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New profile...Again. I am no longer Marco. Marco is a stupid, idiotic name...Taken by oh, so many...Forbidden Love was a cheap rewrite of an awesome game that deserved no changing. AU fics are stupid, and I have seen that. I have read a few good ones...I could count them on one hand. In Forbidden Love, I had inserted myself, in the place of Squall. I had destroyed him. I destroyed a character who was fascinating, and intellectual. I took myself, in my immature form, and put him in place of Squall. Is that not stupid? It is. Warrior of Fate was one chapter. Once more, I was to change Squall. Blah. He was with Rinoa all along. If Im going to write a fic about Squall and Quistis finding love with one another, I'll do it after the game. In the meantime, Im going to remain neutral about Rinoa. I've had my mind swapped one way or another. I chose to hate Rinoa to be with one group of people. Now I'll remain neutral. She's an ok character. Her personality is irriatating, but so is Selphie's, and I detest her. I mainly dislike her since she got with Squall. Such is life. It isn't a candy coated existence where those who you think should fall in love, fall in love. Yet life goes on.

Im Still writing at a snails pace. Im working on two Star Ocean fanfics, one Bust a Groove fanfic, and a Chrono Cross fanfic. Im burnt out with Final Fantasy Eight. Other sections need support. IM me if you wish, but first email me, since I've blocked a great deal of people, and only certain people can find me online. So give me your instant messengers. I like to talk to others.

I've changed, I know, but I mature, as does life. Henceforth I am Viktor Rhine. I like the sound of it. It will begin my new life, and a new era for me. Faretheewell, Marco LeonStrife. You have my love, and will be a brother to me, a brother and a friend, but too much has happened to you. Leave, Marco, and be reborn.

Ja Ne, Marco,

Konnichi wa, Viktor.

LoL, New Update! God, Viktor sounded idiotic! Oooooh, look at me, Im trying to sound all mature, and dark and foreboding! Nope. Its not me. I detest the name Marco LeonStrife, but you know what? Its my cover. Puff Daddy is now, "P. Diddy" and thats retarded. Jennifer Lopez, "J.Lo", also idiotic, Prince is "The Artist Formerly Known as Prince".

I'll go by Marco LeonStrife, again. Its me. I may not like it, but a very good friend told me that original names are best. Pluuuuus a couple others told me to stick with Marco.

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