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Author has written 9 stories for Tales of the Abyss, Star Fox, Persona Series, Payday: The Heist, High School DxD/ハイスクールD×D, and Dishonored.

Hello everyone this is Fatal-fame and I'd like to tell you a little about myself.

I'm a seventeen year old high school student in Alberta, Canada.

I'm trying to become an automotive mechanic for the future, but right now I just want to pass school.

My fan fictions are mostly ones I haven't seen before. Such as Luke not going with the group and things like that.

I'm a huge video gamer with a liking for anime. Most notably the Tales series.

Here are some of the ideas that I want to write, but want your opinions on.

1. Oracle Knight Luke. (No title)

In this Luke wakes up earlier then expected. He realizes he is alone and heads to the surface. There he goes to Daath and becomes an oracle knight. The reason for this is because he wants to die but can't take his own life. However, his skills get him noticed by some individuals that force their way into his life. He makes his way up the ranks as he learns that his own life has value.

This is a harem, strong (But not Perfect Control strong), intelligent AU Luke. Includes OC and some OOC.

My thoughts for this is I have not seen a fic where Luke works his way up in the military, nor have I seen one where he has a harem.

2. Luke the bartender (No title)

Luke goes to Daath where he collapses in a street. When he wakes up he is told that a bar owner took him in. Luke, who feels he has nowhere else to go, takes a job as a dish washer. As time progresses he becomes the actual bar tender. Through his time working he shows an incredible talent in music, which causes the bars popularity to sky rocket. He slowly opens up to his coworkers and lets loose every now and again.

This is a live life and how it is for people who aren't saving the world. Luke drinks and parties every now again. Luke refuses to fight unless he has no choice, but will be able to throw things with pin point accuracy. May take up smoking, bond with a god-general. OC and OOC as well. will contain swearing

3. Fortune Knights

Luke wakes up and goes to Daath after seeing his hyperresonance power. He heads to Daath where he is found by Tritheim, who makes him head of the oracle knights new branch, the fortune knights. They are oracle knight approved mercenaries. He creates a group not unlike the god-generals who become very close to him.

At first Luke is just a cold soldier who only does his job. But his new friends help him become a more easy going person. OC and maybe OOC.

4. Shift

Luke wakes up and heads away from Tear. As he leans on the rails of Yulia city the world seems to shift around him. When it stops he gets attacked by a man who calls him a "Rebel" Luke kills him in self defense and gets taken to a rebel hideout there, he becomes a rebel to help fight of the emperor.

In this the emperor's elite have suits which give them some type of power. Luke kills one of the better ones and gets his suit which gives him magnetic properties. He will constantly be forced into both worlds, but neither will progress as long as he is in the alternate one. In the abyss world Luke will act as he normally does. In the other world he would be a violent person with a womanizing streak. Like an anti hero. He will struggle with who he really is and try not to expose the two worlds. Will contain sexual content and swearing.

5. Alternate world (No title)

Luke gets transported to a different world by Lorelei. When he arrives he is attacked by a monster, but is saved by a guy his own age. The boy explains where Luke is and how the world works. Luke learns of how there is a tyrant who makes people obey him, but everyone does it of their own will. Luke goes around with this boy and helps him destroy the tyrant. At the same time he gains friends and finds his own self worth. However there seems to be someone trying to kill him, yet others seem to be protecting him.

AU, another world, OC, not enough stuff to be considered crossover, OOC.

Crossovers fics


Harmonies Champion (Tales of the Abyss x Dissidia duodecim)

Luke was transported to Cosmos' Sanctuary and meets his other warriors. Although Luke has no memory he still feels the immense guilt. As he fights through the conflict he slowly shakes the guilt as he gets stronger.

Luke will get stronger as he progresses. He won't have one opponent he has to fight so he will fight all of Chaos' warriors. He will learn FoF artes and fonic artes as he becomes stronger.

Luke's row (Tales of the Abyss x Saints Row)

Luke wakes up from Asch's connection and wanders into Yulia city. Believing he has nowhere else to go Luke enters the residential area of Yulia. There he gets transported to Stillwater and learns to live there. A few months later Luke joins the Saints in an attempt to take back the row.

Luke will start off silent like the first game, but by the second he will be completely remorseless about who he kills. Luke will only care about those in his gang. Sexual content and swearing

Tales of the abyss x Grand Theft Auto V (No Title)

Same beginning as Luke's row, only he gets to Los Santos. Luke takes on odd jobs for a couple of months before he meets Micheal. Luke believes he's still worthless and Micheal starts to hangout with him. They soon start to commit crimes together, forming a father-son bond as they go.

Luke is pretty much Franklin and Trevor has less of a role in this fic. Luke goes through each heist and becomes more and more confident in himself. Luke may get one or two girlfriends. Will contain sexual content and swearing.

Luke in Symphonia (Tales of the Abyss x Tales of Symphonia)

Luke wakes up in sylvarant and accidentally hits his head, causing him to lose his memory. For a year he lives with Dirk and Lloyd, going to school in Iselia and learning how to fight with a cross bow. He dislikes using swords and suffers from extreme guilt, but his memory loss makes it so that he copes with "If I can't remember it now, it's something I can't let control my future."

Luke will have a different name, different fighting style and a more cheerful attitude. He will claim to be Iselia's number one hunter, mostly cause he is the only hunter. He uses a crossbow and is a long range fighter.

Anime crossovers

Scion of Zero (Tales of the Abyss x Familiar of Zero)

Luke awakens from the connection and gets pulled in to Halkeginia to become Louise's familiar. He starts to panic until he realizes that no one knows him. He chooses to forget his past and serve his new pink hair master, as a familiar of zero.

Luke will push his body to the limit in order to protect his friends. He will start using magic and learn a new sword style. Will diverge off from original anime

Tell me what you think in a pm and I might make a sample. If the sample gets good reviews I'll make it a story.

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