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okee dokee, my fellow peeps and peepettes=DDD uh, i dunno which beans to start with o.o so i'll just go with random things=D oh, and btw, i dont write any stories...i go sneak around reading them! XD (mostly Teen Titans!)

ok, for starters, i'm naturally peppy! its so fun to be nice=D, did that sound cheezy or what? o.o my fav. color is rainbow=D..and PINK=Pmy fav. food is a hard one to decide because we eat alot,really XD we're french, mexican, and spanish if that helps any ;) but i guess i'll just go with bbq ribs, frenchfries, and buffalo wings! yay meat! >=D

and uh...oh screw this X.X just go to my website
oh, and i'm not really obsessed with fantasy..or princesses...but i DO love them=D oh, and 89 is the year i was born=P (dec. 8th, 1989! ...ok, i'm giving out too much infoXD)