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Author has written 6 stories for Legend of Zelda, Super Smash Brothers, and Fruits Basket.

Rezu: Hello Hello to all the Readers! I am-

Mezu: Stupid?

Rezu: Mezu-chan, that's really getting old...

Rown: .:blinks with a tilt of his head:. Rezuna... When'd you grow up...?

Rezu: .:looks to Rown with a half glare, half mischievious stare with a smirk:. What was that? You thought I was childish before?

Rown: N-No! O-Of course not! .:flustered:.

Rezu: .:sticks tongue out with a wink:. Thought so!

Mezu: Rezu-chan, have you anything to say to the Readers?

Rezu: .:smiles sweetly and nods:. Yup! .:looks to Readers:. I'm a very confident soul! Even when nobody likes my fics, I don't give up! So, when I thought The Heart of the Rat would probably be sucky to everybody, it was exactly the opposite!

Rown: That's sort of peculiar... You weren't this good of a writer when you started...

Mezu: Can't help but wonder...

Gornon: Just how did that happen?

Rezu: Well, it's kind of obvious...

.:everyone looks at her, waiting for an explaination:.

Rezu: I've gotten better over the years! Or months, probably...

Zeltra: .:raises an eyebrow:. do we know if you didn't pay them to Review...?

Rezu: Do you really think I have that kind of money? I have to sell my old video games to get money since my parents don't give me an allowance or anything! And I save the money I get from the sell to buy some French Fries! .:nods to self:. Yup, yup! French Fries is my Heaven...

Rown: Rezuna... You're such a little nut... So easily pleased...

Rezu: .:smiles and hugs Rown:. At least I'm happy! And I always know how to make you happy, too!

Rown: .:Blushes bright red:.

Pen Name: Rezuna: Kitsune of Ice

RealName: Lauren

NickName: Rez, Rezu-chan, Rezu-sama, Cris, Crystal

Age: ?

Height: 5'00"

Weight: You don't want to know...

Birthday: September 21

Grade: Not Saying A Word...

School: Coakley

State: Texas

Favorite Games:

Kingdom Hearts (!)

The Legend of Zelda (!)

Fire Emblem (!)

Super Smash Brothers Melee

Dance Dance Revolution Extreme

Favorite Animes:

Wedding Peach(!) ("So, Entirely Cute! I mean, Momoko and Yousuke are WAY different, and yet in the end, they get together!")

Pre-Tear (!) ("Can't help saying it... Hayate and Himeno make the CUTEST of Couples!")

Flame of Recca(!) ("It Rocks So Hard!")

Kaleido Star(!) ("Completely easy to understand")

Fruits Basket (!) ("Do you know why I started writing a fic about it?")

InuYasha (!) ("I think I may like it a little more, but I'll leave it at that.")

CardCaptor Sakura ("Romantic, ya know?")

All-Around Favorite TV Show:


Favorite Pairings:



















Finished Stories:

Awakening Spells - Zelda

Clashing Swords - Zelda

The Red Team - SSBM

Just Want To Be With You - SSBM

Stories in Progress:

The Heart of the Rat - Fruits Basket

Spells of Eternity - Zelda - 3quel

Stories I've Given Up On And Just Keep Up For Show:



The Red Team - SSBM:

Pairings: Link/Zelda

Just a short one-shot about Link and Zelda... Zelda's on the Red Team and Link is on the Green Team. Lots of Fluff! If you want to know more, read the fic!

Just Want To Be With You - SSBM:

Pairing: Roy/Marth

Roy loves Marth, and he barely figures it out! When Roy goes out to play Tennis with Daisy and is caught when she hugs him, what will Marth say? Shounen-ai! Don't like it, then don't read it! But those who do like it, please RR!

Awakening Spells - Zelda:

Pairings: Link/Tetra

A Wind Waker continuation. About two years after that whole battle against Ganon to save Aryll, Link had left home to go with Tetra on a journey to find the next Hyrule, right? Well, when a few fairies come to him for help, they find out that it won't be so easy taking the land for themselves! At least, not while Ganon's son is around... RR!

Clashing Swords - Zelda:

Pairings: Link/Tetra, Rez/Rown

This is the Sequel to Awakening Spells. Link and Zelda defeated Ganon... Link killed Gornon to save Tetra... Now what, you ask? They're both back! Link has decided to go off on his own to find and defeat Ganon and Gornon before they can fulfill their evil desires! What are those desires, you ask? To get to the Black Haven and brainwash Tetra into a cross between Tetra and Zelda! RR

Spells of Eternity - Zelda:

Pairings: Link/Tetra, Renla/Rio

Can you believe it! I've got the Threequel up! When Link goes off on his own for a while into the Dark Forest of Dragons, he finds himself a new enemy, who is also the new Triforce of Power holder! He's a Gerudo thief who goes by the name of Anioto, and he'll do anything to get his hands on what he wants; Trirule. Link also gains an ally during his visit in the forest, a Gerudo Captain named Renla. Can they protect the land from Anioto? And will they be able to get to all the Races of Life before he does, too? Read and Review! Oh, please, Review!

The Heart of the Rat - Fruits Basket:

Pairings: Tohru/Yuki

Since there aren't many Yuki/Tohru fics, I thought I'd give it a try... Anyway, Yuki realizes that he's fallen in love with our favorite... Tohru Honda! But how can he confess his feelings? Well, Shigure and Ayame try to give him a chance to do so, but it backfires... But then things get serious... Akito wants to stop all of this nonsense and keep Tohru away from Yuki. What will happen! RR!

Rezu: OK! Chapter4 ofSpells of Eternityis now up!

Rown: You've finally decided to continue it, huh?

Rezu: .:laughs:. You caught me...

Rown: Yeah, red-handed, too!

Rezu: .:sticks tongue out and winks:. But you know me! I fall victim to those horrid Idea-stealing Miniblins ever-so-often!

Rown: That's because you're so mean to them, Rezu-sama...

Rezu: I simply can't help it! It's in my nature to do this kind of thing! I just can't help picking on those little devils...

Rown: .:slaps forehead and anime falls backward:. You're awful...

Rezu: .:is laughing manically:. By the way, I want to thank my friend Warrior Link for telling me to continue... I know, he told me last year to continue, but I finally got it through my thick skull today the actually do it. .:laughs with a sweatdrop:.

Rown: Stupid...

Rezu: .:waves:. That's all for now! Bye!

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