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Author has written 12 stories for Super Smash Brothers, Bleach, Harry Potter, Inuyasha, Avengers, Devil May Cry, and Katekyo Hitman Reborn!.

Call me fireemblem. I'm known to jump from topic to topic, same with stories. I don't like politics or idiots. Call me insensitive, but I don't sugar coat my words and I say my thoughts. Sue me. I don't like being accused of false claims. While I don't discourage gays, I'm not supporting them either. Every one has rights to their choices and I have no intention of criticizing them for said choices. If one of my stories seems abandoned, that is just because my inspiration is somewhere else at the moment but I have every intention of finishing every story I wright. I'll update faster the more reviews I get for a story, those can drag my inspiration back to previous things. I can sometimes be hard to understand and sometimes ramble, but I have no intention of insulting anyone. If you feel insulted by anything I say, then PM me about it so we can clear up the issue. My train of thought seems to ride on unique rails that twist and turn like a roller coaster, thus I can sometimes be hard to understand.

I have inspiration for far more than I posted, below is a list of stories I'd like see on fanfiction. If you like one of the plots you are free to adopt it, just contact me to work out the details.

Series: Soul Calibur/Inuyahsa Talim senses the wind's distress and goes to free Kagura from Naraku.


Talim is guided by the wind to find either Sesshomaru or Inuyasha

Talim has a shard of the jewel rather than a soul edge fragment

So do the other soul calibur characters

Talim can purify the jewel like Kikyou and Kagome

Naraku is the evil seed in place of soul edge

Xiangua retains her infatuation with Kilik

Series: Seven Deadly Sins/Fullmetal Alchemist Meliodas and co live to the time of Amestris and are not happy with the humunculi

Series: Legend of Zelda/ Harry Potter Link reincarnates into the magical world and with Impa's guidance begins a quest to return Hogwarts to it's former glory as Hyrule


Link lives in a forest prior to getting his acceptance

Zelda is unaware of her identity (Like in the wind waker)

Impa is disguised as one of the professors (probably McGonnagal)

Snape is secretly a Sheikah

Voldemort is unaware of the triforce

The land is cursed by the previous incarnation's Gannon, Link must break a piece of the curse every so often

The Forbidden Forest is the Faron Woods

The Black Lake is Lake Hylia

Hogsmade is Kakariko

Zora's have been corrupted to become the merpeople

Zora's Domain is hidden but still the source of the land's water

The temple of Time is hidden within the room of Requirement, as is the master sword (only known by the Sheikah)

Expand Hogwarts grounds to make this possible

Series: Resident Evil/Harry Potter


Leon is wizarding royalty (I never claimed to be sane)

Leon's magic is unique, allowing him to use technology anywhere, even Hogwarts

No B.O.Ws, though regular Zombies are in the clear

Chris and Clair are a wizard and witch

Sherry still sees Leon and Clair as parental figures

Ada remains Leon's love interest (though he maintains a friendship with Clair)

S.T.A.R.S can be a professional quidditch team

Everyone must be pre-series characters at first

Series: Pokemon/Harry Potter


Harry finds a Riolu either still an egg or very young at the beginning of first year

Pokemon had gone into hiding and were all but forgotten by the world

The forbidden Forest is the Ilex Forest, and Riolu rescues Celebi who restores it at some point, causing the pokemon to come out of hiding there

If the fourth year is done, have Sharpedos and Tentacruel inhabit a deeper part of the lake, where Uxie, Azelf, or Mesprit lay injured and the rest of the water pokemon guard them

The other inhabitants of the lake are corrupted pokemon

All magical creatures are corrupted breed of pokemon and return to their true form when the legendaries are healed

Dementors are ghost pokemon, once more corrupted because the legendaries are harmed (Darkrai may be used to explain their power, though keep him rare)

Dumbledore is NOT an all knowing bastard (Seriously, why do people make Dumbledore aware of the soul society? They don't interact with the living outside of Karakura!)

Series: Sonic the Hedgehog


The characters are humans

No one believes Tails when he brags about Sonic

Sonic is a 'terrorist' because he knows about robotication and tries to put a stop to it with the other freedom fighters

Sonic is the freedom fighters' secret weapon, so it's not known that he's one of them

Shadow is on neutral grounds at first before siding with Sonic

Silver remains from a doomed future and temporarily allies with Eggman before he realizes it's the wrong side

Eggman is a high ranking official who secretly roboticises people, responsible for the freedom fighter officially being terrorists

Sonic takes care of Tails, who doesn't know he's a freedom fighter

Sonic's uncle Chuck is still a robian, and it's a sensitive subject for him as well as his motivation

Series: Seven Deadly Sins/Harry Potter


Ban is Harry's ancestor (either with Elain, or before he met her)

The sins have all survived to Hogwarts

The sins are still seen as the bad guys

Merlin gets a kick out of messing with the wizards

Meliodas can enter as a student if you want him to, but he must be in character

Hawk and his mom are still the sins' main transportation

The Boar Hat has a reputation as 'The Wandering Tavern' that appears in either ghosts stories or just plain miths

The sins don't particularly try to hide who they are

Diane's size is optional (Big or shrunk)

Series: Katekyo Hitman Reborn/Gintama


Sogo Okita is Hibari's adopted older brother

Reborn feels threatened by Okita's sadism levels and acts accordingly

The Shinsengumi are a special faction of police

Katsura wants to bring dieiing will to the full populace and thus is a terrorist to both vendicare and shensengumi

Okita eventually becomes the most effective Vongola interrogator while maintaining his job in the shisengumi

Hibari eventually takes on some of his brother's sadistic tendencies

Okita is the former head of the disciplinary committee before passing the mantle to Hibari

While centering on Okita, Gin-chan's yorozuya does exist and can be seen doing various things at random

Amanto is what Okita's group call the partner animals

Gintoki is obviously a powerful Sky

Kagura is a bright Sun

Shinpachi is Shinpachi

Kando is also a Sky whom has harmonized with Okita

Okita is a Mist

Hijikata is a Thunder, also harmonized with Kando

Katsura is also a Mist

Elizabeth can be a box animal or just a 'what the heck is that' character like in Gintama

The shinsengumi don't know about Hibari, aside from Kando

The mafia don't know about Okita either, at least not until Hibari decides to be sadistic and file Okita as his legal guardian in a parent teacher conference

Alternately, Okita could be Reborn's descendant

Series: K/Fullmetal Alchemist


Upon traveling through the gate, Edward doesn't come out in WWII Germany, but a land filled with Clans and Kings

Instead of meeting the alternate Alphonse, Ed meets a certain blue duo.

Munakata and Arishawa are the alternate Mustang and Hawkeye

Ed becomes the blue clan's Tartara Totsuka

Munakata and Arishiwa are aware of Ed's travels and seeks council with the Silver King, whom they believe to be the only one who can help them

Al can use his soul alchemy to let team Mustang talk to Ed and the blue clan

There is no dresdin slate

Silver Clan is curious about Ed, but Shiro and the Gold King are still missing

Mikoto can survive

So can Tartara

Strains are beings with different powers than the usual ones, Ed being put in that group for official explanation of alchemy

Series: Katekyo Hitman Reborn/Code Breaker


The Code: Breakers have reincarnated in the Katekyo Hitman plot

Hitomi is a powerful Sky who wants to make amends with his friends

Toki is a Storm

Heikei is a Mist (hehe)

Yuuki is a Rain

Ogui is a Sun (ironic)

Ogami is a Cloud (also ironic)

Kanda is a Lightning who was close enough to them to reincarnate

If Sakura must appear, preferably not as I don't particularly care for her, she would be a Sun

The Code: Breakers either start their own family or train to succeed the Varia

They see Fuuta and Bianchi as people with special powers who don't go Lost and are curious about that, hoping to stop themselves from encountering Code: End

Lambo is still Tsuna's Lightning, but he respects Hitomi and bases his attacks off the electric Code: Breaker

No Code: Breaker approves of the Bovino sending Lambo to his death, which is what they see his mission to kill Reborn as, and dubb them evil

Hibari wants to draw out Ogami's true abilities, the latter hiding his special flames and using dieing will in the same fashion

Ogami and Hibari eventually develop a friendship that consists of respecting the other's skills and similar personalities

The Code: Breakers do favors for the disciplinary committee and missions for Reborn

Alternatively, the Code: Breakers could be arcobaleno or the tenth generation themselves

Series: Harry Potter/Katekyo Hitman Reborn


Year 5

The arcobaleno are a group of students unanimously known as 'the phsyco group'

They have their respective partners still

They still get up to their usual antics

Umbridge slowly but surely seals her death warrant when she pisses off this fearsome (and insane) group

Colonello and Reborn are still rivals, the former in the group because he and Reborn enjoy their rivalry, and for Lal

Even Dumbledore is wary of them

Colonello still has his anti-tank rifle while Lal still has her shotgun, both still having military history

Colonello isn't an idiot, I really don't see why people portray him as one

Reborn has Leon. That's all his weapons in one.

Fon is still a high profile assassin, but only Reborn and Luce know his real identity

Reborn is still a hitman and only Luce and Fon know his true identity (possibly Viper, same with Fon)

Verde is Verde, plain and simple

Same with Viper

Said snake is well loved by the goblins

Skull snaps and goes on a Cloud rampage when umbridge takes his broom from him and everyone learns why he's one of them (I honestly see that as the one thing he'd act like a true Cloud for)

Skull is powerful when not compared with the other arcobaleno, seriously, he was strong enough to become one, why do people always say he's so weak?

Fon can be known as 'the most elusive person in Hogwarts' do to his wind like nature

Can be female Fon

Houses (all of them pick their own houses, despite not acting like others, Skull is still an aloof Cloud, Lal and Colonello aren't shy with threats or guns, Reborn...all that needs to be said, Fon wouldn't listen to rules either as he models himself after the wind, Verde would probably be happy in Ravenclaw, but he'd go where the experiments are best, Viper would be another Fon, really only Luce would listen)

1rst gen could be in the ministry as aurors, or vigilantes who have lost faith in the ministry

(the premis of the arcobaleno in Hogwarts comes from Ourliazo's A Brief Foray, though their are major differences between this challenge and that, I still feel comfortable giving the shoutout)

World Break: Aria of Curse For a Holy Swordsman/ Harry Potter

The saviours are a hidden society in a hidden society as they just want to avoid the hassle of dealing with the close minded wizards

The ministry tries to pry into the secrets as they have to have special lessons to control their powers

S class saviours are acknowledged as the leaders of the society

World Break: Aria of Curse For a Holy Swordsman/Katekyo Hit-man Reborn

Reborn characters in World break!

The arcobaleno are the head six

Colonello is the Itallian head of the british division

Lal Mirch is Angela Johnson (she's officially rank A, but has the skills of a rank S)

Reborn is the Itallian terror who staged a hostile takeover of Russia

Fon is the Chinese head and so forth (You get the picture)

All characters MUST stay in character

Pecking order remains the Katekyo hit-man verse...Reborn would kill me if I suggested otherwise. (Sorry Skull)

Hibari is head of the strikers...Same reason as the pecking order (sorry strikers)

Tsuna is NOT ridiculously overpowered like Moroha. (Pecking order)

Government fears the Arcoblano! (seriously, you think they'd knowingly let themselves be controlled?)

Katekyo Hit-man Reborn/Naruto

The reincarnations of the Arcobaleno are in the Akatsuki. And. They. Like. Chaos. Particularly Reborn.

The Arcobaleno are just generally a pain in their coworkers' sides

If Itachi isn't an Arcobaleno, he is in on it

If he is one, he's Fon and just missed a HUGE social point to get Sasuke mad at him, probably just saying 'because it needed to happen' when Sasuke asked 'why'

All Akatsuki always take Luce's cookies...Reborn, ahem, insists

Minato can be Giotto and basically say 'screw it, i'm not being dead this time'

Zetsu is too much like chekerface, arcobaleno target him because of it

Itachi can lead a mission to infiltrate the leaf, causing Reborn and Colonello to meet Guy and Kakashi

If Viper isn't Kazuku, they get along

Lal and Colonello are more than delighted to screw with the criminals, particularly zetsu

Tobi/Obito is just wondering how Itachi is in with them

And worried about Reborn and Colonello's rivalry

Hidan has reason to fear Verde particularly, so does Zetsu (though he has reason to fear all of them)

Skull is Tobi's new buddy

They have to change bases every so often because of the arcobaleno's antics

Katekyo Hit-man Reborn/Resident Evil

Lal Mirch and Colonello in Raccoon city

Colonello can't use his anti-tank rifle because it'd destroy the police station and attract every zombie in the city (He can use it in the lab though)

Leon and Claire are trying to figure out what the hell is going on with the armed babies

Umbrella is intrigued/creeped out by this unknown factor

Lal and Colonello criticize the police, comparing it to CONSUMBIN

Sherry takes comfort in not being the 'youngest' there, as well as pity...right until Lal and Colonello go all military on them

Colonello doesn't escape via Falco because he doesn't want to abandon Lal (and he kind of enjoys blowing away hundreds of zombies at a time before meeting up with Claire and Leon)

Harry Potter, Katekyo Hit-man Reborn

Female Viper is the future version of a female Harry Potter, looking more like Lily by nature

She came back to her childhood by accident with a rouge time turner

This version of Viper is broken by all the lies and manipulations throughout her life

The rest of the Arcobaleno (pre-curse as I've forgotten the team name) are broken in their own ways, thus she feels she can fit in with them

Reborn (going by Renato Sinclair) or Fon (last name 'Hibari') stumbles upon her younger self and senses the flame similarities, questioning her about it later

Viper doesn't like the Order of the Phoneox, with the exception of Sirius and Remus and the kids, whom she feels are the only ones who cared enough to try and keep her informed

Her career as an informant is her way of making sure she's never left in the dark again, as it was a lack of knowledge on her part that led to Sirius' death

Verde tries constantly to understand magic, being a science oriented muggle

Luce just wants to help her Mist recover

Fon, molding himself after the wind, is very aware of magic, though rather he's a wizard or not is debatable

No one knows if Renato is magical or just can't tell

Lal and Colonello pretty much go 'magic...why not?' (if Colonello is part of the team yet)

Skull mourns the loss of his remaining normalcy...later deciding he doesn't need it when he learns of or meets the Dursleys

Renato and Fon go on a self assigned hit/assassination when they learn of them...Viper herself holds them back with the little remaining similarity to her former self she has (her excuse is it's not worth it, everyone else sees through this)

The theory of 'terrible things happen to wizards who meddle with time' is proven wrong when nothing happens to Viper despite her team being who they are

Dumbledore is manipulative, but not evil. He's truly upset when he learns what he turned her into (he's also a mist, though he doesn't know about flames)

Just for kicks, Pomfrey is a Cloud (optional, she could also be a sun)

Flitwick is a Rain alongside Hagrid

Snape is a stormy mist

Harry Potter/ Death note

L is Harry's long lost twin

Light is a female who was possessed by the Death Note, making the Death Note itself Kira (though she keeps the name as she works with L to abate the boredom that made her so susceptible to possession)

Light doesn't feel too much regret because of how long she'd been possessed, but she does want to atone figuring the possibility of people being framed

L prefers to avoid the wizarding world as it gives him a headache to interact with them due to their disregard for what is to him glaringly obvious: Logic

The two detectives get on Voldemort's case when the killings start, L seeing the same MO as in a case he had set up to review and test others in the orphanage

Fire Emblem: Awakening

AU as Robin was possessed by Grima, but was able to stop him from killing the shepherds (female, married to Chrom)

The Shepherds lost the will to fight when Robin was possessed and the kids take their place despite their wishes

Lucina's efforts inspire Chrom to take up a blade once more, and the Shepherds follow

Lucina must utter the phrases 'I challenge my fate!' and 'Hope will never die!'

Chrom told Lucina and Morgan that Grima killed Robin rather than the truth in a subconscious hope to end her suffering and to save his kids the pain

Tharja eventually reveals the truth to the kids as Chrom is in somewhat of a denial

Detective Conan/ Harry Potter

Detectives and thief as students

Kaito and Shinichi are twins

Logic is the weakness of most wizards

KID enjoys messing with his natural enemies

Shinichi is still Conan and grudgingly ignores his brother's actions after he learns how badly wizards treat magicians

Heiji laughs his head off in the background

Kaito acts as Kid just enough to trick Hakuda still

Whith the aid of Conan's unhealthy stash of aging potions

Conan and Heiji in the area confirms trouble

Kaito's good luck sometimes acts as a buffer though. They've claimed him as a lucky charm.

Kaito and Weasley twins in the same building. Hogwarts trembles in fear.

Kaito isn't really a wizard

Not even Shinichi is sure of that though


Umbrella knows about Vincent and are trying to replicate his 'virus'.

Vincent just wants to live in however much peace the host of Chaos can.

He is failing.

Chris and Sheva meet Vincent near the beginning of the game.

Vincent tries to strike out alone to put a stop to Umbrella, being too reminded of Shinra to ignore it.

Chris doesn't allow that.

Wesker tries to capture Vincent. BSAA act in kind.

For my preferences:

I'm not a fan of OOCnes. At all.

Romance will be very subtle if it appears as I'm no good with it.

While I'm not against gay rights or anything, I can't get in to the mindset to type it.

A character has to keep their abilities as I consider it ooc if they start relying on abilities other than their own, though I am ok with them having them as back up plans.

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Adopted from ExorcistWhite. Toshiro is still alive and lives as Ichigo's little brother. His lack of memory causes him to think he's just an ordinary human. But when a hollow attacks and Ichigo gets Rukia's powers, Toshiro will be in for the surprise of his life! T for mild language. You're opinion matters to me so don't hesitate to give ideas or the story will never be updated.
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The mystery of the Mercenary reviews
Ike Griel is a man with a mysterious past. Living as a traveler he often ends up in trouble. When Mist sees him unconscious in an alley way, she takes him in until he recovers. But will she be able to stand his quiet, blunt personality? And why is he so protective over her? Could he know her long missing brother? Read and find out. Complete revise. Rushed it.
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