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Author has written 3 stories for Legend of Zelda, and Naruto.

Not really much to say. I'm currently a college student living temporarily in Lewiston, ID. I usually try to update as often as I can, but unfortunately I have a multitude of other things that precedence before my fanfiction writing. So, for those of you who enjoy my stories, please be patient. I will eventually get around to posting.

That being said, I now want to start posting a few challenge ideas onto my profile for those who are interested. I would like everyone who reads these summaries to know that the summaries themselves are not exactly mandatory to follow. I just wrote them because A) I was bored, B) This was the only way I could think of at the moment to convey how I wanted the challenge to go, and C) I actually do want to see if anyone would be willing to write the stories out as I describe them. If you wish to take any of the challenges, you can do whatever you want with the stories, just so long as you follow the general overview.

Also, all of these challenges can be found on my forum "Triforce Guardian's Naruto Story Challenges" as well, so if you just want to leave a posting or something there instead of PMing me, you can do that as well.

NarutoBioshock Challenge: Savior or Splicer?

I've thought up a challenge for any Naruto fanfiction writers out there involving the Bioshock series. So here is a summary of the beginning and the rules.

The story starts with Team 7 in the Land of Waves during their first encounter with Zabuza. During the fight, Naruto suffers a blow from Zabuza and gets swept away by the river. The rest of Team 7, unable to search for him due to Kakashi's exhaustion from using his Sharingan eye, are forced to continue on and prepare for Zabuza's return.

Naruto, in the meantime, drifts far downriver into a cave and awakens in front of a bathosphere. Unable to discern where he is, he gets into the device hoping that it will somehow lead him to Wave. The bathosphere then takes him to Rapture, which has been far underneath Wave itself, abandoned long before even the appearance of the Juubi (which, if you want to get technical, amounts to around a couple thousand years or so). Upon docking in an isolated area of the city, Naruto finds a video tape and starts watching it.

On the tape is Orochimaru, who explains that he has left this tape to leave his last message before he uses a forbidden justu to wipe all his memories and knowledge of this place and what he had done here. He explains that he accidentally found this city one day and decided to clear out a section of it for his experiments (you know, the legal ones that NORMAL scientists usually do). Upon gathering all the message tapes left behind by Rapture's former citizens, he finds an ADAM slug and, hearing of the regenerative properties of it, surgically implants one into himself. The slug, however, causes him to slowly become insane, since only young girls are able to resist the ill-effects of the creature for long periods of time. During his manic episodes, he went out into the ninja world and kidnapped several infant girls, a number of them from Konoha, before implanting them with ADAM slugs and returning them (under a genjutsu to hide any physical side-effects) so they could be observed and, later on, harvested for their ADAM.

After doing this, Orochimaru, realizing what he had done and the evil it would bring upon the world, created two plasmids that now sit on a table near the television. The first one is Electro Bolt, with instructions to inject this plasmid first so that when the person's DNA is being re-written, the electricity being generated would jumpstart their heart to prevent them from dying. The second one, Orochimaru explains, is a plasmid that will allow the user to sense when he's close to any girl containing an ADAM slug and safely harvest it from their body (for those who remember, this is based off of the plasmid that Tenenbaum gives the main character of the first Bioshock during his first real encounter with a Little Sister). He also reveals that each girl had a new Plasmid and a couple of Tonics in their slugs (which means that when Naruto either saves or harvests a girl, the slug that was removed in either case yields the Plasmid and Tonics, as well as some ADAM), and that if he wishes to change out his abilities without having to return to Rapture all the time, there is a portable Gene Bank next to the Plasmids.

Orochimaru then begs once for for whoever watches the tape to save the infected girls and put an end to him, as he has all but lost his battle with his insanity, before the tape finally shuts off. Naruto then takes both plasmids and injects them into himself, and he then trains for the rest of the week before returning to the surface to face his new destiny.

Now, we'll move onto the rules.

Rule Number One: Plasmids are an absolute MUST. However, the use of guns, jutsus, the Bijuu, Big Daddies, and whatever else you can think of are completely up to you. Want to have Naruto only use Plasmids and Tonics? Go for it. Want to allow him to use guns? As long as it's kept to him and a few other people, sure (I mean, let's face it. If we have a whole bunch of people running around using firearms in the Ninja world, it just takes away the magic of it all). Aside from the first sentence, you can do as you see fit.

Rule Number Two: There need to at least be a few ORIGINAL Plasmids in Naruto's arsenal. I don't care which of the two games they're from or which ones you use, aside from the first two mentioned in the summary. It just needs to be more than those two (around four to five total is fine with me). Want to create Plasmids of your own to include? Be my guest. Just please provide a balance between the two. As far as tonics go, I'm a little more flexible. You can either look up the real ones and use those, or you can just make sure they're somewhat believable, as they are PASSIVE abilities rather than ACTIVE ones (which would be Plasmids).

Rule Number Three: Any girl that Naruto saves will become a part of his harem. Now, I realize that some of you may wish to have Naruto harvest the girls rather than save them. With that in mind, I'm adding a certain stipulation to this rule.

Addendum Number One to Rule Number Three: Since I'm kinda tired of all the Sakura bashing the Naruto fanfiction universe, I want there to be no bashing of her character and for her to kept alive, at the very least to act as a friend to Naruto. I wouldn't mind seeing her be paired off with Naruto as a lover, but since that may prove to be difficult for some writers, it's acceptable if she's just a friend. My reasons for this? Because in all honesty, I really don't think that she really deserves all the flak that she gets. Some, but not all. Now, don't get me wrong. I've read a few good fics where she is bashed to various degrees. It's just, come ON, people. She's TWELVE in the canon. We all act a little like idiots when we're at that age. To be honest, it's kinda normal for a girl such as her to be obsessed with Sasuke "the rich and cool hottie from school" and to be annoyed with Naruto "the class clown who takes nothing seriously." Does she actually HATE him? Not from what I've seen - and believe me, I've both read the manga and watched the anime, and I just can't see her being that much of a major bitch to Naruto, no matter how many times I look at it. Not to also mention, this is an ANIME with a fair share of humor mixed in, meaning that when Sakura hits Naruto physically, it's meant to be exaggerated and taken as a little funny.

Of course, I now realize that I've gotten off topic now, but I need to make sure that this rule is clear and that I have given (at least to myself) decent reasons for my choices. So I'll say it one last time : Please no bashing of Sakura, and please keep her alive. That being said, the bashing of anyone else – Sasuke, Kakashi, the Civilian and/or Shinobi Councils, the Hokage's advisors, the Hokage himself, ANYONE OTHER THAN SAKURA – it's all fair game and open season. So get your bashing stick and go nuts if you want.

Addendum Number Two to Rule Number Three: Some of you may want to add girls other than the infected ones to the harem, or simply pair off Naruto with just one girl. That is okay. For you harem-lovers though, I just hope you don't go too wild with the number of girls.

Now this last rule is completely OPTIONAL. It's not even so much as a rule but rather more so of a suggestion or possible idea for your use (and yes, you have my permission to use this idea).

Rule Number Four: Any girl that Naruto saves will be able to use the Plasmid and Tonics that she possessed inside her slug. Said girl will be allowed to use ONLY those same abilities and may not transfer them to another girl.

As I said, this rule is only a suggestion. If you so desire, you could ignore it, you could follow it, or you could just twist it to how you want to use it. It's all up to you.

Aside from the three main rules, everything else is up to you. Naruto doesn't have to stay in Rapture, though he will have to return to use the Gatherer's Garden to purchase new slots for his Plasmids and Tonics as well as abilities that Orochimaru wasn't able to replicate. He can use it as his personal training area, he can convert it to be his new home, he can destroy it after getting all the abilities and upgrades from the Gatherer's Gardens - it's all up to you.

Hopefully, I haven't made my rules too unbearable to deal with. If there are any questions, or if you're interested in taking the challenge, just drop me a private message. Have fun!!

Takers of the challenge so far

Kallashandra - "Remnants of Rapture"

Naruto/Soul Calibur challenge: The Fox and the Tale of Destiny

Seeing as how there are so few Naruto/Soul Calibur Crossovers out there, I have decided to post a challenge for anyone who's interested.

Here was the idea for the plot. The day after Naruto returns to Konoha with Tsunade, he finds himself waiting in the Hokage's office for a meeting with her (for whatever reason the author so desires). Noticing the Yondaime's picture a little slanted, he goes over to it and removes it so that he can properly set it but finds a safe with a seal behind it. Curious, he runs a hand over the seal, causing it to activate by drawing some blood from his hand and opening. Since the seal was supposed to only react to a Hokage's blood, he is confused but looks inside the safe. He finds several scrolls, one bearing his name on it, and he hides them within his jumpsuit pockets before closing the safe door and returning the picture to its place, with no one else the wiser.

Later that night, he reads the scroll addressed to him and discovers the Yondaime is his father and that the other scrolls contained the fortunes of the Namikaze and Uzumaki estates as well as a self-updating copy of the Forbidden scroll. Confused, he rushes to the Hokage Tower to get some answers from Tsunade and Jiraiya, but he stops short of reaching her office when he hears the Elder Council discussing the invasion and its aftereffects in a conference room in the Tower. Deciding that it would not be best for Konoha if it was claimed that Naruto, a no name orphan, beat Gaara, the elders decide to name Sasuke as the one who defeated the Sand Jinchuuriki.

Angered about Konoha's lies, Naruto decides to abandon the village and races back to his apartment. Once there, he contacts the Kyuubi in his mind in order to broker some sort of deal to protect them both. Kyuubi, amused by his human jailer's change of heart, tells Naruto that Konoha, or any other country for that matter, would never cease hunting him so long as he continues to exist in this world. However, if he had both pieces of his soul together, Kyuubi could temporarily make a portal to send Naruto to a random dimension while giving Naruto about ninety-five percent of his power, making the boy into a form of demi-bijuu – something he had never done with either Mito or Kushina as their seals never allowed their bodies to adapt to Kyuubi's power like Naruto's did. With the remaining five percent, Kyuubi swears he would only use it to send himself to his own realm to rest for a few decades and regain the power he had given, as he has grown tired of being continually sealed. This would also serve to throw a wrench in Akatsuki's plans, as they would not be able to reach him if he left the mortal plane. Without Kyuubi, Akatsuki would be forced to give up their plan to capture the bijuu and would then leave the other jinchuuriki alone.

Seeing no problem with this, Naruto asks what he needs to do to recover the other piece of soul, causing Kyuubi to explain how to summon the Shinigami. The God of Death appears to Naruto's call, and Naruto explains his dilemma. The Shinigami is also highly amused at the boy but cannot give up something so important so easily. A form of equal exchange must be given, and the Shinigami wants Orochimaru's and Kabuto's souls in return. All Naruto has to do is take two special scrolls the Shinigami provides and get them within range of the two nin, causing them to suck in their souls. Naruto would then be transported away to safety, if he succeeded, to a place where the Shinigami would be waiting with Kyuubi's other half of his soul.

Naruto agrees and sneaks out of the village, leaving behind several Kage Bunshin sealed in a scroll to be released one at a time when the one outside of the scroll is dispelled. He reaches Sound and tricks Orochimaru by claiming that he wishes to defect since Konoha refuses to help him in his endeavors. To sweeten the deal, Naruto offers the two scrolls, claiming them to be forbidden jutsus he had snatched from the Hokage's office. Orochimaru tells Kabuto to bring the scrolls to him so that he can see what these jutsu are, but when Kabuto takes them and approaches his master with them, the scrolls activate, ripping the two souls from their bodies and sending Naruto away in a flash of light.

Naruto opens his eyes to find himself standing in the Valley of the End, where the Shinigami gives him the other piece of soul, sending it straight into Naruto's body, and promptly disappears. Within the seal, Kyuubi feels himself reconnect his two halves and becomes so strong that the seal begins to break.

Back in Konoha, three days after Naruto sneaks out, the clone feels the discharge of power and knows the time has come for Naruto's last message. Releasing all the clones at once from the scroll, they all move towards the gate, attracting attention from everyone in the village, including the Konoha Twelve, their teachers and families, the Elders, Jiraiya, and Tsunade. When everyone reaches the gates, all but one of the clones dispel, causing everyone to think this clone is the real Naruto. When asked what he was trying to do, Naruto calmly responds that he had been lied to one too many times and was going to leave, Konoha be damned. This shocks everyone present, allowing the clone to slash Naruto's headband (which he left behind when he sneaked out) and throw it at their feet. He parts with a few kind words for the now Konoha Eleven, as they did not partake in the lying, and Kakashi tries to both intimidate and console the boy, hoping he could persuade his angry student from going rogue. The clone laughs at Kakashi's words and reveals that it is already too late. The blast of Kyuubi's power is now felt within the village, and the last clone dispels itself.

Hoping to prevent her godson from leaving, Tsunade and the other rush towards the power, only to find Kyuubi standing in the Valley in all its glory. He laughs at their shock and taunts them before opening the portal. After the portal opens, Kyuubi sends his power to Naruto and throws him through the portal before closing it after him.

Kyuubi turns back to the Konoha nin and taunts them some more, claiming that maybe if the village had done more for the boy, had been more honest and willing to help him, then Naruto would not have done this. As such, they only have themselves to blame. He then laughs before opening his own portal and disappears into it. Tsunade is now thrown into a rage, as she was assured her godson was cared for, and she returns to Konoha to rip every person involved a new one.

Naruto, on the other hand, winds up in the Soul Calibur world, nearby Athens, Greece, his body now more muscled and toned than before while having his senses enhanced greatly. There he meets a younger Sophitia Alexandra, who becomes his friend and later lover and wife. They have their own adventures regarding Soul Edge and Soul Calibur, calmly living as simple bakers in between while Naruto's new increased pheromones and pack mentality drive him to pick up more mates – namely Ivy, Seoung Mi-na, Taki, Setsuka, and Sophitia's younger sister Cassandra. Eventually, Naruto, using the power Kyuubi gave him, absorbs both swords into himself, increasing his strength and unlocking the Rinnegan as a result of the overwhelming power. The cycle of destruction now ended with the two swords gone, Naruto and Sophitia, both now around their early- to mid-twenties, as well as their mates return to Athens to live in peace.

Back in the Naruto world, time has changed. Konoha, seeing one of their greatest assets leave them, tries to locate the missing nin to hope to bring him back but only find disappointment wherever they go. Eventually, Sakura, overwhelmed by her guilt and driving herself to push past her limits so that she can have “her boys” and perfect team back, finds a way to reopen the portal and summon Naruto back. Tsunade orders it done, pulling both Naruto and his mates into the Naruto world. Tsunade calmly explains the situation, but Naruto is angered that his now-peaceful life has been disrupted by his old home. Hoping to get him to stay and show him that Konoha has changed, Tsunade strikes a deal with Naruto: help Konoha and Suna win the Fourth Shinobi War against Iwa and its allies, and she would then show Naruto the process of how to return home based on Sakura's research, though whether or not he chooses to do so is up to him. Naruto grudgingly agrees.

Okay, here are the rules of this challenge:

1. Naruto and Sophitia MUST be a pairing. If you don't want to make this into a harem story, or if you want to include some Naruto girls in that harem, that's perfectly fine, but these two must be together no matter what. I just included the other girls' names because that was how I personally pictured the story happening, but it's really up to you in that regards.

2. Naruto MUST absorb the power of the two swords. Whether or not he actually receives the Rinnegan as a result is purely up to you; I just threw it in there to make it an option to consider.

Also, it is not necessary to chronicle Naruto and Sophitia's journeys in their entirety if you don't wish to, though I would recommend at least hitting the main points like Naruto absorbing the swords. I've only played the second, third, and fourth games, so I may not really know that much about the games' mythologies and stories compared to other people. All I'm saying is that you can choose to balance the story between the two worlds, or you can focus on after Naruto absorbs the swords. It's all your choice; I'm just putting it out there.

3. Finally, you can make Konoha's mentality towards Naruto whatever you want, but Tsunade MUST be a good person and not some backstabber who goes back on her word. You can make all of Konoha hate Naruto before his disappearance or just a select few; you can make the Konoha Eleven share in that hate or be genuinely worried for Naruto; you can make Sarutobi a kindly grandfather or a bitter, miserly man who hated Naruto and kept his heritage from him out of spite – I don't really care all that much about the rest, but Tsunade must try to become the mother that Naruto never had.

NarutoXFinal Fantasy VIII Crossover Challenge: The Fox SeeD

Just another quick idea that I thought up, though it's not as developed as my others.

The beginning goes something like this: On the night of the Kyuubi attack, after it had been sealed in a baby Naruto, Sarutobi is sitting in his office contemplating what to do with him, like whether or not he should mention Kyuubi being sealed or that Naruto is actually Minato and Kushina's child. He steps out for a few minutes, believing Naruto to be safe in his sealed office while the child sleeps. He is proven wrong, though, when Kami appears in the office. She (yes, SHE) picks up Naruto and tells him (though it's really more to herself) that his mother had a vision regarding Naruto's future after she had entered Heaven and begged Kami to intervene in some way. Kami agreed to the request, and she plans to send Naruto to another world, where Kami is called the supreme goddess Hyne. She takes him there via a portal and leaves him on the doorstep to Edea Kramer's orphanage, when Squall and the rest of the gang are about five to six.

Hearing the knocking on the door, Edea finds the child and takes him in, where he lives with her until he is six and the rest of the gang has either been adopted or sent to various Gardens. At that point, Kyuubi has transformed into a Guardian Force summon who protects Naruto and feeds him information on how to utilize his chakra and various ninja techniques. Knowing she must protect Naruto as the sorceress Ultimecia begins to take control, Edea sends him to her husband Cid at Balamb Garden, and Naruto is trained to become a SeeD. When Naruto turns twelve, he becomes a full-fledged SeeD alongside Squall and the others and joins them on their quest to save the world from Ultimecia. After defeating her and time decompresses, Naruto hears a cry of loneliness, and he wills himself to the time when it happens. He comes across a much younger Ultimecia, who is saddened that she has no one to be with her in this dead world where war rages. Naruto, being his ever cheerful self, happily responds that he can be with her and promises to show her a better world, one where they are always together as Sorceress and Knight. Ultimecia, curious of the boy's cheerful demeanor but happy someone wishes to be beside her, agrees, and Naruto takes her away.

They arrive back in the present, where Hyne (Kami) approaches them both and congratulates Naruto on his efforts. She then tells that he is the child of prophecy back on his original world and says he must fulfill his destiny there. When Naruto worries about not being able to come back, Kami promises him that he may do so after he has fulfilled his destiny and that Ultimecia may accompany him to the new world as well as the GF Eden as a representation of Naruto's ties to his home (Ultimecia still has Griever by the way). They both agree, and Kami sends them both to the outskirts of Konoha, two days before the Genin exams of the canon timeline, and the two children begin their next adventure.

Okay, now for the rules of the challenge.

1. Naruto and Ultimecia MUST be a pairing, quite honestly because it has never been done before and it provides a challenge. After all, Ultimecia is a person who I assume has never really been shown love or kindness, something that Naruto can provide in spades. I mean, yeah, there's always the other girls, but their original pairings just work for me. I don't care if you want to throw more girls in or not, but those two MUST be together.

2. Naruto MUST be trained in some type of specialized weapon and not some generic item like kunai or shuriken. It would be cool to see him swinging around a gunblade, making him the third person (after Squall and Seifer) to master it, but it doesn't have to be that weapon if you don't want to go that route.

3. Kyuubi MUST become a Guardian Force and remain so for the rest of the story. He cannot revert back to his bijuu form in any way, mainly just because I want to piss off Tobi. Griever must also still exist as Ultimecia's GF as well as Eden must join Naruto, as Eden is supposedly linked to the Gardens (Eden plus Garden = Garden of Eden - get it?). Aside from that, if you want any other GF's to join the two, that's completely up to you.

Have Fun!

Naruto Story Challenge: Naruto's Dimension Brides

Here's a quick Naruto story I thought up for a laugh. It's called, "Naruto's Dimension Brides." It's kind of my answer to the question, "What would happen if no one within Naruto's world, not even his closest friends and acquaintances, would marry him for whatever reasons they have?"

The answer? Get girls from other dimensions. ;)

This also led me to the question of "What would happen if every woman that Naruto knows first rejected him but then realized what they had given up and tried to get Naruto to love them again, even though he has moved on?" The answer to that one is harder for me to answer, since I have mixed feelings regarding the whole thing.

Here's a summary: After Naruto defeats Pein, he finds the inheritance that was left to him by his parents, Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki-Namikaze, and moves in to their mansion that had been held in stasis seals since their deaths. However, the council thinks up a plot to try and seize the Namikaze fortunes, and they summon Naruto to tell him that he must find six brides, three for the Namikaze side and three for the Uzumaki, (or more if you want; this is just a rough number I came up with) before he turns twenty-one, or else they will not consider either the Namikaze or the Uzumaki as clans anymore and will seize their assets due to an obscure law in the Konoha Charter that allows the village to put the possessions of defunct clans to its personal use.

Not seeing any way out of this, Naruto agrees, since he does have six years to do the task, and he begins his search. However, all of the girls in Konoha are either not interested or already paired up with someone else (Kurenai IS pregnant with Asuma's child at this point and probably dealing with a lot of baggage regarding his death, so she would fall under this category, just so you know), and when Naruto leaves to continue his search in foreign lands, all the females he knows are unable to marry him for their own reasons as well (they're already married, they're dead, they're not interested either, whatever you want to choose). Saddened that no one he knows is willing to help him or even give him the time of day, he wanders the Elemental Nations for two years, hoping to find any six women who will love him for who he is and not for the money or prestige. The Council does nothing but sit back and wait for time to expire, not even bothering to kill Naruto to speed up the process of getting the money since he is still a valuable asset to Konoha and that they are confidant that the boy's sense of morality and wishes for true love will prevent him from getting just any woman. The Akatsuki, in the meantime, are in total disarray from Pein's death as well as the complete destruction of the sealing statue used to hold the bijuu, and they are more focused on trying to hold everything together rather than catch the nine bijuu again.

The Kyuubi, wanting Naruto to learn his parents' techniques to make him stronger yet angered the Council would prevent this, decides to use some of his power to summon six girls who would be perfect matches for Naruto from various dimensions. Six portals open, bringing these six girls to Naruto, and they get to know each other and eventually fall in love over the course of another two years. Having had his own adventures while traveling for so long with them and finally happy that someone now loves him for who he is, Naruto and his brides return to Konoha.

Fours years have passed since the Council first gave the edict to Naruto, and they are now practically assured that Naruto will never find someone to love him. They are surprised, however, when Naruto walks in with his six brides and declares their marriage, allowing Naruto to regain his inheritance. The Council, angered by this but having their hands tied because of their own laws, grudgingly agree before Tsunade shuts down the Council all together for trying to swindle one of Konoha's best shinobi.

Naruto and his brides happily go to their new home, but over the time that has passed since Naruto left, many of his female friends realize what they had given up and try to get Naruto to take them back, while Akatsuki has finally stabilized themselves and is preparing to start the Fourth Shinobi War to retrieve the bijuu in two years.

Okay, rule time. First, I don't care about what happens after Naruto returns from his four year journey, but every woman that he knows MUST NOT be allowed to become one of Naruto's wives when he first starts. Every single girl must either reject him, scorn him, have other plans of marriage to other guys, etc. -- basically, ANYTHING that prevents Naruto from having one of them join him. Even better, go ahead and mix up the reasons amongst the girls so that it's not some universal "We hate Naruto for four years but then suddenly love him" kind of thing. AFTER he comes back from his journey with his six brides, you can let him choose any of those girls if you want, though I'm personally feeling vindictive and kind of want to see these girls (yes, even Hinata) struggle to try and win back Naruto's affection while he himself feels like they all betrayed him.

Second, Naruto's six brides MUST come from other dimensions, though it doesn't really matter which ones. Books, video games, other animes, comic books, movies – it's ALL free game, though I would make the recommendation to stick with material that people are at least aware of and can mesh well with the Naruto universe. If you would like, I'm going to put a list of suggestions at the end of this that I think might work, though this is not mandatory. Want his six brides to come from solely one world? That's cool. Want to pull two or three or however many from one dimension while only one from the others? Perfectly fine. Want each girl to come from a separate dimension? Kind of the point of the whole challenge, isn't it? Want to have more than six girls? Go right ahead, but try not to go overboard.

Third, however you choose to proceed with Naruto and the females of his own world, the Akatsuki MUST start the Fourth Shinobi War and Naruto MUST learn his parents' techniques before it begins. You can choose whatever you want with his six brides, but Naruto MUST fight in the war whatever his feelings are. Afterwards, it's totally up to you. Want him to forgive Konoha for not trying to help him? That's okay. Want him to destroy it in retaliation for betraying him? Perfectly fine. Want him to take his brides and leave to become the Emperor of the Elemental Nations or some other faraway land? It's all up to you.

Fourth, NONE of Naruto's original six brides may die in this story. You can kill off everyone one else in the world for all I care, but Naruto and the original six MUST survive.

I know I always give a lot of rules to these challenges, and it probably feels like I'm restricting you, but believe me, these rules are quite easy to follow and still have some allowance of creative freedom. Heck, you don't even have to use the summary I provide if you don't wish to. It's really more of a general guideline to help form the idea of the story, but it doesn't have to happen totally how I describe it.

Now for the list of possible dimensions the writer can use to pull girls from. Again, this list is NOT mandatory but rather just a bunch of possible ideas that I came up with sitting around in my room.

Here's the list:

American Mcgee's Alice/Alice: Madness Returns

Assassin's Creed


Black Cat



Buso Renkin

Code Geass

Dance in the Vampire Bund

DC Comics

Devil May Cry series

Dragon Age

Dragonball Z/GT

Elder Scrolls series

Elemental Gelade

Fairy Tail

Final Fantasy I through XIII-2

Fullmetal Alchemist

Full Metal Panic

Ghost in the Shell

Harry Potter (come on, just think about it: Luna Lovegood as a shinobi. Wouldn't that be totally awesome? And let's not forget the queens of hotness Fleur Delacour and Daphne Greengrass)



Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple

Kingdom Hearts series

Legend of Zelda

Lord of the Rings

Love Hina

Marvel Comics

Mass Effect


Ninja Girls

Persona series


Prince of Persia

Resident Evil series

Rosario Vampire

Rurouni Kenshin

Samurai Harem

School Rumble


Shaman King

Soul Calibur

Star Wars


Trinity Blood

Witch Huner Robin

Wheel of Time series

Again, by no means is this list conclusive. They are just the ones I could think of that I feel could actually work with the Naruto story line. (Sorry, Twilight fans, but I just don't see it happening.)

Leave a posting if you're interested, and have fun!!

NarutoXAlice: Madness Returns Crossover Challenge: Queen Alice and Her Fox Knight

Okay, I'll admit, the only reason I created this challenge was because I wanted to see more people try to create Naruto/Alice: Madness Returns crossovers. The summary, like with the rest of my challenges, does not have to followed strictly to the letter, and quite honestly, it's not as thought out as my others (despite its length). Still, if you're interested, have at it.

Here's the summary: What if, beneath Naruto's hyperactive personality, there was a genius level intellect that he hid from everyone including the Hokage? What if, by the age of nine, he had perfect chakra control, a body in perfect physical form hidden under a genjutsu, and knew the Hiraishin, Rasengan, and Kage Bunshin as well as tons of other jutsu that would make an ANBU drool? For nine years, he has hidden his intellect, and for five of those years, he has known and learned under the Kyuubi. Unfortunately, the boy realizes that he cannot ever show anyone just how much he knows, or else he would lose his "protection through ignorance" thing. However, when the Kyuubi makes a deal with Naruto to take him away from Konoha to a place where he can never be found and could use his knowledge however he wishes, Naruto jumps at the chance and vanishes from Konoha in the middle of the night.

There are infinite dimensions out there, but what happens when the boy winds up in Victorian England at the Liddell estate just days before the fire? After the fire, Kyuubi sees something in young Alice Liddell that he knows would help his host and urges Naruto to protect her while she is in a catatonic state. Agreeing to this, Naruto becomes a master thief that terrorizes all of Europe, watching over Alice as she struggles to overcome her guilt, with Naruto's help. However, upon seeing the doctors trying to use Alice as their personal toy and lab rat, he lashes out and kills all of the asylum in his rage before running off to take Alice someplace safe. He finds a decrepit, old manor and hides her in there, using the money and valuables he steals to pay for the house and land before fixing the entire place up. Satisfied with his work, he continues his thieving to support Alice as he waits for her to wake up.

Ten years pass, and Alice is finally ready to heed the call of Wonderland. Kyuubi, waiting for this moment to see what made this girl so special, uses some of his power to send Naruto into Wonderland with her. Together, they travel across the hellish landscape and defeat the Queen of Hearts and the Jabberwocky, allowing Alice to finally return to the real world.

Finally awoken, she and Naruto spend two years finally getting to know each other, falling in love in the process as well as uncovering a conspiracy against the Liddell family while Naruto trains Alice in her new-found powers. All fingers point to Dr. Angus Bumby, and Alice goes to meet with him to see what she can uncover. Unfortunately, she still blames herself for the death of her family, and she falls under his hypnosis treatments to try and forget the pain of loss, endangering Wonderland in the process. Thanks to Naruto and Kyyubi's influence the first time in Wonderland, time and reality have begun to bend, and Naruto realizes that something has gone wrong with his beloved and races back to see what has happened. He returns in time for the two of them to be sent back to Wonderland, where they learn of the new threat called the Infernal Train that is destroying all of Wonderland. As the two try to unravel the mystery of the train, they learn of other associates that may have been involved with the fire and their stakes in the event happening, namely Mr. Radcliffe, the Liddell family's former solicitor, and Nurse Pris, who had been a nurse who escaped the asylum before the massacre.

When the conflict has finally been resolved, and those responsible "taken care of" (wink, wink), Naruto and Alice discover that Wonderland has started to become an actual reality rather than just a place within Alice's own mind, and they choose to retreat there from the world in order to rebuild and finally have some peace (with occasional forays back to Earth to continue thieving).

However, Wonderland has become a place that touches other dimensions as well, including Naruto's former homeworld when the Konoha Eleven (who have only just become Genin, as only three years have passed in their world) stumble into Wonderland one day. Thinking that Wonderland has fallen under attack again, he goes to where the children have appeared and demands to know why they have come. They all recognize Naruto and, amazed at how much he has changed, try to get him to come back to Konoha. At first, Naruto scoffs at them, claiming that no one really missed him and the only thing he would be rewarded with for going back is more trouble. The Genin continue to insist and beg him to return, swearing that things have changed now.

Naruto finally relents but says that he will only go long enough to speak to the Sandaime. After that, he can make no more promises about what he will do. The Genin agree, and Naruto and Alice return with them to Konoha. Upon arriving, Sarutobi is overjoyed to see the young man again and listens to his tale. Wanting to keep Naruto in Konoha, the boy's "true" home, Sarutobi offers Naruto the chance to prove himself and possibly become a jounin, only for Naruto and Alice to blow away everyone's expectations and be better than ANBU. Sarutobi happily gives them the ranks, thinking that he might finally pass on the job to a worthy successor, and Naruto and Alice stay in Konoha, acting as mentors to the younger shinobi and aiding the jounin in training while doing their own missions.

A few months later, when Oto and Suna invade during the Chuunin Exams, Naruto and Alice almost single-handedly beat back the forces and save Konoha, but they are betrayed by the Council, who wish to have access to Naruto's heirs and try to kidnap Alice as a bargaining chip. The attempt fails, and Naruto and Alice, angered with Konoha, run back to the portal to Wonderland, leaving behind the message that any shinobi who enters Wonderland will receive no mercy.

Dismayed that Minato's and Kushina's legacy has turned his back on them, he disbands the Council permanently, executing the elders for their betrayal of Konoha, and calls back Jiraiya and Tsunade to tell them the news regarding their missing godson. Tsunade, saddened that her absence no doubt caused this, decides to take the mantle of the Godaime and tries to coax Naruto to return, only to be rebuffed continually. Meanwhile, Akatsuki, having learned of the Kyuubi's return, gear up for war early to take Kyuubi back, while Tsunade organizes a special strike team consisting of the Konoha Eleven and their senseis to try and persuade Naruto to return without having to resort to violence.

Little does anyone in the shinobi know, Wonderland is no longer a place of tea parties and games...

Okay, time for rules. First, of course, Naruto and Alice MUST fall in love and get married. Anything else aside from that, like harems, I don't care about and leave that to the author to decide.

Second, Naruto and Alice MAY NOT be solely specialized in either shinobi or Wonderlandian techniques; they MUST have a strong mix of the two.

Third, the Konoha Eleven, the Sandaime, Jiraiya, and Tsunade MUST genuinely want Naruto to stay in Konoha. The rest of Konoha, I could care less about. Hell, you can even bring back Minato and Kushina from the dead and make them into spiteful jerks towards their son for all I care. All that matters is the main group.

Like always, if you're interested, just leave a post on my forums or send me a private message. Enjoy!

Naruto Challenge: Jinchuuriki of Whirlpool

Here's a story idea I thought up on the fly. Let me know if you want to use it.

When Naruto is eight years old, he is chased out of the village in the middle of a rainstorm, and he runs to the nearest town to hide. Taking shelter in an abandoned home on the outskirts, he accidentally makes contact with Kyuubi as his pain and suffering becomes too much to bear. Kyuubi, knowledgeable of the ninja arts and wishing to see his vessel become strong, offers to train Naruto in all that he knows, so long as Naruto does something for him.

The Bijuu are only at their strongest when they are united, watching each others backs against a world that hates them, and their Jinchuuriki are no different. In order for the Bijuu to regain their power, they must first be gathered together in one place.

Naruto agrees to this, and Kyuubi begins training him within the wilderness. Two years later after living in the wilds, the time has come for Naruto to fulfill his end of the bargain. He first heads to Suna and befriends Gaara before convincing him to leave everything behind. With Ichibi pressing him to make the deal, Gaara agrees, and they both head off to Kumo, sensing the Nibi and Hachibi residing there.

Naruto travels the entire Elemental Nations, recruiting most of the Bijuu to his side. However, when Han, the Gobi Jinchuuriki, is fatally poisoned in battle in Mizu, he tasks Naruto with finding another host for the Bijuu to transfer into, or else the beast will be lost to the Underworld. Desperate, Naruto happens to come across Mei Teirumi as she fights off a group of Yagura's forces that ambushed her squad. He saves her and begs her to become the new Jinchuuriki, to which she eventually agrees as she is interested in this passionate boy not much younger than she is. Gobi is put inside her, enhancing her Boil Release techniques, and the group moves on to save Yagura from Tobi's control.

The group now completely assembled, Naruto leads them all to Whirlpool to live in peace and train to protect themselves. However, when the Elemental Nations is gripped by the Fourth Shinobi War against Orochimaru and Kabuto, the Jinchuuriki become the third player of the game as they seek vengeance against those who wronged them.

Alright, rule time. First off, this will actually be the first challenge where I demand that Naruto has more than one lover rather than just suggest it. In this challenge, Naruto MUST fall in love with both Yugito and Mei. Anyone else aside from that, I don't care about (though I wouldn't mind the Konoha girls becoming Naruto's love slaves wink, wink lol, jk), but I really want to see these three make their own little Jinchuuriki love-fest.

Secondly, Sasuke MUST NOT join Orochimaru, as Naruto is no longer there to be jealous of or form “brotherly bonds” with him. Instead, Sasuke manages to find his brother on his own and learns that Tobi was the one who set the Uchiha to rebel in the first place, turning that vengeance towards him.

Thirdly, when the Shinobi villages learn of the Jinchuuriki, they try to persuade them to join up, either through diplomacy or brute force. However, the Jinchuuriki MUST NOT join any side of the war in any way. They are in this purely for their own motivations and no longer adhere to any village's doctrine.

Finally, though this is more of an optional idea, Pein and Konan MAY join the Jinchuuriki and help with their training. Whether or not Pein and Konan get together, they both die helping their friends, Konan becomes apart of Naruto's lovers – That's all up to you.

As always, if you're interested in taking this idea, either PM me or leave a post on the forum. Have fun!!

NarutoXSchool Rumble Crossover Challenge: Foxy Rumble

After Naruto defeats Pain, he wonders just how long this hero worship the village heaps upon him will last before they switch back to ignoring him as the dead-last. A little depressed that he will probably have to work even harder for their approval, he idly wonders as he walks through the middle of the village if he will ever be able to experience a normal life, one without fighting for survival and where he can learn, find love, and just have fun. So, when the Kyuubi hears his wish, he grants it by opening a portal beneath the boy's feet and sends him to a different dimension – the dimension of School Rumble. Landing outside the Tsukamato household when Yakumo has given up her love for Harima so her sister could be happy, he (and a small fox that is Kyuubi) gets up from the ground to see a beautiful young woman with burgundy eyes looking at him in surprise, wonder, and overall confusion. What happens when Naruto joins Tenma's class just before they leave on their trip to England? Will he find his happiness? Will he find true love? And why does Karasuma keep giving him cake? Watch out world! Naruto Uzumaki is here to stay!

Rule time!

1) For once, no harems whatsoever. This will be strictly a Naruto/Yakumo (or Naruto/whoever you want) fic. Since the School Rumble universe is based on the real world, (and polygamy is considered illegal in most first world countries), there will only be one-on-one relationships

2) Naruto may still use his ninja skills and abilities however he pleases. Personally, I see him becoming like this super-thief who steals from the rich and famous, but whatever. Do as you wish.

Just a challenge I thought up for laughs. For those who are interested, let me know. Have fun!

Naruto Story Challenge: The Fox and the Females

What happens when Naruto is nine, a mysterious force turns every male in Naruto's generation into a girl, making every child of that generation a female – except Naruto himself? Suddenly more popular than a boy band in the 90s the day of his graduation, Naruto must fend off every single girl while trying to help the Sandaime find a cure to turn them back to normal. Meanwhile, the newly-made Female Eleven must not only fend off all the civilian girls from taking Naruto as their own, they must also fight amongst themselves to determine who gets to be with Naruto once and for all.

This is basically a crack-fic challenge, meant for a few quick laughs that answers one of those nagging "What if?" questions that jump into my head.

As for the rules of this fic, ANYTHING GOES! You can choose to give Naruto only one wife or have him make the entire Female Eleven group his harem; you can make him the same as ever or you can turn him into some sort of Shinobi god; you can have him change them back or make it permanent -- I don't care, just as long as you make all the children into girls. So go out there and have fun with this!

Revised note (11/13/2014): As it turns out, there is a story that is similar to my idea here. The only difference is that the males in the Konoha Twelve were born males, and that there are both kunoichi AND shinobi in the Narutoverse rather than just kunoichi. Still, if you want to check it out, the story name is The First Male Nin REBOOT by Nightmares Around Winter.

Naruto Story Challenge: The Broken Fox

What happens when Naruto, rather than try to appeal to Sasuke to come home at the Valley of the End, winds up breaking from all the years of hatred and scorn and gives up? What happens when he is confronted by Sakura in the middle of Konoha (since he doesn't need to go to the hospital because Sasuke never used Chidori) and tries to kill himself as a result? What if the only way to save Naruto's ninja career was for him to get married, and the only girl available who could do so was Sakura? What if Sakura wants to try and save Naruto from himself, and show him that life is worth living for?

Here are the rules/general guidelines:

1. Naruto must break down at the Valley of the End, whether or not Sasuke comes back with him to Konoha.

2. Naruto must try to commit suicide, only to be saved by Kyuubi at the last minute.

3. Sakura must be the one who marries Naruto, and Naruto may not come into his inheritance until they do so.

4. Sakura doesn't have to be nice or good to Naruto, but she must learn to love him as time progresses.

5. This can be a harem fic if you want (CRA, and all that), but it's not required.

Easy enough, right? If you want some sort of inspiration, I've actually written up a (long!) first chapter/one-shot (depending on whether or not I try to continue this story in the future, since I'd rather focus on my other Naruto story). It's called, naturally, "The Broken Fox". Check it out.

As always, if you're interested, either PM me or leave on posting on the forum. Have fun!

NarutoXDishonored Crossover Challenge: The Dishonored Fox

Quick idea I came up with after finishing Dishonored a few days ago (if you haven't played this game, DO SO! It is AWESOME!). Same as always, here's my quick summary:

The Rat Plague is spreading, and people are dying in the streets every day. Little does everyone know, it's about to get much worse. When assassins murder the Empress Ino of the Konoha Empire and kidnap her daughter, Lord Protector Naruto Namikaze is framed for the crime and sentenced to death six months later. But after he is freed by those loyal to the late Empress, he swears vengeance on those who betrayed him and the woman he loved. This resolution calls forth an entity known only as the Kyuubi, who is intrigued by the impact this man will have on his own world. He brands Naruto with his mark on his left hand and bids him to do whatever he pleases, so long as he remains interesting to watch. Empowered by these gifts, Naruto begins his walk on the path of retribution and justice to the princess whom he loves like a daughter...

Alright, time for rules:

1. While I would like to see Ino as the Empress, the writer may choose to use a different female character if they please. Just be warned that in Dishonored, it is hinted that Emily (the princess) may have been Corvo Attano's actual daughter, though this is never elaborated. Since I am basing this challenge around this possibility, then the writer is going to have to make some concessions regarding Naruto's relationship with the Empress. Yes, I am looking at all of you Anti-Sakura/Pro-Hinata writers. If you're going to kill off Sakura, then you're going to have to make it that Sakura and Naruto loved each other before she was murdered, and, NO, you may not suddenly turn around and make it seem like Sakura was actually a bitch that Naruto discovers after she has died. And, YES, Naruto MUST love the princess like his own daughter. I will not bend on these rules, so if you don't like it, then don't take the challenge. Why am I making it like this? Because I honestly get so tired of all the damn Sakura-bashing out there. Seriously, people, it's getting boring to read. How about instead of bashing her so often, you just ignore her? It's just as effective as bashing, and it's not so damn cliched.

You can, however, choose whatever pairings you wish after the deed is done. You can have Naruto not get together with anybody (like Corvo in the game), you can have him and the princess' tutor fall in love, or, hell, you can even choose to have Naruto seduce the Lord Regent's mistress if you are so inclined.

As for the rest of the characters, you can choose whoever. I was personally thinking of Sarutobi either being Sokolov or Samuel the boatman, and Sakura as being Callista (the princess' tutor), but it's up to you.

2. You can choose whichever path you want (Naruto taking out his targets non-lethally, Naruto being a stealthy assassin, or Naruto just going on a murderous rampage), but since the Rat Plague worsens the more Corvo kills his enemies in the game, then the writer is going to need to take this into consideration. In other words, the more Naruto's body count rises, the higher the possibility it will throw the world into chaos as the Rat Plague spreads.

3. For once, there will be NO jutsus used in this story. Naruto may only use the powers that are found in the Dishonored game. That means no bloodlines, no Kage Bushins, no Rasengans, nothing. However, if you want to, say, replace the crossbow with shuriken or something or other, then feel free if you so wish it.

Simple, yes? As always, leave a posting on the forum or send me a PM if you are interested.

Naruto Story Challenge: Tears of the Courtesan

Wow, it's been a while since I've posted another challenge for you all, so let's rectify that. It's pretty basic, so just do what you wish. Again, you don't have to use my choices for characters if you don't wish to. Just as long as you give me credit for the original idea.


Sakura Haruno was sold by her parents at a young age, and now lives as a courtesan working in a high-rise brothel called the Golden Blossom that is owned by Jiraiya and ran by Tsunade Senju. She has lain with Konoha's richest and finest, but she had never known true love. But when she and some other girls are invited by Jiraiya to a masquerade ball held by the noble family of Uzumaki and meets the young heir, Naruto, will she finally know her true worth?

The Retainer of the Uzumaki Challenge

Wow, it's been so long since I've come up with another challenge, but thinking about my stories lately caused one to pop into my head that people might want to try.

Basically, the plot goes like this: When Kushina came to Konoha, she actually came along with another girl whose family served the Uzumaki. They live together for a little bit, but when Kushina receives word that the Uzumaki and the retainer families had been wiped out, she releases the other girl from her service. The two then separate, with the retainer watching from the shadows in order to protect Kushina despite not needing to. When Kushina gets pregnant with Naruto, the retainer prepares to ask Kushina for her return to service, but she is distraught when she discovers Kushina had died in the Kyuubi attack. Thinking her Lady's son has died, she retreats into civilian life, eventually having a daughter of her own.

Fast-forward eight years, and the retainer happens to walk by when a mob is attacking Naruto with thrown objects. When she hears the name “Uzumaki” be said rather than the usual “demon brat” and such she has heard before, she flies into a rage and kills the mob before proclaiming to the Hokage that she is reactivating her service to the Uzumaki clan. In doing so, she leaves her husband and his family and also proclaims her daughter Sakura to now be Naruto's retainer as well, and she will serve him in whatever he needs. What happens when Sakura, proclaimed to be Sasuke's number one fan girl and Naruto's loudest detractor in class, is forced to look behind the mask of her new lord and see him for what he really is – a poor boy who only wanted love and attention?

Alright, rules of the challenge. You don't have to use Sakura if you don't wish to. You can use Ino or Tenten or Temari or Hinata if you want. I just used Sakura as an easier example since she isn't tied to any particular clan. However, no matter who you pick, Naruto cannot use the girl as he sees fit. In other words, he can't force her to have sex with him or do anything that is so humiliating, it's cruel. They don't have to fall in love, either, though the girl you pick has to become Naruto's supporter and friend before the story is over.

In regards to everything else – Naruto being similar to nobility, marriage contracts, gender swaps, harems, character bashing, whatever the hell you can think of that's common in the Naruto fanfic universe – I really don't care about, and you can do as you see fit.

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Harry Potter - Rated: M - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 24 - Words: 139,064 - Reviews: 981 - Favs: 1,732 - Follows: 2,563 - Updated: 2/21 - Published: 5/18/2014 - Harry P., Hermione G., Luna L.
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Harry Potter - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Drama - Chapters: 21 - Words: 112,905 - Reviews: 156 - Favs: 344 - Follows: 511 - Updated: 10/2/2014 - Published: 8/2/2013 - Harry P., Hermione G., Ginny W., Gabrielle D.
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