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:bounces around high on sugar: hehe hi ya'll guess its time i tell u a little about me _

Name and reason: Chaos harbinger.
chaos:Noun A condition or place of great disorder or confusion.
harbinger: Noun One that indicates or foreshadows what is to come; a forerunner.
so i guess i forshadow chaos, panic and disorder. my job is done here.


Gender:Female(duh! girls rule)

Location:oh im just gonna say hang 10 dudes!

Looks: blonde bombshell w/greyblue eyes motto: smarter than the average blonde! (yogi bear fan here!)its all those fake dyed platinum blondes (truly brunettes) who give us a bad name! hmph! (i think the chemicals have seeped into their brains and they become the butt of everyones jokes)

POB:looks at location hint and nods: sad to say that i wish i was canadian tho.

DOB: ahh yes the day i decided to grace this world with my presence. such a lovely day too what with spring in-

:inu yasha smaks: chaos upside the head oi! get on with it will ya. sheesh!
me: ok! ok! 04/11/1987 there happy yah fickle jerk
:inu nods: ok then on with it :smaks inu back: hehe i'm thinking of a new ficcie for inu yasha where HE FINALLY MAKES UP HIS FRIGGIN MIND:sends death glares at inu:
:inu looks back at chaos: whats that wench! u think i'm not capable of making up my mind!
me: well of course not, what with the way u string kagome along terdface.
:begins to growl and crack knuckles: yer sooo gonna pay fer that bitch!(next few scenes deleted due to extreme violent content)
:few hours later: chaos :has black eye more than a few broken bones and face looks like a juicy plum:
inu yasha on the other hand has a face full of dirt in a six foot deep ditch
me: thanks Kagome ur a real pal
Kag: no problem, but what did u mean by make up his mind? looks confused
me: well ur just gonna hafta wait and find out. _~

Angel or Devil~ on hiatus. working the plot line a bit but the evil plot bunnies are yelling about other things right now.

An Eye for An Eye~ this little trouble maker on the other hand just won't shut up! the only reason i haven't updated yet is because the plot bunnies gimme a certain event and expect me to seamlessly add it in. to clarify, i get a glimse of a scene in my head like a movie scene, but no way to get there. all i have to do is connect the dots, but thats the part that sometimes gives me problems.

Dreamweaver~ yeah i changed the name and the summary. same problems with the plot bunnies and all. its hard to type in words what i see and sometimes i want to just draw it out because some things are just hard to explain, but hten i remember i don't have the experience to draw a whole comic. i can draw but not that good. i wish i could just implant my visions into your brains!

Treasure from the Storm~ with this one i have been toying with the idea of changing the name as well but, i just cant find a good one. i definatly know where i'm going with it though. getting there is half the fun.

well anything else is free reign. the ones that are left are all one shots yet ppl. tell me i need to write more for it! oy vey is all i have to say.

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