's childhood. It is complete.


- I say ZOMG instead of OMG because...I'm special and because my friend and I (emsnems) made it up one day and have been using it ever since.

- These pairings and anime reviews are updated at different times, so I'm sorry for any repetitiveness.

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