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Ahaha, finally got around to doing this thing...

Basically, I am a fanatic to anything game-related, and I'm a casual fan of anime. I also like writing, as evidenced here. To account for possible confusion, I've decided to add some comprehensive info on both my main characters and fics and what they have to do with each other. Oh yes, and being a freshman in college can basically screw over any chance of trying to update stories. But don't worry, I've got the storylines for all of my fics planned out. I just need to actually write it all though...

Unfortunately, I can't quite update at the blindingly fast pace I used to. A combination of school, World of Warcraft, Call of Duty 4, and various other tempting distractions have put a huge wall between me and writing. However, I love my Marines too much to ditch them, so just be patient.

As you may have noticed, my writing style tends to be very actiony and at times not very descriptive. There are some things where I just like leaving up to reader imagination, and I've pretty much grown up with excessive sappy romance and emo nutcases to the extent that I hate them with a burning passion. Various personal experiences have converged to create my burning hatred for all things emo, sappy, and the like. Besides, I've always been a fan of the OPERATION: MACHO KICKASS! side of the storytelling spectrum anyways. Don't expect any incredibly deep, existential debates or some long, played out love triangle or some other shit like that. What I can guarantee are lots of fights, lots of action, and lots of hot soldier girls taking names and kicking ass! HOO RAH!

Oh, and to all the fans out there who've bothered to take the time to review my fics, thanks a lot. I have to admit that I usually get too lazy to regularly review, but I have to say that I've checked out some of your works and they are just fantastic. Keep doing what you do! As for you reviewers, unfortunately, I've never been able to make it a habit to personally respond to reviews. If I feel that your review does have some merit, I usually acknowledge it in the notes of my next chapter, or just silently incorporate it into my writing. That's just how this author rolls.

Character Profiles (in development):

They're pretty short and to the point. If you want more detail, THEN READ MY STORIES=3.

Captain Karla Wellings
Age: 22
Specialty: Officer
Profile: A fiercely dedicated Marine, Karla is on a fast track to the top in the UNSC Marine Corps. She's often serious, to the point, and likes to lead in her own way. Also happens to be Sam's older sister.

Sergeant Ronald Paccone
Age: 24
Speciality: NCO
Profile: Paccone is basically your average, tough-talking NCO. He's got a lot of street smarts when it comes to combat, and a rather low respect for officers.

Private Samantha "Sam" Wellings
Age: 18
Specialty: Sniper
Profile: A raw recruit, Sam has a natural talent for the art of sniping, however, it's difficult for her to take things seriously, even in the middle of a battle. She's also Karla's younger sister.

Private Leonardo "Leo" Carter
Age: 18
Specialty: Spotter
Profile: Leo is Sam's spotter and childhood friend. He used to be pretty wild and crazy when he was young, but he eventually mellowed out and now constantly frets over Sam's miscehvious behavior.

Private Kumi Leeds
Age: 18
Specialty: Corpsman
Profile: An old friend of Sam and Leo, Kumi joined up with the Marines just for the hell of it. Not exactly the most exemplary soldier but she's always there if needed.

Sergeant Williams
Age: 22
Speciality: Driver
Profile: Williams definitely has what it takes to be an officer. However, he's pretty meek and lets others boss him around. Also, nobody seems to know his first name.

Lieutenant Tarin Richards
Age: 20
Specialty: Officer
Profile: If it weren't for their difference in appearance, Tarin and Karla could very well be clones of each other. She's a tough officer who also appears to be on the military fast track.

Lieutenant Ryan Hubbard
Age: 22
Specialty: Intelligence
Profile: Ryan is a rather brilliant and talented ONI officer, with the innate ability to manipulate people's behavior. He can be somewhat unsubordinate but is otherwise dependable.

Lieutenant Shannon Clark
Age: 22
Specialty: Special Ops
Profile: Shannon is Ryan's partner in crime. She rather good at beating the snot out of people, as well as all of the other fine arts of killing. Otherwise, she's a pretty likeable girl.

Story Connections:

Basically, Mist, All or Nothing, and Conflict of Interest is a trilogy that all occur in chronological order. Nothing too special or crazy about that. Chronicles of a Guilty Conscience involves Karla and Sam's mother and takes place before the main trilogy (a couple of continuity sticking points there, but nothing a good dose of ret-conning can't handle), and The Crusade of Divine Fury occurs waaaaaaaaaaaaay before either the trilogy or Chronicles occur (a long long time ago...), with one of Holy's and Mako's ancient ancestors as the protagonist (or antagonist, depending on your point of view). Holy War focused on Holy and was originally supposed to take place shortly before Mist. The idea still remains, but the fic itself just never got off the ground. Non Official is a side story that happens concurrently to these events. Boys and Girls was a hilariously dumb little side story that established a few character relationships. The Secrets of Rapture is a totally canonical crossover with Bioshock. I mean, the Marines have to have something to do with the Covenant gone... right?

The Long Road Home is basically a future alternate universe, where the main divergence point was that Reach was not attacked during the time period of the original universe. As a result, the war has taken a very different turn, though some references and connections to the original universe still exist...

Blood Gulch was basically a fun little satire of Halo multiplayer that I've always wanted to write about. It's not really connected with my main Halo fics, though it WAS written by Karla and Paccone. Just remember that fact as Conflict of Interest goes on...

As for the Half-life and FE fics, yeah... dont' get too excited about those...

My fic status:

The Long Road Home: An AU story. Primary story at the moment.

The Secrets of Rapture: Taking Non Official's place as secondary priority. (Sorry Ryan!)

Non Official: ON HOLD

Holy War: Someday...

Future Fics (all under working status. confirmation pending):

Hell's Legacy: Involves one lost Helljumper and one Hell of a lot of money.

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