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Author has written 8 stories for Ranma, and Sly Cooper.

I'm just a roving boy with my sights set on the clouds.

I place my feelings, heart, and soul in my writings, though mostly, they're poetry. This is my first shot at fanfiction, so be gentle, please.

I am currently a resident of, a wonderful site to be a member of! I encourage you to join and look for the user Talon, that's me!


That is what everyone is telling me! I wish I could, wholeheartedly! However, I'm a victim of RLS, or 'Real Life Syndrome', and I'm trying to get back on my feet. I have a few more chapters planned out, and an ending for ToaFY planned. I'm hoping to focus more on C. Soldier and Double-D, though. In any case, I hope you all have fun reading!

Sleep well, my son, sleep well
I send you to a better sky
Sleep well, my son, sleep well
Spread your wings, let your heart fly

Dream deep, my son, dream deep
Sail upon your fantasies
Dream deep, my son, dream deep
In the waters where your soul is free

You are gone, my son, you are gone
Though it hurts me so, I wish you well
You are gone, my son, you are gone
Your memory is a ringing bell

I will miss you, son, I will miss you
Your brothers and your sisters cry
I will miss you, son, I will miss you
I shall keep your dreams in a loving sigh

Don't cry, my son, don't cry
Your memories are a hero's dream
Don't cry, my son, don't cry
Dance for your sisters as a moonbeam

Sleep well, my son, sleep well
Your father loves you, every day
Dream deep, my son, dream deep
You're a hero, son, in every way.

I have seen, and read, a great many challenges issued by popular authors on this site, especially in the Harry Potter and Naruto fandoms. These challenges have, naturally, driven me to read more and more of the fandoms to the point that my Ranma fanboyism has changed to encompass these two series as well. As such, I've taken my time away from Ranma, and writing, to watch and read all of their adventures, except for several of the Harry Potter movies (read: all of them after the first one. I mean, seriously, that removed -huge- points from the story, so why wouldn't the others? Lame.), and I gravitate around their respective wikis for clarification and such. This has led me to develop two challenges, the first a strictly-Naruto challenge, and the second, a Harry Potter challenge that -also- encompasses my love of the Bleach series.

'Revelation of the Scroll' Challenge

Hiruzen Sarutobi is left the task of picking up the pieces of Konoha's Shinobi following the sealing of the Kyuubi no Kitsune and the death of the Yondaime Hokage, Minato Namikaze. During the meeting with the Shinobi Clan Heads, his teammates and advisors, and Danzo, his old rival for the title of 'Sandaime', he reveals the nature of one Naruto Uzumaki, the newly-minted Jinchuuriki of the Nine-tailed Demon Fox. Amidst an uproar, calling for the death of the child, Hiruzen raises a simple point.

"What happens when you destroy a sealing scroll?" "The seal on it breaks, Hokage-sama." "And what happens to whatever is sealed inside of it, Fugaku?" "It reappears in the real world, where the scroll was broken, Hokage-sama." "...And why should this be any different for Naruto-kun? Please, tell me, if you all have a way of destroying the Kyuubi, then certainly, be my guests and kill him. I'll even do it myself, right here, in this tower, in the center of Konoha so you can all get on with it. How does that sound?"

This will, naturally, change the village's perception of, is up to you. Perhaps he becomes the second coming of Minato Namikaze? Perhaps he becomes even more reviled? Or, perhaps he grows up to become rather like Konohamaru, respected and recognized by a title rather than a name? Perhaps it would change his relationship to Konohamaru, as well? This, I leave up to you. There are only a few rules in place for this challenge.

1. Sarutobi still imposes the S-ranked law, preventing the discussion of the Kyuubi's fate within the general populace from affecting Naruto's growth. Naturally, they ignore the spirit of the law, and tell their children to, depending on perception, adore Naruto, or despise him.

2. Naruto's development of kekkei genkai is forbidden. It's overdone, really. That's my only problem there. You -could- consider the Fourth's Space/Time abilities to be a pseudo-kekkei genkai, but honestly, I just think it was his preternatural ability with the sealing arts that let him do it.

3. Naruto's 'discovery' of the Kyuubi sealed within him is entirely up to your discretion. Perhaps Mizuki finds another patsy? Perhaps Naruto is thrown over a waterfall a -teensy- bit (read: at the age of 11, rather than 12) early? Or perhaps the Kyuubi itself calls Naruto into his own subconscious upon his graduation from the Academy?

4. If Naruto is -not- hated, Hinata should not have a crush on him because he persevered through the village's hatred of him. If she -does- have a crush on him (and honestly, it's Hinata, she should!) then it should be because of some other matter that Naruto...well...goes totally Naruto over. Perhaps its his refusal to lay down in the face of absolutely shitty Chakra Control? It could be his insistence upon pranking the village so that they see 'Naruto', not the 'Honoured Uzumaki'.

5. Considering the series reveals that Kushina was the cousin of the Fire Daimyo, and former Whirlpool Country royalty, the Fire Daimyo stands up and takes notice of the only Uzumaki remaining within Konoha's boundaries. How he takes notice is entirely up to the author.

6. The villagers -must- have an excuse for their treatment of Naruto, if it is not negative.

'The Spirit of Justice' challenge.

Harry James Potter died that night in the cottage. His destiny, according to the prophecy, was indeed fulfilled. Not that Albus Dumbledore cares; Harry is alive yet again, though there is a curious energy coursing through his body that he is entirely unfamiliar with. Deciding that this -must- be the 'Power He Knows Not', he decides Harry's destiny for him, and tosses him away, into the Dursleys' 'thoroughly normal' life. Harry soon learns to keep his damn mouth shut about the dead people he can see, and finds refuge from the rampant bullying and abnormality of his life in a local sweet shop, run by a man with a really funny hat and -awesome- sandals. One day, one of the dead people he talks to starts to change, growing a bone-coloured mask over his face, and Harry's life is changed entirely. It doesn't help when the ten-year old snack is saved by Mr. Hat-and-Clogs' assistant, the strawberry-headed guy with the black robes and big sword. The rules for this challenge are as follows.

1. Harry Potter is a shinigami. Whether or not he becomes a Visored is up to the author.

2. Harry's sword is -not- Asian in design, or named in the same manner. It is a product of his spirit, and since Harry was born and raised in the U.K., it's sealed appearance would more than likely be a weapon of European history.

3. The sword's spirit is -legendary-, and affects Harry's magic to the point of 'sealing' it in a manner similar to a zanpakuto, giving Harry a number of different levels of power. A) Sealed, Sealed. B) Sealed, Unsealed. C) Shikai, Sealed. D) Shikai, Unsealed. E) Bankai, Sealed. F) Bankai, Unsealed. What you call Harry's Magic release is up to you.

4. There -is- a Court of Pure Souls, or 'Seireitei', for the region, and thus, there are the U.K.'s own shinigami, the Knights of the Round Table. Britain's Court of Pure Souls is, naturally, Avalon.

5. The reason for the destruction of the Earthly Camelot is in the hands of the author.

6. Harry's tutelage after the revelation of the presence of Hollows is taken up by Urahara and Ichigo, both 'on loan' to the Knights and Britain due to some emergency. Ichigo Kurosaki may or may not be a Captain in the Gotei 13. He also may or may not have been sent because Seireitei wanted him on the other side of the damn planet from them. The Visored -are- around, though their impact on the story is discretionary, and Aizen is long-since taken care of. How Ichigo got his Shinigami powers back following Aizen's defeat is discretionary. Their presence can be handwaved with the Dangai. Or one of Urahara's devices. Or some other plot point. Author's discretion, really.

7. Harry is -not- a Horcrux, if Horcruxes are even used in the story. If he is a Horcrux at any point in the story, the Basilisk venom takes care of it nicely and neatly in second year, considering this plot hole in canon continually baffles me. If Urahara and Ichigo don't purify it earlier on, anyway.

8. Harry's 'immunity' to the Killing Curse is simply that it separates the soul from the body, as in canon, but seeing as Harry is a's not that dangerous to him. No godly 'spells can't affect me' crap.

9. Harry is -not- Godlike Entity of Mass Fanon, or even Harry Sue, but he does have two power-trees to develop, and he receives training from Urahara and Ichigo from the age of ten on. His sword can materialize in the real world, but only with sufficient reiatsu, likely only after Shikai.

10. Pairing is -not- Harry/Ginny. I don't care what it is, otherwise. It could be Harry/Yoruichi, if you can rig it that way, but Sui-Feng might just hunt Harry down for that. It is preferred that yaoi be avoided, but not necessary, if it's believable. But please, no Harry/Urahara or Harry/Ichigo. That's just wrong.

11. King Arthur and Merlin may or may not be in Avalon, but they probably are. Harry may or may not meet them. Could be fun to have Harry's swordsmanship taught by Arthur, and his magic taught by Merlin, but he won't grow into awesome, godly might within the span of eight years. He -is- allowed to have Ichigo's growth when it comes to reiatsu, but only if it's written believably. No Hiten Mitsurugi 'I hit you so fast you die before your brain knows it' swordsmanship, or 'Occlumency learned inside of a month'. It took Harry the better part of a year to learn the Patronus, a -single- powerful charm. And that's when he applied himself seriously.

12. The titles and divisions of Avalon's 'Knights of the Round Table' are up to the author, but it is recommended that the 'Captains' be Knights according to the mythos, such as Gawain, Gaheris, Kay, Bors de Ganis, Lancelot, Galahad, Lamarak, Tristan, Percival, Bedivere, and Geraint.

13. Harry's zanpakuto, at some point, -breaks itself-, and tells Harry to find its Earthly counterpart so that its true power can be found, and Harry can achieve Bankai. As mentioned before, this is a legendary weapon. It needn't be 'Excalibur'; it could be Durendal, Clarent (not recommended), Caladbolg, Fragarach, Claiomh Solais, or even Hrunting and Mjolnir. It's mythological properties should be incorporated into the story, such as Excalibur's sheath preventing its wearer from being harmed actually being akin to an Espada's Hierro.

14. Harry learns to take his studies in the sword and magic seriously, considering the Dursley's don't know about one, and don't care at all about the other. Also, I didn't want an unlucky number of rules.

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