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Author has written 6 stories for Blue Gender, and Space 1999.

"Beyond Armageddon" has been my literary labor for six years and is now available on Kindle OR on Kindle for PC (free software for your computer--see link).

If you've enjoyed any of my writing on this web site I think you might just enjoy Beyond Armageddon. I hope you'll check it out.

Beyond Armageddon on Kindle:

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What is Beyond Armageddon? Here's the 'back cover' info:

Earth is invaded by a collection of alien animals—both predators and prey—as well as extraterrestrial militias of varying technological capabilities. Governments fall; cities are overrun. The landscape grows wild, alien forces attempt to carve out zones of control, and humanity no longer sits atop the food chain

Trevor Stone finds himself alone and afraid in this chaotic new world when he meets a strange old man who grants three gifts. First, a well-stocked isolated estate perfect for surviving the initial invasion. Second, the ability to command the fiercest breeds of dogs. Third, access to the collective genetic memories of humanity.

It seems he is all part of a plan; a plan that has set 'rules' to this invasion and one that blurs the line between hero and villain.



On hold while for now

Overview: After surviving his 'last stand,' Dice finds new purpose on wasteland Earth: the purpose to improve conditions for humanity as those left behind and those who have fallen from destroyed Second Earth strive to make a new civilization in the ruins left by the Blue. But this is Dice Quaid, and that means even his best of intentions lead to troubles for himself and his two young traveling companions. On the run from thugs, Dice and his group enter the vast expanse known as "The Forbidden Zone,". Some say they will find nothing but wasteland. Others suggest a horrible version of the Blue lurk among buried secrets from Earth's last great war. Dice finds all this, of course, plus something he thought he had lost forever. More serious and somber than "Last Stand", "The Forbbiden Zone" explores the Dice character to much greater length.

Timeline of BG Fanfiction (all of which appear in the same fanfict 'universe' but "Children" does not crossover with the Quaid least not yet)

"The Last Stand of Dice Quaid" - same time frame as the original Blue Gender series

"Dice Quaid and the Forbidden Zone" - one year after BG series concluded (slightly more than a year since "Last Stand").

"Children of the Blue" - five years after conclusion of BG.'

One other BG note: I am giving consideraton to writing a massive, epic Blue Gender prequel that would cover the time period between the first appearance of the Blue to the start of Second Earth. Obviously characters from the original series would play primarily a small role (particularly Marlene/Yugi--they were sleeping & very young, respectively). If there's enough interest, I'll pursue it, so let me know what you think so I can gauge interest.

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