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Author has written 6 stories for Homer, Elder Scroll series, Temeraire, Warcraft, and Fallout.

Yes, that's my real name. I went by a number of other lame, alliterative monikers before, such as "Nada Nemo", "Son of Solitude", and "Weekend Warrior", but ultimately felt more comfortable using the handle I was born with. I'm Singaporean (Chinese) and I've been writing fiction on and off since I was thirteen, to the point that I'm, sadly, about ten (give or take) times better at the English language than I am at my mother tongue, Mandarin. Blame it on an obsessive-compulsive reading habit and a certain very popular work of fiction I picked up long ago at the school library: something about a piece of gold jewelry the whole world's lusting after.

What I've put up here so far:

Dawn of Destiny
This was a Dynasty Warriors fic about a young warrior searching for his missing beloved in the wars of the Three Kingdoms era. I took it down after five chapters while I was working on the sixth, for three reasons that had by then become apparent to me: a Gary Stu of a protagonist, a horribly linear and all-too-predictable plot, and a desire to write more about the great Romance of the Three Kingdoms than the butchery of it that was Dynasty Warriors. Now buried in a quiet corner of my hard drive, this was my first contribution to the site back in 2004.

Shadow of the Horse: Of the Tarnished Helm
This is a Homer fic: a what-if exploring the possibility of Hector's infant son surviving the fall of Troy. Inspired by my first reading of the Iliad, I wrote it in the same style and planned it to be the first in a series of one-shots featuring protagonists who had all stood in the shadow of the Trojan Horse on that terrible day in mythology. The title is a play on Hector's famous epithet. Mounting schoolwork at the time, however, precluded me continuing the planned series, and I never did get back to it.

Myths of Morrowind: Ash Dawn
This Morrowind fic is a "failed Nerevarine" AU piece. I intended it to feature an ensemble cast of protagonists struggling to survive on a Vvardenfell at open war with the Sixth House, but ended up abandoning it a little into the second chapter; I was no longer interested in the game by then, having not had a chance to play it for a considerable time. It was not until Oblivion was released that I truly appreciated Morrowind as the best entry in the Elder Scrolls franchise, but I had moved on to other pieces by then.

Dusk of Drakes
This was an attempt to make the first full-length Temeraire contribution to the site. I set it chronologically after the third novel in the series, which was all the author had written of it then that I was aware of, only to learn later of her intention to write more, therefore making it highly likely that my piece would become AU as the canon moved on. Not feeling inclined to do that to such a brilliant and original series, I stopped work on it. Maybe I'll return to it when Peter Jackson finally films His Majesty's Dragon.

Order Must Be Restored
This World of Warcraft fic is a simple one-shot dramatizing my experience with the in-game quest line of the same name; I remember writing it in a single work day during a particularly dull day in the office. No more WoW fics for me though, as I have long since retired from the servers (and MMO gaming in general).

Generations of Blood
I just had to write this little something of a Fallout fic after finishing Fallout 3's Operation: Anchorage DLC. I've always felt it was the most epic of all the FO3 expansions, and one that deserved to be not only written about, but made into a full-fledged game of its own.

Honest Actions
When I sat down to write this short Fallout fic inspired by my playthrough of Fallout: New Vegas's Honest Hearts DLC, I couldn't believe it had been nearly four years since I'd last written fanfiction. Dedicated to Demon971, who hoped I would write a FNV piece after reading 'Generations of Blood' two and a half years before.

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