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You have entered the lair of the Cerulean Searoach. Please keep your hands and feet inside the moving vehicle at all times. Pardon the mess--I was not expecting visitors.

There is nothing interesting to say about myself, save I am much, much too old to be writing fanfictions and I am a rabid reader of just about everything (fan fictions, books, news, magazines). However, if you have some burning question you are just absolutely dying to ask me, feel free. I'll answer just about anything--probably in more detail than you wanted. Or I'll just pretend I didn't hear you. Searoaches don't have ears.

For the purposes of fan fictions, I am a huge fan of Yu-Gi-Oh and Yu Yu Hakusho and I try to stick to the author's established canon as much as possible. I'm not familar with most other manga/anime other than what's printed in the American edition of Shonen Jump.

I actually do have a completed fiction posted. S.A. Bonasi was kind enough to post my first fan fiction, Fight for Life, under her account name because I was too lazy to get my own account at the time. Please check it out. I apologize in advance for anything non-canon in that story--I was not familar with much of Bakura Ryou's homelife while writing it and I went the safe route of "normalish" childhood. While you're on S.A. Bonasi's page, check out some of her fictions as well--she's a rather talented writer and a super-nice person.

Official disclaimer: I am a very SLOW, very long-winded writer (ask S.A. Bonasi). Sorry. I am currently working on only two stories (unfortunately, that thing called "a real job" combined with play rehearsal and hospital volunteering gets in the way of writing). Let me know if you prefer I post as I update, or post when my story is complete.

I think that covers the basics...on with the show...


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