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Hello! InuSonishaUnlimited is the name! Writing stories is one of my games! Absolute Sonic fan, so I make my home in the Sonic sections of this website. Don't expect any T-rated or less stories from me, I know you all will read what you want regardless of the rating. Plus, I know you all will state your opinions as freely as I state my own. If you find my stories to be without something, it's all right to tell me. Just be respectful about it and I'll be the same unto you.

Things about me:

Obviously, I love Sonic the Hedgehog, all aspects of it(except for Spinball...)

I love to write humorous stories, romantic stories, stupid stories and stuff like that.

I hate flamers, but I respect constructive critics. What I mean is I respect you when you respect me. I won't expect anything slick in reviews and if I get it, I'll be slick in return.

I think the world will end ahead of the original schedule.

Special Note: The "Gaming Writing Style" I use in some stories I do was created by me. I've read nothing like the same style as of yet, so I can be easily corrected if you feel as though you came up with it first. If you're gonna do it the same way, let me know so I can tell you how to do it right. Thank you.

...that's about it. I guess.

Original Characters

Mugamuchu-hi za Hejjihoggu/Wildfire the Hedgehog: Age: 16

Species: Hedgehog Special Trait: Using fire with his Martial Arts

Background: A light-red hedgehog with lots of wild, long, thin quills that extend in all directions, a dark-blue hairband, a black jersey with a diamond in the middle, yellow jeans and red shoes with a fiery design on the tips. Along his arms, the japanese characters for "wild" and "fire" are printed vertically. Has a split personality between being outgoing and pleasant to being quiet and foreboding. An expert in marital arts, he uses his skill acquired from a fiery beast to combine with his fighting arts to deliver painful blows.


Aqarae the Aquatic Phoenix: Age: 16

Species: Phoenix Special Trait: Using the Blue Flame for offense and defense

Background: An aqua-green female phoenix with a pink and light blue dress-like outfit and long pink sleeves and leggings. Her wings are long and her hair is similar to Wildfire's wild hairstyle. Her eyes are red and blue in the center. On her forehead is a blue gem and at the side of her head is a small flame. Her body is pretty impressive and highly attractive. She's been with Wildfire for her whole life and as such, has become highly attracted to him. She pushes dates and quality time with him a lot, in the hopes that they can move from simply being close friends to being boyfriend and girlfriend until they have sex together. Her flames can not only destroy, but she can also control water for healing.


Marina the Hedgehog: Age: 16

Species: Duh Special Trait: Bring good feelings to others and standing strong under pressure

Background: A dark red-orange female hedgehog with brown hair and three large ponytails. She wears an orange dress with a small apron and white underdress beneath it, long white gloves and black shoes. Above her chest is a little red ribbon connected to a collar around her neck and her eyes are light-green. Has a pleasant atmosphere about her, as well as a strong spirit that keeps her going even in the bad times. Naturally sexy, with large breasts to prove it, her first love interest is Sonic the Hedgehog, though she meets him as Super Sonic. Although unknowing of it at the time, her true strength comes from deep within her.

Ixia the Centaur: Age: 15

Species: Half-horse, half-woman Special Trait: Forming lightning on her hooves and her hands

Background: A light-blue centaur with a large axe blade-like horn on her forehead and a long mane of silver hair, as well as a long tail. Two long strands of hair go down to her hips with gold rings around them. She wears a red long shirt that goes to her backside and on her back is a black saddle. Covering her front is a large-curved cloth with a crescent moon symbol and stars. She also wears large blue boots with circle designs on them. Ixia is the last remaining link to the legendary horse of lightning, Ixion, so she possesses the power to control lightning. Somewhat shy and pleasant, she can make friends as quickly as she can forget she has them.

Dios the Diamondback: Age: 25

Species: Large Diamondback Turtle Special Trait: Unleashing large diamond spike from his shell

Background: A large, silver turtle with black dots and lines all over his body, a stripped belly, a shell encrusted with giant diamond shards, large blue gloves with diamond knuckles and small claws, large diamond pieces sticking from his knees, large red shoes and a jewel-encrusted collar with long scarf-like extensions. On his head is a long horn and he has long-pointed ears, along with white, curled tuffs of hair. He is relatively wise and adventurous, going throughout the galaxy looking for stuff. Even though he's huge, he is very fast on his feet, a fact that leaves those who see him wondering if a fast-moving turtle is really possible.

Quikxorn the Messiah: Age: Unknown

Species: Fox Special Trait: Ancient magics from the days of Ragnorak rest within him

Background: A black fox with grey hair covering his head, going over the sides and over one eye. It also extends into four large hunks on the back of his head. He wears a large red cloak, blood-red eyes and no shoes. He looks very angry, high tension radiating from him. He yearns to prevent the events of the past wars from returning in another Ragnorak. With the power of the heavens on his side, Quikxorn is immortal and all-powerful, while also being knowledgable.

Sapphra the Hedgehog: Age: 14

Species: Hedgehog Special Trait: Over-achieving

Background: A sapphire-colored hedgehog with Sonic's similar looks, except for hair buns on top of her head. She has green eyes, red shoes and long white gloves. She wears a small red skirt and a white, short-sleeve shirt. She's the younger sister of Sonic the Hedgehog and she loves him very much...a little too much, actually. So much so, that she gets real jealous whenever other girls are near him and actually has sex with him!

Vios the Bearer of Oblivion: Age: N/A

Species: Fox Special Trait: Power of Oblivion

Background: The very light-blue fox that Sonic saved before in Surging Chaos, about the same age and height range as the hedgehog. Also a significant truth is it wasn't male, but actually female, with a star and eye-decorated hat and a bang over her right eye. Only a large tuff of fur hides her breasts and she wears long, spiked boots. Around her neck is a similar sphere like the one withing Sonic's body. From her back are two pairs of white and black wings, the feathers long and sharp-edged. Her people, the Bearers of Oblivion, lived in peace until the day they were unfairly wiped out. She wonders the world, seeking Bearers linked by blood, to restore her people. This is how she meets Sonic and comes to depend on him, as well as realizing her duty of protecting and guiding him.

The Hyper Genesis


White Princess: Age: 16

Species: Hedgehog Special Trait: Hyper-powered attacks

Background: One of three high-powered hedgehogs known as the Hyper Genesis, created with the power of the Hyper stage of Chaotic Transformation. White Princess is the most powerful, an entity capable up unleashing seriously destructive attacks. She is a white hedgehog with upward quills and wears a tight, black short-sleeved top with large white sleeves and a large bang over her left eye. A long cloth covers her front and back and she wears red, high-heeled, spiked boots. Calm and seemingly wicked, she plans everything out before making her move, resulting in less failure with her plans. It is unclear what emotional attraction she has for anyone, but she has a desire to protect Sonic the Hedgehog, despite their differences.

Dark-Eyes: Age: 16

Species: Hedgehog, as well. Special Trait: High-voltage hands

Background: The second of the high-powered hedgehogs, Dark-Eyes is the quickest of the three, if not the most uninclined to speak. She's a light-purple hedgehog with large dark-green eyes and Sonic's quill style. She wears a tight, black outfit with red streaks on the arms and legs, a red star belt-buckle and red star earrings. She has large black boots and red gloves. Her hands are filled with an intense amount of electricity, enough to stun and seriously injure or kill, depending on her mood. She forces romance on Sonic, but following that, she actually falls in love with him, despite his position in a relationship with Amy. Even with such a relationship in mind, she still finds him her beloved and becomes happy and emotionally bound to him whenever she sees him.

Gaia: Age: 16

Species: Hedgehog, once more. Special Trait: Energy manipulation

Background: The final high-powered hedgehog, Gaia is the most fight-intensive and second only to White Princess in terms of strength. He is a gray hedgehog with a wild quill design. His eyes are red and he wears large black and red shoulder pads with a black vest. He has large, black gloves and spikey, purple boots with red claws at the toes. His gloves possess the power to manipulate nearby energy and turn it into spheres of dangerous energy. Gaia is insane, but he cares for his big sister(White Princess) and younger sibling(Dark-Eyes) a lot. He loves fighting and always looks forward to another round with Sonic or anyone else. If he happens to see anyone he deems as powerful, he'll engage them in a battle. Whether he wins or loses, Gaia always has fun, though he has a perfect record of not losing.

BlackEdge: Age: Unknown

Species: Fox Special Trait: Unleashing the power of darkness

Background: The creator of the Hyper Genesis hedgehogs, BlackEdge gained his name from the darkness within himself that can form into a slicing haze, capable of eliminating anyone in his path. He is a black fox with four tails, but the ends of the tails are seen due to the large black cloak on his body. He wears a black hat and his eyes are red. After their creation, BlackEdge released the Hyper Genesis and sent them to Earth to craft out their own destinies. BlackEdge remained on the Space Colony Wraith in a crystal made with the blood of his victims. He is passionate about protecting his children (the Hyper Genesis) and giving them a life, but after some time, his heart was tainted by the darkness within his body, changing his personality into something far more sinister. So much that he nearly changed the world for the far worse future he decided. His end at the hands of Sonic and the Hyper Genesis was his only course to follow.

The Five Flare Princesses

Asienta the Hedgehog: Age: 10

Species: Do I really need to say it? Special Trait: Unleashing her inner darkness and demons

Background: A light-purple hedgehog with red eyes and large bangs over her left eye. She has large ponytails with buns at the sides of her head and her quill style is like Sonic's. She wears a black and red outfit with devil wings on her back. She is Sonic's daughter, or at least a daughter character I came up with. Her original story is a journey to save her world from a legion of evil kings. She possess the power of darkness and she can channel her powers into her two blades. She can wield daggers, longswords, greatswords and dual-ended weapons like polearms. Her normal dispostion is very evil and apathetic, with little emotion in her eyes. She loves her Daddy very much and gets many lessons from him.


Lavender the Fox/ Lavender the Light Heroine: Age: 10

Species: Fox, silly! Special Trait: The power of light

Background: A navy-blue fox with two tails and red eyes. Around her head is a headband with a designed jewel in the center and around her eyes is a light-bluish eye shadow. She wears a light-green and purple outfit with pink capris. Her shoes are blue, light-green and purple. She carries both a rapier coated with various colored blood and a large parasol with pointed edges at the top. Lavender is nice, but very spazzy. She doesn't take her heroic job seriously, but she takes the duty of watching and helping Asienta very seriously. She has an older sister complex, despite the fact that she and Asienta are the same age. Her name is rather ironic, yet she doesn't mind. The reason for her parasol is because within her is a demon soul that comes out when she exposes her shadow.


Special Notice: I will be migrating my adult fanfictions to just in case they are removed.

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