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This account belongs to two people, so both of their profiles are on here, with their seperate e-mails, etc.

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MSN: sherkoni@hotmail
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(Is anyone else seeing a pattern??)

Konnichiwa minna-san! Here me and Perrararii are, writing a story together - sort of. *shifty eyes* MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! *grabs Perrararii's talent and runs away*
Perrararii - o_O;;

Favorite Quote: I know exactly where I am. *blinks* I think I've been lost here before...

Perrarari's Bio E-MAIL: (warning: do NOT try to pronounce - may cause distress)
MSN: same as above

Anyway Yaddihoo (my weird totally unexisting word for HI) how is everyone, don't listen to Sherkoni she don't know what she's talkin bout w/ the talent, its her who can draw. Me, I just sit here in awe at everythin she does, well anyway i'm single... (and lookin for cute guys!!) lol, anyway yeah just review our things and anywho..

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Wherever you go there you are.
I don't suffer from insanity... I enjoy every moment of it!

We love to do Alternate Universe stories, which basically means it has the same characters and their personalities, but something that could never happen in the show happens. Hm, yeah - that was a detailed description.
Anyways, our point to all this is if anyone has a request, we'd be glad to do a story for you! ^_^

Coming attraction (hehe, that sounds so cool)
Secrets Abiding
Anime: Yu-Gi-Oh
Summary: Detained from their royal positions and banished from their hometown, Kaiba and Yugi must race against well-armed nobles to get to the Pharaoh to try to claim their lives back. On the way, they meet a young girl searching for herself (Tea) Together, the three are hurled into a twisted adventure of action and romance, dealing with the ruthless nobles, native Egyptian tribes and the natural elements themselves... YugiTea, KaibaMai

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Oneshot Valentine's Day fic... For once, Kurama was irritated at the dance of strategy. It wasn't a dance anymore, it was ... a chase! One approaches, the other flees! They were running in circles. Words had failed. Time to try a more direct approach.
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