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Author has written 5 stories for Digimon, Kingdom Hearts, Mega Man, and Naruto.

My latest stories, Naruto: Mirage Knights and Megaman Axess: Enter Twilight are my pride and joy here on this site. My style of writing requires you to actively know about the series, the characters in them, and the usual fashion the characters wear. I usually only describe a character's clothing only if I'm just introducing that character, or if I'm changing an already existing character's wardrobe. Another thing, I use a descriptive style of writing, I'm trying to paint a picture in you, the readers', head. Also, some of my OCs seem to be over powered, so to make up for it, I usually make the characters of the main series get stronger, and I make the enemies stronger, if not add more enemies or conflicts. Lastly, most of my characters have quite the dark pasts, explaining their 'character' and how they got so strong, so if you don't like it, better look elsewhere for stories.

My dream is to create the next big video game series, and right now I'm trying some ideas I have, for the series, out in my writing. So if you guys and gals don't mind, read my stories and review, tell me what you think of them and my ideas, because they will help me in the future, and maybe many others if I can make my game a reality. Thanks!

Mirage Knights OCs

Amara/Crystal Sudofuddo-Jinchuuriki of the four tailed wolf Aku. Descendant of the Village Hidden in Miracles, Princess to the land of Miracles. Her mother, one of the few survivers from the destroyed Land of Miracles, was kidnapped by Shinobi from the Village Hidden in Twilight before giving birth to Crystal. While Crystal is the name her mother gave her, Amara is the name the village gave her and is the name she goes by. Amara was chosen to be Aku's container because of her bloodline. Aku grants its container the ability to use and control elemental jutsu with little chakra usage. Amara's bloodline allows her to gain elemental affinities, immunity to elements and elemental jutsu, and mastery over elements, all in that order. This, however, only happens after being exposed to the raw element itself. The Hidden Twilight Village trained Amara in her bloodline in an attempt to make her the perfect weapon, against her will. Amara was placed in the S.H.A.D.E. unit, equivalent to the Leaf Village's Anbu Black Ops, at age 9. After a run in with Itachi Uchiha, who had yet to join Akatsuki, she left the Twilight Village for a year, training with Itachi and making peace with Aku. Aku grants her a demonic bloodline with Itachi's help, the Demonic Eyes. Basically an altered Sharingan, it grants the ability to analyze an opponent, their health, bloodline, along with the basics of the Sharingan, but significantly weakened. Instead of being able to copy a jutsu by seeing it performed, it analyzes the flow of chakra and memorizes it while granting Amara the knowledge of what handsigns to use. Amara can activate her Demonic Eyes without chakra. Amara's eyes can evolve to the Mangekyo, which does use chakra, and can use its jutsu. At the end of the year training with Itachi, both Amara and Itachi returned to the Twilight village and slaughtered it. Not much is said what has happened after that, but Amara is now known as the S-class criminal: Mistress of Elements.

Amara has knee length Sea-green hair with violet eyes in all my fics. The only difference is in Mirage Knights, where she has wolf-like ears and swirl like marks that run across her cheeks from her chin, along with some fangs. The closest picture I can find to match her physical appearance is of Mariam from Beyblade V-Force. I don't own this pic.

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