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LM's Bio

Age: 20 (like Cyborg)
Height: 5 ft. 3
Food: Fast Food, Raviolie, Spanish foods, and Cheese cake.
Drinks: Soda and Sangria (spanish drink)
Clothes: black suit pants, black army boots, a red buttoned sleeve shirt, a black tie, and a black leather trench coat.
Specialty: fighting and shooting.
Weapons: Anything necessary.
Fighting Tatics: Kung Fu, Tai Kwon Do, Ju Jitsu, Wrestling.
Powers: Bullet Time, Flying, and Seeing the Matrix Code through Neo's sunglasses.
Vehicles: Pontiac GTO (classic)
Friends: Neo, Morpheus, The Oracle, Last Hope (Connecter, Night Owl, Silent Night, Kill Switch, and Max Speed), and the Teen Titans (Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, Raven, Beast Boy, and Terra).
Enemies: Agent Smith, Agent Jackson, Merovingian, and Slade.

To find out more about LM, read my stories, "Teen Matrix" and "LM's History".

Transformers Prime Season 3 Characters

Human Name: Jackson Darby
Autobot Name: Rodimus Prime
Age: 16
Cybertronian Class: Warrior, Prime
Weapons: Blasters, Star Saber Sword, and Energy Sheild
Vehicle Alt Mode: Hummer H2
Bio: Jackson Darby was once an ordinary boy living an ordinary life in Jasper, Neveda. Until one day he got involved a secret war between the Autobots and the Decepticons. He, along with Raf and Miko, became part of the war while Arcee becomes the guardian for Jack, and soon to be partner. Thoughout that time, he had been a big help for the team from blowing up Airachnid's ship to heading to Cybertron to help regain Optimus's memories. But when the Decepticons attacked the Autobot base, he and the others were force to leave their friends to live normal lives. Unfortunate for them, MECH attacked and captured them for an experiment that would turn them into cybertronian soldiers. Team Prime managed to infiltrate MECH's base to rescue them but it was too late as they were already turned into their kind. Now Jack need to learn to adapt to his new life and help fight along side his Autobot friends. While on a mission to rescue Optimus, Rodimus took on Shockwave which ultimately destroyed his broad sword. Some time later, when the team was fighting Predaking, Jack was taken out easily and remained unconscious. During that time, Vector Prime came to him in his dream and told him that he was choosen to be the new Prime. Waking up, he placed the Key of Vector Sigma into his spark chamber and turned himself into a Prime. He then used the Star Saber Sword, which he inserted into his arm with the help of the Forge of Solus Prime, to destroy Predaking and save his friends. Now as a new Prime, he must embark in many challenges to reach his goal.

Human Name: Rafael "Raf" Jorge Gonzales Esquivel
Autobot Name: Firewall
Age: 12
Cybertronian Class: Hacker
Weapons: Tazer Blasters, Extendable Cables (for both in combat and hacking)
Vehicle Alt Mode: Scion XB
Bio: For a 12-year-old, Raf is no ordinary kid. He was born with a high IQ and a genius for his age. His favorite skill is computer work whether it be hacking or research. When he and Jack encountered the Autobots for the first time he was a huge help for them since they had little idea on human technology. His skills proved worthy to the cause as he hacks into any computer to prevent any Decepticon planning. He's even a close friend to Bumblebee since he's the only human that could understand him. When the Decepticons attacked the base, he and the others were suppose to be taken to a secure location to keep safe until they would have normal lives without the Autobots. But MECH took them in and turned them into robotic soldiers thanks to an experiment from the head of the science division. Now as Firewall, he can bypass any secured areas whether it be of Earth or Cybertronian and have access to any computer within the world.

Human Name: Miko Nakadai
Autobot Name: Kaosu
Age: 15
Cybertronian Class: Wrecker Cadet
Weapons: Super Sonic Pulse Blasters, Gravity Hammers, Shoulder Mounted Rocket Launchers
Vehicle Alt Mode: McLaren MP4 12C
Bio: Born in the Tokyo, Miko has a bit of a rebelious side in her as she listens to loud music and gets into a lot of trouble. She moved to Jasper to take part in an American Exchange program just to understand about the country. But when she she saw Arcee talking to Jack, her life was changed in an instant. She became part of the Autobot cause and has a great friend in Bulkhead. Tough a serious troublemaker, she was really helpful for them from time to time, especially from destroying Hardshell. After the attack in Jasper though, Miko along with her friends were captured by MECH when they were being taken to protective custody. From there, they have been experimented on and turned into Cybertronian soldiers for one man's sick cause. With her new skills and weapons as Kaosu, she can show to Team Prime that she can wreck with the best.

Human Name: June Darby
Autobot Name: Altra
Age: 42
Cybertronian Class: Medic
Weapons: Blasters, Scalpel Daggers, Spark Defibilators, Swiss Army Knife Like Tools on her Fingers
Vehicle Alt Mode: Volvo S60 Sedan Emergency Vehicle
Bio: Working as a medical nurse in Jasper Hospital, June is a little overprotected on his son, Jack, ever since their father left them. But she knows that she wants to make sure that her only son is safe. Unfortunate for her, she too got dragged into the robot wars that lasted many centuries When Silas and Airachnid took her in to bait Arcee. By the time she was rescued, she usually visits the Autobot base to check on her son. She even was a big help for the team too when Raf suffered the effects of Dark Energon and needed regular energon to save his life. When Jasper was attacked by the Cons, June was with the kids when they were taken to protective custody. But then MECH attacked them and took them in, turning her and the children into Cybertronian soldiers for MECH's new army. Though still a medic June, or Altra, can help out the team whether it be human or cybertronian medicine.

Name: Professor Issac Sumdac
Age: 44
Position: Chairman of Sumdac Industires
Bio: As a robotic engineer, Sumdac dedicated his life in creating robots to help the human race. His skills and experience made him one of the top innovators in the world. But when his wife died in an accident, he issolate himself and had to raise his daughter by himself. When the Director came in, he asked him to take part of a project he had been working on. Sumdac agreed to take part of it, not knowing of the consequences until it was too late. Wanting to clean his recent acts, the professor decided to help the Autobots with whatever they needed be that for repairs or modifications.

Name: Johnathan Darby
Age: 43
Position: Former Member of the Social Welfare Agency, Liaison to Team Prime
Bio: Johnathan Darby is the husband of June Darby and the father of Jack Darby. He was a military soldier that spends most of the time keeping his country safe. But then a car bombing in Baghdad not only damanged his knee, but cost him the life of his brother, Kevin. After getting discharged from the military, John left his family and home to find to person or people responsible for the death of his brother. After leading him to Italy, he soon joined the Social Welfare Agency, an anti terrorist organization that turns young girls into cybernetic soldiers for battle. He was soon assign to a young girl by the name of Elsa de Sica and to two were inseparable since. Seven years later, John, giving that he hasn't seen his family since, decided to visit them for a while. Though he was caught off guard with Jack's friends being giant alien robots, he immediately soon accept it and was on a mission to stop the Decepticon from using the Agency's Intel to create their own soldiers. By the time it was time to leave, Optimus promised him that his family will be safe. But when the the Decepticons attacked Jasper and his family wasn't on the obituary or relocation list, he returned to the states to investigate. But when he and Elsa got captured by the Cons, he was soon discovered the truth that his family got turned into Cybertronians as well by MECH. When rescued by the Autobots, John decided to quit the Agency and applied for the job as liaison of the Autobots since Fowler was removed due to recent Autobot actions. Now he and Elsa are working along side Team Prime, as he can be close to his family and keeping the team in line.

Name: Elsa de Sica
Age: 13
Position: Cyborg Soldier, Former Member of the Social Welfare Agency
Bio: Elsa de Sica was once a normal girl until she was nearly killed by an explosion in Catanian, Italy when she and her family were on vacation. She barely survived, but her family perished in the blast and her body was mangled and was on the verge of dying. The Social Welfare Agency found her and brought her to Section 2 to turn her into a cybernetic soldier, wiping out her memories by the means of conditioning. She was soon partnered with Johnathan Darby and the two became inseperable since. When John decided to visit his family in Jasper, she joined in. But when she was with the family, something strange is wrong about this family. Mainly the bike that Jack has. One day, both John and Jack were driving around Jasper, Airachnid came out of the blue and attack them. When the secret was revealed, Elsa assisted Arcee in taking down Airachnid and everything changed. Learning that Jack's friends are Cybertronian aliens, she had no choice but to trust them. But when she was captured by the Decepticons to be opened up to see how she works and use that information to create their own Cybernetic soldiers. The Autobots and John managed to save her and recovered the Intel the Cons took from the agency. But not until she pushed John out of the way and got attacked by Megatron's Dark Energon beam and it poisoned her system. Thankfully, they managed to managed to cure her by treating her with normal energon to counter it. Though there was worry that the energon would effect her cybernetic body, everything seemed to be all right. That was until one mission where her hand turned into a blaster similar to Arcee. Slowly, her body was altering to be that of a Cybertronian. When Jasper was attacked and John's family wasn't in the orbituary and relocation lists, she joined John to see what happened to them. But when she was taken again by the Cons with John, she soon discovered the truth that his family got turned into Cybertronians as well by MECH. They were both rescued and she soon became a mini Cybertronian with weapons and abilities. Now she is a part of Team Prime while her handler became a new liaison of the team.

Name: Sari Sumdac
Age: 16
Position: Student, Daughter of Issac Sumdac
Bio: Sari is sort of a unique girl. She's always energetic, adventurous, and have a thing with getting into trouble. When her mother died when she was eight, her father was the only family she had left. He tried to raise her as much as he could but sometimes it's never easy being that he's the chairman of a multi million robot manufacturing company. On her tenth birthday though, he gave Sari a special key to show that she is mature enough to handle it. This was no ordinary key though, it was a special key. During her years with it, she discovered that once placed in the terminal or piece of machinery, that it activates it and gives her access to any room or any system. What even more amazing is that her key can heal up injuries from Cybertronians no matter how fatal they are. With her key, she would be a great help for the Autobot cause. She also has a pet scraplet she can control thanks to her key called Sparkplug, who can eat metal. With it by her side, she can command it to attack any Con and it would protect her when danger was near.

Name: Sam Witwicky
Age: 16
Position: Student
Bio: Sam is somewhat of an outcast within the high school grounds. The only thing his family was famous for was the exploration many years ago that was led by his great grandfather, Normal 0 Captain Archibald Witwicky. One day while he and Sari were heading to their homes, he was taken by MECH and was used as a hostage. But then, the Autobots rescued them and ultimately changed his life for the better. Though not much in strength, he was a smart person and can do research on whatever he needed. This makes him a valuable asset for Team Prime.

Name: Vince
Age: 17
Position: Student, Bully
Bio: Vince is what people in school call a major bully. He likes to drive his hot rod car, hangs with the young jocks, and picks on the weak students, such as Jack, Raf, and Miko. Basically a thorn in anyone's side. But what no one didn't know that he was a carring son and brother for a family that use to love him. Then everything changed when the Decepticons made permanent residence near Jasper and attacked the town, costing Vince his entire family. At first he was lost without anyone until two weeks later he and Noble Team came across three Autobot recruits, who were in fact Jack, Raf, and Miko. He decided to join in and help them with reaching Darkmount and didn't have a clue who they really were. That was until they were all captured and Megatron figured it all out. At first, Vince was angry that they kept it from him and would want some serious answers. But by the time Rodimus battled Predaking and beat the creature, Vince suddenly has a sense of respect for them. Now he joins the Autobots in a quest in stopping the Decepticons and perhaps gain some closure to the death of his family.

Name: Leonard Church
Code Name: Director
Age: 47
Position: Head of MECH's Science Devision
Bio: Leonard Church was once the head CEO of his company Church Enterprise that specialized in military weapons and engineering. Unfortunatly due to unknown reasons, he became irrational and smuggled his weapons to the black market for terrorists to use. The American government soon notice Church's actions and were about to detain him. But just as they were going to arrest him, he disappeared out of thin air and wasn't seen since. many years later, he resurfaced as the head of MECH's science devision and goes by the name of the Director. Since then he's been creating weapons and gear for MECH's cause including his latest work that involves turning humans to cybernetic soldiers. As a result used Jack, Raf, Miko, and June as the first test subjects. But underneath the surface, the Director has a secret motive that will shake MECH's foundation. What is he planning?

Name: Commander Rourke
Age: 45
Position: Commanding Officer and the Director's Right Hand Man
Bio: Not much is known about Commander Rourke. Like all other soldiers, he use to work for the U.S. Military and was part of a Black Ops bregade. But due to an unexpected tragedy he blamed the military and defected immediately. Joining MECH, he follows orders of the Director and makes sure that everything is in working order. Try not to get him in his bad moods though, for it will be your last.

Name: Henry Masterson
Code Name: HeadmasterAge: 18
Position: Former Sumdac Employee, MECH Scientist
Bio: Henry Masterson is what you would call a young genius, working on robotics since he was young. He also has an obsession with Prof. Sumdac as he idolized his work with robots. When he graduated high school to get his degree in robotics, he skipped college just to become an employee of Sumdac Systems. His recent work is a project known as the Headmaster Unit, where a head would attach to any robot body if it malfunctions. Sumdac looked to his project and believed it has potential, yet at the same time, it's plagued with a lot of flaws. One day, Masterson wanted to use the Headmaster Unit in the field and illegaly test his unit on a construction bot. The only problem is that he was using the factory as his own test feild and the Autobots were present. With the team and Rodimus taking him down, Masterson was arrested and sent to juvenile prison, only to be free by MECH the same day. The Director took a keen interest in his work and wanted him to work for the organization. Masterson accepted the offer and aids him on a variety of works, including the Director's greatest achievement, Project: Noah.

Transformers Prime Season 3 Episode Ark

Episode 1: Rebirth
As the Autobots recover from the aftermath of the attack and the loss of their leader, Jack, Raf, Miko, and June were captured by MECH where their new leader have stronger ambitions in creating the perfect robotic soldier. Will the Autobots manage to rescue their human friends before it's too late?

Status: Completed

Episode 2: Prime
With news that Optimus is alive and held captive by the Decepticons, the team needs to do anything they can to reach the fortress and free their leader. But dark forces are in play as Megatron welcome a key player into the fold. Will Team Prime succeed?

Status: Complete

Episode 3: Headmaster
After what the team been through in Darkmount, they headed to Sumdac Systems, per Sari’s request, to give them a bit of a break. But during their visit, they encountered a new threat and MECH making their return. Meanwhile, Jack needs to learn about controlling his new Prime powers with the help of Optimus.

Status: Complete

Episode 4: Family
With the news of what happened to Jasper, John and Elsa return to the states in search of his family to see if they are alive and safe. Little do they know is that his family has changed dramatically. How will John and Elsa react to this shocking turn of events.

Status: Completed

Episode 5: Double Trouble
While the Autobots try and stop the Decepticons from transferring a huge asset to Darkmount, John and Elsa went on a mission to find out what MECH is planning to destroy whatever project they have. Will the two succeed?

Status: Completed

Episode 6: Shattered
During a ground bridge malfunction, Rodimus Prime, Firewall, and Kaosu stumbled into an alternate reality where the Autobots are bad guys and the Decepticons are good guys. How will they able to survive and escape that when the only ones they can trust are the Cons?

Status Ongoing

Help Wanted

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Ben 10: Omniscentience by Red Reef reviews
What started out as the worst summer ever turned into a strange adventure when a pod shows up carrying a weird girl and an even weirder watch. Now with the Omnitrix stuck to Ben's wrist and being hunted by Vilgax and his lethal 'children', this was definitely going to be an interesting summer.
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Transformers/Beast Wars - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Drama - Chapters: 44 - Words: 235,680 - Reviews: 164 - Favs: 236 - Follows: 225 - Updated: 2/18 - Published: 7/11/2021 - [Jack D., Miko N.] Optimus Prime, Raf E.
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