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Poll: (For the later plotline of The Magic of Hogwarts) Would you be okay with having dreamworks and possiblely other animated characters come up as students of other schools, particularly if I brought Jack Frost into this as a romantic interest for Elsa? Vote Now!
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"We protect our own." Jack is a gang member, Elsa stitches up wounds, and Anna is just in it for the money. (And for the first time in centuries, Loneliness is intrigued.) – Jack/Elsa. streetgang!au.
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Kristoff finds himself falling for Anna, who likes the school's heartthrob Hans but she can't date unless her sister Elsa aka "The Ice Witch" does. No problem, all Kristoff and his friends have to do is find someone to go out with Elsa...and they know just who might be The One. (Jelsa, Kristanna, minor Hansanna, Hiccstrid)
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