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Author has written 11 stories for Harry Potter, and Hannah Montana.

To you, who just decided to view my bio:

hello poh! pumpkingurl here... wanna tell you about myself:

I am obviously a fan of Harry Potter and a BIG one at that. I'm also as hooked in One Tree Hill! I ultimately ship HHR (Harry/Hermione) and DG (Draco/Ginny) currently, I'm all about Brooke/Lucas and One Tree Hill. er... me likie fishies! ultimately! I mean... not the food. I like eating... a little too much, by the way! and I so like chocolates and ice cream and I just love spicy food! What else... I prefer Squidward to Spongebob and my fave cartoon character is Nemo and Marvin the Martian and Chuckles the Silly Piggy from Dave the Barbarian(I won't forget you, Chuckles!)... my "oh-so-good" busmates call me Alien... I don't mind really. I like to draw! what else... oh yea... I am afraid of frogs! and I am overly defensive when it comes to my ships... yeah, so no Ron/Hermione or Harry/Ginny pairings for me. (pfft! Harry andGinny, the celebrity and the crazed fan girl... how cliche) and certainly no Peyton/Lucas whatsover or I'll have your head! I love writing! So much! I wanna be a writer someday... so I hope you'll see one of my best sellers in your local bookstores someday! ha! And yeah... a lot of people tell me I look a lot like Jasmine Trias (no comment) !

Location: Philippines! Proud na maging Pinoy 'to!

ships I ship:

Harry/Hermione- now this is true love! I believe that love is only true love when it stands the test of time. I believe that true and long lasting love starts from the simplest kind... friendship! Now, don't you think that if there's someone who could showt he kind of love that can defeat all evil it would be coming from the World's most powerful wizard and the brightest witch (who happens to share one of the strongest frienship there is!)

Ginny/Draco- Love is far from dreams and fantasies... it is bittersweet. It is not some easy road you take but a labyrinth. and besides... don't you think these two getting together is a sign that the impossible could happen and a thin fence between different places could be crossed. and of course, that allure of the impossible get's you absolutely hooked!!

Ron/Luna- simply because being loony makes you sane

James/Lily- the most selfless couple I know (plus they're the one of the only twocanon ship I ship)

Bill/Fleur- I like surprises and it's the only thing from HBP (together with Remus/Tonks) that managed to flutter my heart. And besides, I like how Fleur learned to be selfless because of her love for Bill

Tomoyo/Eriol- (card captor sakura and Chronicles of the Wings, whichever way, I still ship them!) I just beg to differ

Phil/Keely- Who says time can intervene with love?

Kim/Ron- If you need me, call me beep me! Hey season four's coming in July!! July is soo my month!

Brooke/Lucas- yes, my most recent obssession. Do I have to explain it? Love just brings out the worst and the best of everyone and love brings about changes. I just love all the drama and the lust between these two... but what I probably love the best is they share a love so sweet that I could almost taste it... and besides, it's the only pairing that got me crying during the whole series. I just love them and their unique relationship.

Haley/Nathan- because it's haley and Nathan... Nathan and Haley! If they can't make it, none of us stand a chance!

Miley/Jake- or Jiley (hihi, it's so cute) from the Disney Series Hannah Montana (yes, I watch it and I love it!). Don't you just love the whole 'hard-to-get' act Miley has going? and who doesn't love Cody Linley?? I certainly do!

Oliver/Lilly- still from Hannah Montana. It kinda reminds me of RHr (shudder!) but despite that, I still like it anyway... I think it'll make a perfect romance/comedy story... hihi!

I like: Harry Potter! reading books... the movie Eurotrip (but that's just between us!)... writing stories... looking for my prince charming (if ever he is out there)... teasing time with my Busmates... and of course, writing! and of course, One Tree Hill... the perfect series for me. i just love it. I learn more from it and just... wow, I wish I could write things like that, so moving, so sweet and so funny! and of course, Cody Linley (jake Ryan)! OMG! I even bought movies where he appeared even though it's probably a minute or so... I just love him!! aaahhh!!

I Hate: HBP and Harry/Ginny and Hermione/Ron and Lucas/Peyton (Pucas or Leyton, whichever, I still hate it!)... FROGS AND TOADS

Fave HP character: Harry Potter! he is just the perfect guy! I just adore him! and of course, Draco Malfoy, the archenemy. I love him because it shows that all of us still have a conscience and change is still evident... besides, i like the way he is described... blond hair and grey eyes! different and hot!

Fave One Tree Hill character: I love Lucas. He's just a sweet guy and such a great friend. though I don't like it when he's such an ass towards Brooke. But in the end, I still love him... not just because he's Chad Michael Murray but also because he's Lucas Scott. I also like Haley... because she reminds me of me at times. and I love Brooke... because she's Brooke. And of course Nathan, because he's such a sweet jerk!

that's all... all I can share I guess... anyway, hopefully I will create wonderful stories for you in the near future but I'm still working on it... not done becoz of school work and a lot more of crappy stuff!


Are You a Filipino just like me?

Are you delusional and is very proud of it?

Do you like Draco/Ginny and Harry/Hermione fluff?

If your answers to those questions are all positively... absolutely... till you die


Then I'm looking for YOU!

scroll down for my Filipino stories!


Cheers to all DG and HHR shippers!


what are you waiting for?

ps: please review!

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